iPhone is not Sending Messages? These 12 Fixes Will Help

Owning an iPhone offers you the utmost satisfaction of being secure and away from the rapidly growing cyber threats, but nothing in this world displays perfection, nor do iPhones. The biggest fear that terrifies iPhone users is not being able to send text messages from their devices. Two words i.e. “Not Delivered” is enough to make every iPhone user panic. You might not be able to send messages due to plenty of reasons but the range of solutions is not vast; you need to be very specific with iPhone troubleshooting because a wrong move can lock your phone for a lifetime.

Certainly, there is very low scope to experiment when you are using an iPhone, so you need to stick to simple troubleshooting if your iPhone is not sending messages. Just check the cellular network, and make sure the Airplane mode is not enabled on your device. Other than that, there are very limited recovery methods that you can follow to restore the ability of your iPhone to send messages.

Before we jump into the solution, we need to comprehend the reasons why the iPhone is not sending messages to other Android or iPhone devices.

  1. Poor network connectivity will not allow you to send messages to other networks.
  2. The MMS and SMS services are not enabled on your device.
  3. Airplane mode is enabled on your iPhone.
  4. You have entered the incorrect or invalid contact number.
  5. The app memory has overflowed.
  6. Your mobile carrier plan is over.
  7. The iOS operating system is out of date.
  8. Inappropriate Network settings.

Solutions to the “iPhone are not sending messages” problem

After the intensive research, we found that a few general workarounds can help you to fix the problems which can prevent you from sending messages from iPhone to Android. 

Solution 1: Check the Network connection 

Your iPhone might not be able to send text messages due to an inactive network connection. You need to check the cellular connection or your Wi-Fi network. 

Note: If texting isn’t working and your web page is unable to open, the problem might be with the cellular network 

Solution 2: Turn Airplane Mode on and off

Turning Airplane mode on and off sometimes does the trick, it is a basic hack but works most of the time. Turning on and off forces the iPhone to update the connection, if somehow if disconnected from the network, this trick helps to connect with the network.

To turn on the Airplane Mode, just open your settings and toggle the switch placed just before the Airplane Mode option.

enable iPhone airplane mode

Solution 3: Check Phone or Email address of Receiver 

If the sending problem is still occurring, you need to check the phone number or email address of the receiver. Sometimes sending messages or emails to the wrong address or number, leads you to the issue where you get a “failed delivery” message for the text you are sending. 

Solution 4: Restart the Message Application 

Try to restart the messaging application, the problem might be with the application due to regular use of the app. Hence, restarting the app removes all the glitches that hamper the functioning of the app. Just quit the messaging app and clear all the apps that are running in the background of your application. 

Solution 5: Reboot the iPhone

Rebooting is the most effective method to troubleshoot issues, and it resolves most of the problems. Hence, restart your iPhone and try to send the message from your device. 

To restart your iPhone, just continuously press the side button and click toggle the switch for the “Power off” option. 

power off

Solution 6: Check the iMessage system status 

The “inability to send messages from iPhone may have nothing to do with your iPhone. It might be possible that the Apple server is causing issues so check the iMessage system status. However, if the issue is from the Apple server, you need to wait for the server issue resolved 

Solution 7: Make sure iPhone supported the Message Type

There are several message types and not every device is compatible with all the types. Hence, make sure your iPhone has supported the message type or format you are sending from your iPhone. However, short message service SMS is broadly accepted by the companies. 

Solution 8: Check the Phone Settings 

For proper functioning, your iPhone setting must be up to date and your device must be registered with the network base setting. You can do it manually by visiting the iPhone Settings followed by General and Date and time, now tap the, “Select automatic” button.

Date and time
set date and time settings on iPhone

Solution 9: Reboot iMessage

In case, iMessage is your default application for sending and receiving messages. Try to reboot the iMessage app from your iPhone or check if the setting was turned off anyhow. To do that, open the Settings section and move to Messages and turn on the “iMessage” option. 

Solution 10: Reset network settings

Network settings of the iPhone are the ground reason for proper functioning. A small error in settings can halt the device and cause several problems. To resolve the iPhone text message not sending issue, you need to reset the network settings. 

Solution 11: Check the Carrier Settings 

Many users might not know but the iPhone has carrier settings that made communication effortless with the cellular network. However, wireless carriers update settings at regular intervals. Hence, you need to check the carrier settings and update them on a regular basis. 

Solution 12: Update iOS

Apple constantly drops updates to enhance the device’s performance and safety. If you are using the old version of iOS, you are most likely to get the issues, hence try to update the device by visiting the Settings section of iPhone. Then, go to General and then Software Update.


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