Spy on Your BF Text Messages Online

Loving someone is so complicated today! You cannot easily trust anybody. Still, when you do so you must be very sure about it to save yourself from getting your feelings hurt. These days, it is so common that boys cheat on their girlfriends without feeling any sort of guilt. So, from your Valentine’s behavior such as “he has been spending too much time on his phone, busy for long hours without any explanation, hiding his cell phone from you, avoiding eye contacts with you and procrastinate meeting you again and again”— if you ever suspect that he is disloyal to your true love then, you are not alone in feeling this. There are many women in relationships who have this nasty feeling that their boyfriend is cheating on them and unfortunately, most of them are right about it.

Cheating is so common and so do spies! Even though you’re still in love, you’ve to end your relationship as soon as it starts becoming toxic for you. However, you cannot just end your relationship based on the feeling of your gut instinct, you’ve to be wise to figure out where or not there are other factors at play or whether it was all your ill suspicion.

And, to help you in finding out the truth about your boyfriend’s loyalty and your relationship’s true status, we’re happy to enlighten you about the best and most trusted ways through which you can spy on your boyfriend.

In recent times and ages, the use of cell phones is the most integral part of anyone’s life, so it is the only gadget that will help you in gathering evidence which in turn will work in your favor. Once you’ve evidence in your hand then, he won’t be able to deny your allegations and in a way won’t be able to make you a fool any further. Therefore, it is alright to spy on your boyfriend’s phone for your own good and keep an eye on who’s your BF texting.

So, all the women out there, who think that their boyfriends might be cheating on them, can keep a check on whom they’re talking to and who they’re texting, just by using the following below-mentioned ‘The cell phone spy applications and software.’

Mobile Tracker Free

The most hassle-free and quickest option to spy on your boyfriend text messages is via this software. This popular software aims to gather information such as call logs, texts, SMS, iMessage, social media chats, location tracking, and internet surfing history from a target cell phone. With Mobile Tracker Free software you can—

  • Take a glance at the incoming and outgoing chat messages record on the target phone.
  • Read the content of each type of message that your boyfriend sent or received from the most popular social networks.
  • Track all pictures and images that were taken and received by your boyfriend.
  • Get the details of every recipient and sender of the text message.

This mobile phone monitoring software allows you to know in-depth about what is happening on your target cell phone be it an Android or an iPhone as soon as you create an account on it by using this link “https://mobile-tracker-free.com/” in order to download and install the Mobile Tracker Free software.


Spyic that is used by a million people from 190+ countries across the world, allows you to track everything that your spying target is doing on his phone. It gives you access to his contact list, browser history, call logs, media files, and most importantly the app lets you read his text messages that he frequently exchanges on various social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. To be precise, with Spyic you can —

  • Read texts and iMessages that your boyfriend send to others
  • Find all the deleted texts and iMessages that your boyfriend had sent and then delete to avoid being caught.
  • Check media files that your boyfriend exchanged with others.

However, before using this app, you’ve to make sure about whether your boyfriend is an Android user or an iOS user. After making yourself sure, you can use Spyic for iOS to read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone and Spyic for Android to spy on your boyfriend’s phone text messages remotely by signing up from their respective links.


One of the best free applications to read and monitor your boyfriend’s text messages is none other than Minspy. This spy application is 100% legal and that is why it has enjoyed millions of downloads in more than a hundred countries all across the world. With its stealth feature, Minspy offers complete secrecy in spying so that you can monitor your boyfriend’s phone including all kinds of social media texts, SMS, and iMessages, and that too without worrying about being noticed. To conclude, Minspy offers you to monitor—

  • Text Message
  • Social media files
  • Social Media message
  • GPS Tracking
  • Call logs

Also, Minspy works without any need for root or jailbreak on the target device, and instead, all it requires is your target device to be connected to an internet connection. So, with an internet connection, you can sign up for a Minspy account on the app’s website to spy on any Android or iOS device remotely without much effort.
That’s all! With this software and applications, you can easily spy on your boyfriend to find out the truth about the loyalty of your boyfriend.


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