Kanika Singh

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert


I have completed my graduation from the University of Delhi with an Honors degree in B.Sc. Computer Science. Much of my studies revolved around the latest technologies and their rapidly changing trends.


  • Webmail
  • Email and Application Troubleshooting
  • Technology
  • Social Media Guides
  • Operating Systems - Windows, macOS, Android & iOS - Error Solution Guides
  • Computers and Networking
  • Education


  • Presently working as a Technical Content Writer at Battersea Corporate Pvt. Ltd.
  • More than 3 years of experience as a Technical and Web Mail content writing expert.
  • Created and managed my own blog website for one and a half years in the government-provided services and education domain.
  • Has received industrial training in software development, and has hands-on practice in website development and management.


The world of technology has always fascinated me, leading me to pursue a graduate degree in Computer Science. My studies have greatly contributed to what I know about modern-day software and email programs and how they work in the background, which has immensely helped me in delivering effective software and technical email troubleshooting content.

I am a formative person, continuously learning from feedback from my users, and applying the newly acquired knowledge to my writing to make it more useful to those who are seeking out my articles with their technical issues.

Apart from being a tech geek, I am an avid reader, and you won’t believe me when I say my favored genre is Fiction!

With any feedback for my write-up and a good fiction book recommendation, you can reach out to me on my social media handles, mentioned further.