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  • January 9, 2019

Emailspedia is a one-stop platform to obtain help for all the top-notch email services and their usability. Email services account for a popular official way to communicate and exchange formal emails. You can never ignore their importance if you use emails every day in some way. To master the art of emailing, you must be familiar with the tips that will make your work easier. 

On Emailspedia, you can browse through several articles and blogs catering to your daily email needs. From account creation, email features and perks, configuration, hacking issues, to password or account recovery, we work as a helping hand to all the email users out there. You always need someone to guide you for a particular product so that you can get the best out of it. In the same way, we have designed this platform to assist you in getting the most out of your email service. 

An efficient team of employees has been put to work to find out the most practical approaches to deal with common email issues, errors, and any other technical difficulty. Not only this, you will get information about the latest changes in the email market along with some tips and tricks.

On Emailspedia, you will find:

  • Step-by-step guide for setting up email accounts and their configuration.
  • An in-detailed troubleshooting guide to fix all the prevalent email issues, glitches, and errors.
  • Full-fledged information about popular email services

All the information has been made available on the website only after thorough research and practical implication by knowledgeable and proficient team members.

Our expert writers and editorial team:

Emailspedia has a team of efficient, systematic and well organized experts who do profound research before starting their content. After completing the research, the team of experts shapes into a structured and understandable piece of writing. Below are the few expert writers of Emailspedia we are glad to introduce them to you.

1. Manpreet Kaur Sandhu

Manpreet Kaur Sandhu manages our Emailspedia. She has years of experience in content writing, SEO and affiliate marketing and also she establishes strategic plans for the consistent growth of the firm.  

She has major roles in the firm like assigning tasks to the writers and also to ensure the content delivered by the writers are accurate, genuine, meaningful and useful for our subscribers or readers. 

Her contribution to the firm by revealing her skills like creative writing, content management system and leading the team is much appreciable. Also, her passion and interest towards social media has been an aid to her in creating more interesting yet useful contents.

She encourages her team of writers to produce content that is better.

2. Austin

Austin has been in the Emailspedia for years and contributed to the firm as a writer, editor, copywriter by focusing on technology overall. The interesting fact about him is that he gives detailed step by step explanations for all the contents he makes. This makes the readers understand what they have read within a glimpse.  

The areas of expertise for Austin are mobile devices, technology, apps in the android and iOS, email services, education, Microsoft, academic and many other disciplines related to social media.

He has completed his Bachelors and focuses to seek perfection in writing reviews on devices, tutorials and even filming video. 

3. Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a senior writer and editor who works for Emailspedia  and not only that he has also been a reporter, writer, columnist and deal hunter. In a Emailspedia, he has been a part of the SEO team; also contributes to the firm by analyzing the competitors, handles insight in the website, creates strategies for SEO and more. 

He is also an expert in designing graphics, editing videos and creating more interesting contents. He can also be called as a legend in working with the adobe Photoshop and adobe premiere pro.

His areas of interest are photography, travelling, parrion towards writing and art works.

4. Khushboo Chhibber

Khushboo Chhibber has completed her bachelors and masters in English and her writings are usually creative and impresses the readers to read with more interest. One of the skilled and efficient freelancers of Emailspedia. 

Her years of experience has made her write more creatively and technically. She has worked as a freelancer for many other publications and has written many articles.

The contributions she makes to Emailspedia are to provide the latest update about gadgets, tech and software. Her other common interests are trying out different recipes, traveling, long rides on a bike or a car. She seeks perfection in any work she does. 

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