CenturyLink Email is Not Working For You? These Solutions are the Way to Go!

CenturyLink has been thriving in the past few years on the global level as a top-notch communication provider. Of all its services, Centurylink’s email services are considered to be the best. Similar to any other email service, CenturyLink is far from perfect which is absolutely normal as technology is about convenience and not perfection. There are errors or issues that trouble Centurylink email during their experience, but all these problems can be fixed with a little. 

Admittedly, CenturyLink email errors can be a nightmare when they are in urgent need of sharing or receiving information, media, or documents. The “CenturyLink email is not working” is a collective term that depicts a wide line of errors namely account freezing, login errors, configuration errors, sending and receiving issues, and much more. Therefore, we have crafted an out-an-out guide to empower our readers with the much-needed information about CenturyLink email issues and their respective solutions. 

Major Causes Why CenturyLink Email Is Not Working

There are several causes that can induce glitches with your CenturyLink email account. If your CenturyLink email is not working in an expected manner, check for the below-given reasons:

  • Exhausting the storage limit of 15 GB and email size limit of 20 MB can create issues with your Century link email account.
  • Not abiding by the limits set by CenturyLink email can prevent you from making use of email services. Some major limits prescribed by CenturyLink are:
    • Sending emails to up to 100 recipients at a time.
    • Only 100 emails can be sent every hour.
    • CenturyLink send limit is 500 per hour.
    • IP Based Sending Limit is 50 emails every 5 minutes.
  • If you are missing received emails on your email account, you might have assigned inappropriate email filters that are now directing your emails to designated folders and subfolders and thus incoming emails are not getting saved in the Inbox.
  • CenturyLink email can be used on different platforms such as Outlook, Gmail, iPhone, Android, and more. But when the CenturyLink email server settings are not properly configured, users are likely to face different issues with their email account.
  • Forgetting email passwords or entering incorrect login information can induce CenturyLink login issues.
  • If the CenturyLink email account server is down or crashed, you are likely to face certain issues with your email account.
  • Having an antivirus installed on your system might create hindrances while you are trying to access your CenturyLink email account.
  • The slow speed of the internet can create issues while you are using a CenturyLink email account.
  • Using outdated email software or application can be the cause why you are facing CenturyLink email issues.
  • An outdated browser or browser filled with cache, cookies, and history can create issues with you accessing your CenturyLink email account.

Solutions to Fix Solve CenturyLink.Net Email Issues

CenturyLink email problems can be distinguished into different categories based on the causes and solutions associated with them. Hence we will now shed light on different types of CenturyLink issues and their respective solutions. So, read till the end to amplify your knowledge about CenturyLink problems and fixes that can save you from hassle.

Category 1: CenturyLink Email Login Problems

If you are encountering CenturyLink email login problems, the below-given solutions will help you deal with the situation:

Fix 1: While using a CenturyLink email account on any third-party platform, the correct set of email settings should be used.

Fix 2: Having junk and spam emails stored on your CenturyLink email account can lead to login errors and thus users need to clean the Inbox at regular intervals to ensure smooth access.

Fix 3: To deal with password issues, we suggest you reset your CenturyLink email password using recovery methods such as secondary email, registered mobile number, and more.

Fix 4: If you are using a mobile application to access your CenturyLink email account, you are more prone to login issues that come and go on their own. But, in case you are having trouble dealing with sign-in issues, you are advised to remove the application and re-install using updated server settings.

Category 2: CenturyLink Email Not Working With Outlook

Using CenturyLink email on Outlook is a common practice as the collaboration of both offer tremendous results and enhance the productivity ratio. But, users have reported several instances where they have encountered issues like “CenturyLink email not working with Outlook” and “Outlook is crashing while using CenturyLink account”.

To fix CenturyLink issues with Outlook, you just need to follow a couple of steps that are mentioned here below:

  1. Open MS Outlook email application on your system.
  2. Go to the “File” tab (or “Tools” section if using Outlook 2007).
  3. Open “Account Settings”.
  4. Go to “New” and then “Email” tabs.
  5. Select “Manual Setup or Additional Server Types”.
  6. Choose “Internet Email”.
  7. Provide the “CenturyLink configuration settings for Outlook”.
POP / IMAPpop3
Incoming serverpop.centurylink.net
Incoming port  993
SSL (security) incoming  SSL
Outgoing server  pop.centurylink.net
Outgoing port143
Requires sign-inYes
  1. Go to “Outgoing Servers Tab”.
  2. Select “Log On Using”.
  3.  Go to the “Advanced” tab.
  4.  Choose “Test Account Settings”.

Category 3: CenturyLink Email not Working on iPhone

Smartphones are the highly used platform for CenturyLink email and this is why the largest number of CenturyLink issues occur on Android and iPhone. So, if your CenturyLink email is not working on iPhone or Android, you should consider implementing the steps mentioned underneath:

  1. Go to “Settings”. 
  2. Select “Mail, Calendar, Notes, or Contacts
  3. Choose “Add Account”.
  4. Click on “Other”.
  5. Now, add your mail account.
  6. Type in your “User-Data” such as Name, Email, Password, and Description for your CenturyLink email account.
  7. Provide “Incoming and Outgoing Email Server” settings for CenturyLinks.net Email account.
  8. Go to “Advanced” settings and provide the required data.
  9. Hit “Finish”.
  10.  Restart your iPhone or Android device.

Category 4: Comcast Email Sending and Receiving Issues

The most annoying issues with Comcast are email sending and receiving issues that occur most often. So, here are the ways you can follow to deal with email sending and receiving issues. 

Fix 1: If you are unable to send or receive emails on your CenturyLink email account, the first thing that you need to brood over is the internet connection.

Fix 2: Server errors can be another reason why you are not able to receive or send emails using your email account. Therefore, use sites like https://downdetector.com/ to check the status of the CenturyLink email server. 

Fix 3: If you have entered incorrect settings or log in details, you might come across troubles while sending or receiving emails because the email server might not recognize your account and hold the messages that belong to your Cenritylink account. In such cases, resetting the password is what you need to practice for the smooth receiving and delivery of emails.

Fix 4: As we discussed above, email settings play a huge role in the flawless functioning of emails services, thus when you input incorrect CenturyLink email settings, the server doesn’t allow you to share or receive information via emails. This is why you need to check and update your CenturyLink server settings when encountering email issues.

Fix 5: The next thing you need to be cautious of is the interference of your antivirus with your email accounts/applications. Hence, it is suggested to temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall protection while using the CenturyLink email services on your iPhone, Android, or browser.

If your issue falls in any of these categories, we suggest you follow the respective solutions and get out of the predicament in a trice.


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