Six Solutions to “AT&T Email Is not Working iPhone”

AT&T Inc. is an acclaimed telecommunication brand headquartered in Dallas, Texas. AT&T is giving tough competition to the top-most telecommunication operator Verizon communication by generating a revenue of 170 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. It is said that AT&T is used by more than 77 million postpaid and 18 million prepaid users as of 2019 and a large portion of its database is covered by webmail users. And, the major cause behind the popularity of AT&T is the convenience and platform-wide compatibility it offers. AT&T has been largely used on the iPhone as it offers complete security and safety. 

Are you using AT&T on your iPhone, but suddenly it is not working for you? This scenario has become quite common these days because the iPhone rolls out more complex security updates from time to time. Therefore, we have designed a guide that will empower you by providing the methods for fixing the “AT&T email not working on iPhone”.

Let’s first discuss the problems you may face with AT&T email on iPhone:

  1. Not able to sign in to AT&T email account.
  2. Unable to send or receive emails.
  3. The AT&T email server is not working on the iPhone.

Apart from the aforementioned issues, a few more problems may keep you from using your AT&T email account on your iPhone. Our guide has detailed solutions for helping our users to troubleshoot “AT&T Email Not Working on iPhone.”

Try these solutions one by one and you will be out of the issues you are facing. 

Solution 1: Check your Internet Connection

While using AT&T email on your iPhone or iPad, having a proper internet connection is crucial. Therefore, if there is a poor internet connection, you need to make sure that you disconnect and reconnect to your network. Also, you can try fixing Wi-Fi problems or you can enable the Airplane mode on your iPhone if using the mobile data.

Solution 2: Restart your iPhone

If your AT&T email is not working, you can try switching off your mobile for a while and restart after waiting for a few minutes. Restarting has always been a primary resort for people who are facing an issue with any of their devices, be it mobile, computer, or tablet. Being that said, restarting is a key to fixing various issues with A & T on the iPhone.

Solution 3: Removing and Re-adding AT&T on iPhone

To begin with, adding AT&T email on an iPhone is not very straightforward and thus having chances of issues is very common. And, this will result in errors with the AT&T set up on the iPhone. Thus, we have the right steps that you need to follow for removing and re-adding your AT&T email account on your iPhone.

To Remove:

  1. First, go to the iPhone’s “Settings”.
  2. Open the “Password and Accounts” option.
  3. Now, select “AT&T email account” and click on “Delete
  4. Your AT&T account will be deleted from your iPhone.

To Re-add:

For adding AT&T email on iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Open, “Password and accounts” and then “Add Account
  3. Select AT&T email provider, or select “Others
  4. Enter your AT&T email address and password.

Solution 4: Check AT&T Email Server Settings

If AT&T email is not working on iPhone, make sure that you have added the right configuration settings. Incorrect AT&T server settings can cause severe issues while using AT&T on iPhone, therefore we have provided the right email configuration settings for AT&T, check them below:

AT&T Incoming (IMAP) Mail Server Settings 

AT&T Incoming
Incoming port:993
SSL (security) incoming SSL
AT&T username Your AT&T email address including “”, “” or “”
AT&T passwordAT&T email account password

AT&T Outgoing (SMTP) Email Server Settings

AT&T Outgoing
Outgoing port465
SSL (security) outgoing SSL
AT&T username Your AT&T email address including “”, “” or “”
AT&T passwordAT&T email account password

To match the AT&T incoming and outgoing server settings on your iPhone device, you need to follow these steps: 

“Settings>>Mail Menu>> Accounts>> AT&T Email Account>> Account Information>> Change Settings.”

Solution 5: Fix iPhone Device Issues

Issues with your device can also affect the performance of your AT&T email account on iPhone, therefore make sure that you get rid of those errors with the help of the below-given tips:

  1. Check For iPhone updates: If you are using an outdated iPhone version, you can update your iOS system, by going to “Settings>>General>>Software Update>> Download and Install”. Your iPhone device will now be updated. If you come across any issue, you can repair malfunctions using the “iMyFone Fix Pro” before you begin the update.
  2.  Check for Third-Party Interference: Third-party security apps tend to interfere with AT&T and block you from using AT&T email accounts on the iPhone, therefore you should temporarily disable all third-party apps for a while and check for the improvements. Disabling the third-party apps will fix the AT&T email sending and receiving issues.
  3. Free some space on iPhone: If you are downloading attachments from an AT&T email, but are unable to do so, you should try to clear some space on your iPhone by clearing cache, for that go to “Settings>>General>>iPhone Storage>>Mail App>>Offload App”. To clear some space, you can clear the app’s cache from your device.

Solution 6: Fix issues on Your AT&T Email Account

Here are a few simple tricks that will help you fix issues with your AT&T email account so that you won’t come across any error while accessing or using an AT & T email account on your iPhone.

  1. Check for Password and Username: If you are trying to sign in to your AT&T email account, but are not able to access it on your iPhone, it can be due to the incorrectly entered email address and password. Even a small misspelling can lead to disastrous results. Therefore, check twice before you sign in to your AT&T email account.
  2. Recover Forgotten Email password or hacked AT&T email account: If you are not able to use an AT&T email account on your iPhone, it can be due to a hacked or compromised email account. So, reset your AT&T email password from the AT & T password recovery page.
  3. Check if AT&T Server is Down: If AT&T is down in your area or universally, you would not be able to use AT&T email either browser or on your iPhone. So, keep a watch on the AT&T email server when you are encountering hindrances while using an AT&T email account on your iPhone.
  4. Check AT&T Email Account Settings: If AT&T email sending or receiving issues are affecting your emailing experience on iPhone, you are advised to check the Account settings by signing in to your email account using a browser. Once you are signed in, look for these settings:
  • Check for spam filters settings that might be redirecting your incoming emails to a different folder than Inbox. Also, you can try removing all these settings for a while to check for improvements.
  • If you are not able to send emails to a particular contact or they are not able to contact you via email, it is possible that you have blacklisted them or they have done the same with you. In this case, you need to unblock the contact or ask them to unblock your email address.
  • Furthermore, make sure that you thoroughly check your email forwarding settings if you are missing out on incoming emails. You can disable those settings to receive all your emails in your AT&T inbox.


We have provided you with a list of pragmatic solutions, but choosing the right solution depends upon the nature of the problem you are facing. However, you can try all the listed solutions and check if the problem is resolved after applying each of them, to find the recovery method that suits you.


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