Top 3 Methods to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 475

Yahoo is a widely popular email service provider that was first introduced on August 13, 1997. As per stats, Yahoo managed to acquire more than 225 million active monthly users by February 2017.  Managing Yahoo is a piece of old tackle until you encounter an error code that prevents you from sending emails. One such error code is Yahoo Mail Error Code 475, which occurs with a warning message that states “Error code 475: suspicious activity was detected on your account”. This error code only occurs when Yahoo detects any suspicious or unusual activity on your Yahoo mail account and due to this Yahoo blocks your outgoing emails that bear a resemblance to spam. So, if you are able to send emails from your Yahoo email account but are unable to send emails, you are most likely having Yahoo Mail Error Code 475.

Causes for Error 475 on Yahoo Mail 

  1. Sending too many emails in a short period from your Yahoo email account. Yahoo contains filters that will block you from sending any more emails.
  2. If you are sending duplicate content in a large number of emails, Yahoo won’t allow you to send emails that resemble spam.
  3. Adding too many recipients in one email would consider making you look like spam and thus Yahoo has the authority to stop you from sending emails.
  4. Messages are stuck in the Outbox folder of your Yahoo mail account.

So, if you are facing the error code 475 with your Yahoo mail account, we have plenty of effective solutions for you to get rid of Yahoo error 475. Apart from this, connecting yourself with Yahoo email with Yahoo mail support is the most straightforward solution.

Solutions to Yahoo Mail Error Code 475 

Solution 1: Clear Stuck Emails from Outbox Folder

If you are unable to send emails from your Yahoo mail account, make sure you clear your Outbox from all stuck emails. When Outbox has anything unsent stored, Yahoo’s security filters won’t allow you to send email till you resolve this issue. So, to fix this issue, follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch your Yahoo mail app and click on “Menu”.
  2. Now, from the left-side menu, click on the Outbox folder.
  3. Delete all emails from the Outbox folder.
  4. Close your Yahoo app and re-launch to check for improvements.

Solution 2: Change Yahoo Email Account Password

The error 475 also comes to the surface as the result of the inability to update outdated webmail due to suspicious activity. Henceforth, you are suggested to change your Yahoo email account password. For this, sign in to your Yahoo mail account and select “Settings”. After that click on “Manage Accounts” and then select “Account Info”. Change your password this way, and your issue will be resolved most probably.

Solution 3: Wait For Yahoo to Unlock your Account Automatically

Yahoo usually keeps a track of all locked accounts and unlocks them within the span of 12 hours. So, it is advised to wait for 12-24 hours before beginning the advanced troubleshooting. But if you want faster recovery, you can contact Yahoo to get your account unlock and pursue regular activities such as sending and receiving emails.


These three methods are enough to cure the Yahoo error code 475, but make sure you wait for 12-24 hours if these solutions are not rendering instant results.


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