Easy Solutions for Receiving Multiple Copies of the Same Email in Yahoo

Do you have a lot of duplicate emails on your webmail account, such as Yahoo or Gmail? Because many services provide a limited amount of free memory storage and charge for additional space, it is advised that you maintain emptying your Inbox. For instance, free Gmail accounts get 7GB of storage, but if you want more, you’ll have to pay $50 a year for Google Apps premium service. The same can be said for other webmail services like Yahoo and Outlook. Also, the problem of duplicate emails is very common with Yahoo error code 475 and if a person knows the reason behind the issue, Fixing Yahoo Error Code becomes much easier. Due to the lack of any standard method of deleting emails, it is even more important to discuss a few solutions for this issue but before doing that let us first take a glance over a few common causes that lead to the problem of duplication in Yahoo.

What Are the Reasons Behind Receiving Duplicate Emails in Yahoo?

Duplicate Emails don’t appear without a reason. There might be a possible cause that results in the receiving of multiple copies of the same email at times. It can be an annoying situation that might trouble you while you use your Yahoo account during important tasks. Thus, A few of the reasons which Emails duplicate in Yahoo are given below:

  • Loops in Mail Forwarding: A mail forwarding loop, in most cases, prevents you from receiving any mail and causes mail sent to you to bounce back to the sender. A forwarding loop, on the other hand, may be the cause if you receive multiple copies of each email message. It is possible to set up email forwarding from one machine to another in such a way that your email messages have no final destination. Assume you have Burger and pizza accounts on two different computers. You can establish a mail forwarding loop by setting forwarding on the burger to forward mail to pizza, and then setting forwarding on pizza to forward mail to the burger. When mail was sent to the burger, it was diverted to pizza, who promptly returned it to the burger. The mail would never be delivered to its final destination.
  • Multiple Mailing List Subscriptions: If you’re getting repeated messages from a single mailing list, there is a possibility that you’ve subscribed to it more than once. Request to access and examine the subscriber list. Examine your email address, as well as the addresses of any other mailing lists you get, for numerous occurrences. Subscriptions to other mailing lists are common mailing lists.
  • A Network and Server Issue: If you’re getting duplicates of only some of your mail, it’s possible that there’s a technical issue somewhere along the delivery chain. Either the network connection is down, or one of the machines along the route is running slowly or has other issues. The majority of mail delivery techniques and programs are cautious. The sender will try to transmit a message again if they are unsure if it was successfully sent along to the next computer on the network. If the message was successfully sent along the first time, the second attempt will likely result in a second copy of the identical message being sent to you. A mail message on a big network, such as the internet, must usually pass through numerous computers before reaching its final destination. This issue could arise on any of the computers along the path.
  • POP3 File Might be Corrupted: The most typical cause of duplicate emails issue is that your email client uses the POP3 protocol. If you have the “leave a copy on the server” option set in your email client, the POP3 protocol is renowned for downloading the same message numerous times, especially if you’re accessing the same email account on multiple machines. The duplicate mails will have the same message ID if this is the case. The message ID can be found in the message headers.
  • Confirmation Failure: The most likely cause is a failure of confirmation that the email was already delivered, which could occur at any point during the email delivery process. This could happen at any moment between your computer’s first transmission and the server’s final delivery. Antivirus software installed on your computer or your local network can cause your email software to act as if it hasn’t sent a message when it has. This is particularly true in the case of Yahoo. If this becomes a recurring problem, you may need to investigate further. Also, if the problem occurs outside of your local network, it may be impossible to pinpoint the source of the duplicate.

How to Stop Duplicating Emails in Yahoo?

Now that you are well aware of the reasons why one receives duplicate emails on Yahoo, it is of paramount importance to know how to solve this problem. Therefore, a list of all easy solutions is given below for better understanding, Check out and try your hands for a superior experience.

Solution 1: Change Mail Forwarding

To solve the problem of duplicate Yahoo emails that arise due to mail forwarding loops, change your mail forwarding so that all messages have a final destination, regardless of where they are sent and then you can easily work with the duplicity issue.


Solution 2: Check and Unsubscribe the Unwanted

You can check the subscriber list and unsubscribe from the irrelevant ones. It is the quickest way to stop duplicate emails in Yahoo which is time-consuming and can take a long day.


Solution 3: Check Connection or Wait for Better Network

The network issue leading to email duplication is most likely due to a synchronization fault in the SMTP mail delivery protocol, which is used by most email systems on the internet. Unfortunately, there is no practical answer to this problem other than to wait till the network fault is addressed. If the problem persists and does not appear to be related to a larger network or computer issue, the mail delivery software on the affected machine may be misconfigured. In this instance, contact the computer’s administrator or just wait for better connectivity.

Solution 4: Connect through IMAP

Until you modify the way you access that particular email account, there isn’t much you can do to eliminate duplicate messages. It is suggested that you only connect to your email using IMAP.  For Yahoo IMAP Settings, one should be aware of the incoming mail server. This will help in avoiding the collection of duplicate emails due to a corrupted POP3 file. Switching to IMAP instead of POP can prevent this from happening in the future. There’s no risk of re-downloading messages because IMAP is constantly in sync with the server.

POP Configuration

Solution 5: Request the Sender

To see if the issue is resolved, request that the sender delete the email from their Sent folder and queue, as well as temporarily disable their antivirus. Take that email account offline or close your email application to terminate an in-progress download.


Solution 6: Delete Old Emails

The next step is to delete old emails from the server so they don’t re-download when you reconnect. This can be done through webmail. Go to http://example.com/webmail/ to access your webmail. You can set up your email software to delete messages from the server after a particular length of time (typically an advanced setting).

All the above solutions are effective and you can easily resolve your duplicate email problem. However, If the problem remains under the new profile, please contact Yahoo Customer Support which has dedicated in-app team support that will continue to offer professional advice on your issue. You can reach them at 800-305-7664, which is their helpline number available 24*7.


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