Guide to Fix Sending or Receiving Emails Issue with Yahoo

We never expect a prominent email service provider like Yahoo to behave abnormally and create glitches. But as expectations hurt, Yahoo can hurt you too by not letting you send or receive emails at times.

Most of the Yahoo users have been left wondering with the question in their mind that “Why is my Yahoo mail not sending emails?” There is no answer to this query as there can be several factors that may not allow you to send or receive emails. Fret no more, that’s just a general issue with Yahoo and has been reportedly faced by every other user. 

You have an urgent email to send and now you are stuck with this problem. I feel you! Such issues mostly drive you mad when you are in the middle of something important. 

Nevertheless, every problem has in it the seeds of its solution. So we have compiled some solutions that are going to help you in dealing with the “Yahoo not sending or receiving email” issue. 

Let’s begin,

General Solutions to Fix Yahoo Not Sending and Receiving Emails Issue

Fixing Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Issue

Fixing Yahoo Mail Not Sending Emails Issue

Fixing Yahoo Email Sending and Receiving Issues with Third-Party Email Clients

General Solutions to Fix Yahoo Not Sending and Receiving Emails Issue

If you have an urgent email to send or you were expecting and Yahoo is not being cooperative with you, here are things you can try to find out why you are unable to send or receive emails:

  1. Checking the Server
  2. Your first step towards finding the solution should be confronting Yahoo that whether it is the perpetrator. 90% of the time we ignore this aspect of the error that even Yahoo can be responsible for the errors you are facing. The service can be down at times and you must be aware of it. Yahoo doesn’t have a public service status page where you can simply check if everything is fine. So the option left is to confirm with someone who has a Yahoo account if it is working fine. 

    Moreover, if the issue is with the server, you only have to wait till the problem gets eliminated.

  3. Internet is Up and Working
  4. Moving on to the next solution means Yahoo is not creating the problem for you then it can be your internet connection. If the signal strength is not adequate, you will face the aforesaid issue. A simple solution is just to check the bandwidth of the network or if possible switch to a better network to easily send or receive emails.  

  5. Get the Browser Updated
  6. A browser has a major role to play in the smooth functioning of Yahoo email services and most Yahoo products work the best when used with the newest version of the supported browser. Some features may fluctuate while using the Yahoo email service on an old, outdated, or unsupported browser or operating system. So if you were not considering it a problem before, make sure to use an updated browser from now onwards. 

  7. Check the Yahoo Mail App

If you are using the Yahoo mail app, make sure you are using the updated version. You can even try signing out and then signing in again on the app to give everything a fresh restart and the problem may resolve automatically.  Another workaround is uninstalling and reinstalling the Yahoo mail app.

If you have checked all the above solutions and are back to square one, it means the problem needs further troubleshooting. Now we will examine both the issues one by one and learn what can be done to fix them.

Fixing Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Issue

If you were expecting an email and haven’t received it even after waiting for 4-5 hours, try the given troubleshooting steps to fix Yahoo receiving issues:

  1. Check your account-
  2. Sign in to your Yahoo account and send yourself an email; if you received it, there is no error with your account.

  3. Check the account settings-
  4. Certain settings can obstruct emails from reaching your inbox. They are:

    Reply-to address- It should be blank.

    Blocked address- The sender should not be on the blocked list.

    Spam folder- Check your spam folder for the expected emails.

    Email filters- The email may have landed in another folder.

  5. Get the Sender’s Account Checked-

The sender needs to ensure that he has entered your correct email address and their internet is working. 

Fixing Yahoo Mail Not Sending Emails Issue

Not being able to send emails can be quite intimidating and more importantly when you have so many urgent emails lined up. Several ways can help you in diagnosing this problem and fixing it there and then, so if your Yahoo email is not working, let’s see what can be done:

  1. Larger Attachments-
  2. Yahoo will never let you send an email of more than 25 GB, so make sure you aren’t going overboard with email attachments. For that matter, you can use Dropbox.

  3. Confirm with the Receiver-
  4. Ask the person you’re trying to send the email to check their spam folder as the email might have arrived there instead of arriving at the designated folder. Even confirm that he hasn’t added you to the block list. 

  5. Recheck the details-

A single mistake in the email address of the receiver will not let the email reach to him. Verify the email address and then retry to send. 

Fixing Yahoo Email Sending and Receiving Issues with Third-Party Email Clients

This can be another facet of the problem when you use third-party email clients like Outlook to connect to your Yahoo mail account. This requires configuring the IMAP and SMTP settings correctly to use your Yahoo account. Here are the solutions that will work:

  1. Verify the IMAP, POP and SMTP settings
  2. Make sure that the app is configured with the right POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings. If the Yahoo SMTP server is not working or the emails are not sending, here are the settings that you need to check:

    IMAP Settings for Yahoo Mail

    Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server

    • Server-
    • Port- 993
    • Requires SSL– Yes

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

    • Server–
    • Port– 465 or 587
    • Requires SSL– Yes
    • Requires authentication– Yes

    Login Details

    • Email address- Full email address
    • Password– Your password
    • Requires authentication– Yes

    POP Settings for Yahoo Mail

    Incoming Mail (POP) Server

    • Server–
    • Port– 995
    • Requires SSL– Yes

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

    • Server–
    • Port– 465 or 587
    • Requires SSL– Yes
    • Requires TLS– Yes
    • Requires authentication– Yes

    Login info

    • Email address– Full email address
    • Password– Your Password
    • Requires authentication– Yes

  3. Check If the Yahoo Ports are Blocked

Firewalls or antivirus that you have installed in your system can block ports that are required to connect to the servers. If the ports (995, 465, or 587) are blocked, the Yahoo mail app will not be able to connect to the servers. 

That was all you can try to fix the errors that occur while you use your Yahoo account to send or receive emails. 


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