Unable to Send or Receive Roadrunner Email Attachment? Here is The Corrective Guide

“Roadrunner” name will direct your imaginations to the Disney cartoon character that runs in the wild with warp speed. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say, Time Warner Company (TWC) which is based in Midtown Manhattan, was a fan of this character and thus named their email service after Roadrunner. RR email service emerged as the best internet service provider back in the year 2016 on May 18. It was ranked as the second-largest company after Comcast. Apart from a high-speed internet connection, Time Warner has offered a feature-rich email service: the “Roadrunner” email.

Roadrunner email is loaded with surprising elements that make your day-to-day communication easier and effective. The best thing is, it allows you to attach a file up to 30 MB, which is much more than the attachment size limit offered by some famous email clients. Being that said, it also works smoothly on web browsers, Android mail apps, MS Outlook, iPhone mail, and other widely-used platforms.

But can you imagine a scenario where you want to share or download an important file but are unable to send or receive Roadrunner email attachments? This can be due to the Roadrunner email attachment issue. So, today in this article we have decided to address the least talked about the issue “Roadrunner attachment problems” and the solutions that will help you send and receive Roadrunner email attachments without any complication. 

Roadrunner email attachment issues manifest in two different forms namely attachment sending issues, and inability to open received email attachments. Thus, by keeping reader convenience in mind we have divided this guide into main two sections, let’s have a look:

  • Section A: Can Not Send or Attach Roadrunner Email Attachments 
  • Section B: Can’t Open Received Roadrunner Email Attachments 

Now, let’s comprehend solutions that will help you resolve the Roadrunner email attachment issues for both incoming and outgoing emails. 

Solutions to Can Not Send or Attach Roadrunner Email Attachments

If you are sure that you have properly attached the file with your email but the email is not shooting, you need to imply the solutions provided in this section.  We will be shedding light on all related aspects that you need to take care of when facing RR attachment sending issues. 

1. Check and Follow file size limit 

Roadrunner is managed by Spectrum that offers the attachment size limit of 30 MB and thus you must follow the limit recommended by RR email. If you are attaching large files, you may encounter trouble while sending emails and thus try dividing a huge file into smaller parts and sending it in different emails. 

2. Get Rid of Browser Problems 

Users often neglect the health of their browser and this leads to RR webmail issues such as email attachment problems. The fundamental of maintaining the optimum performance of your browser is updating it at regular intervals. Therefore, make sure you update your browser before sending an email that contains an attachment in case you are consistently facing delivery failure.

3. Fix Network Issues

This is not a magical explanation but plays a vital role. When there is an issue with your internet connection, web services like Roadrunner emails are likely to behave abruptly. Also, you might feel it difficult to share emails having attachments. Therefore, before you begin using the Roadrunner email service, make sure your device is connected to a proper network connection. 

4. Fix File Links

You may place links instead of files when sharing attachments, but when attachment links are not getting opened, you should try switching the browser. Use a browser that supports file sharing using web links.

Solutions to Can’t Open Received Roadrunner Email Attachments

Another possible attachment issue is the inability to open received Roadrunner emails attachments. This problem can keep you away from useful and crucial information that is stored inside the attachments. In such cases, you should try the solution given below to fix Roadrunner email attachments receiving and opening issues.

1. Download the File Properly

Not only do corrupt file downloads end up ruining your device, but it invites various other troubles too. If you are not able to open the Roadrunner email attachments, it could be due to the problematic download of the file. So, thoroughly check if you have completely downloaded the file because partial downloads of files can also lead to RR email attachment issues. If the file is divided into different parts, download them all first and then try to open the file.

Furthermore, if you have received an image in your email, you must check the authenticity of the image by hovering the mouse on it. Next, click on the download arrow to get the image saved locally on your device. After downloading the file, you will receive a message stating “open file”; follow the prompt to open the file. The download files are usually stored in the “My Documents” or “Downloads” folder on your computer.

2. Install the Relative Software

When your email contains a file that requires special software to open such as Adobe, MS Office, or more, you should first install the software before you open it otherwise, you will not be ab;e to open RR email attachments. So whether it is a PDF file, JPG image, or google doc, make sure your device contains the software required to open or view documents. In the absence of required software, you will eventually get the “File unidentified” message. 

In simpler terms, if there is an email receiving an issue with your Roadrunner email, make sure you understand the type of attachment first.

3. Reboot your Device

The most understated yet functional way to get rid of RR email issues is to restart your device. Restarting does to your device what sleep does to your body; it refreshes and rejuvenates it. Also, restarting is quite an effective way to close all the applications that are running in the background and help you fix any problem that might be keeping you from opening your Roadrunner email attachments. 

Not only this, restarting will clear space on your RAM by removing the cache and temporary files that are stored in the local storage and make space for the attachments files. 

Pro Tip: If you are not able to open your Roadrunner email attachment, forward the email to a person using another email client such as Outlook or Gmail, it will help you understand where the exact cause of the issue lies. 

4. Disable Firewall and Security Programs

We usually keep the firewall and other security programs handy to avoid security threats. The in-built firewall is mainly intended to render online security thus it tracks every email attachment that you receive and prevents you from downloading spam. But sometimes, it tends to confuse the legitimate email with particular words, phrases, or subjects to be spam or virus. In such cases, the firewall will not allow you to download the attachment that you have received on your RR email account. Thus, when you are sure of the authenticity and security of attachments, it is suggested to disable the firewall for a while and then try downloading attachments.


Roadrunner email account offers major benefits but when attachment issues arise, it can affect the holistic emailing experience. Thus we have provided a dedicated guide that will help you take care of Roadrunner email attachment issues.


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