How to Resolve the Issue of Resetting AOL Mail Password?

You’re unable to login in to AOL.

AOL won’t let you reset your password.

Are you annoyed by all of these issues?

Don’t give up!

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If you’re experiencing problems logging into your AOL account. Then this might be the best place to find answers to your questions.

In the following blog, you will get to know how to spot and fix typical sign-in problems, such as incorrect username and password combinations, account locks, looping logins, and other account access blunders.

Let’s get you back into your AOL account because you may have work to do there. 

Review the information in the given below on the following guide to resolve things like account locks, password problems, and other access issues if you’re having trouble logging into your account.

So, without further ado, let us know a bit more about AOL and dive into solving these issues with the available options.

A Brief Overview of AOL and Its Services

AOL Mail, AOL Instant Messenger, and dial-up Internet services are few of the major services provided by this vintage web services provider. AOL Mail is a free email service with security features including virus scanning and privacy settings.

AOL Mail Home Page

Users can connect numerous email accounts with the service, and they can benefit from a number of productivity advantages like online storage, support for multiple inboxes, basic threat detection for spam, viruses, phishing and email customization with multiple themes.

But in recent times, I have seen that many users are complaining about recurrence of some issues on the platform regarding email attachments, AOL desktop gold and resetting passwords.

“AOL Not Let Me Reset My Password” Issue Explained

AOL has successfully catered to the needs of their consumers and also provided great support over the time. Customers of AOL Mail can choose from a variety of options available on their platform.

However, occasionally you run into issues that make it difficult for you to log into your account and complete important work. You might run into one of these issues if you attempt to sign in or recover your account.

  • Your AOL account is blocked due to some reasons.
  •  You are unable to reset your AOL login password after multiple attempts.

You may also get informed by an error message that doing a particular task from your browser is not possible.

This is undoubtedly something to be concerned about. The same thing had happened to me when trying to change my password with AOL, however I was eventually able to log back into my account. 

A variety of things could be to blame for this problem. Fortunately, you can employ solutions that should make this issue simple to tackle.

Continue reading this post until the end if you’re interested in learning how I was able to access my AOL account; one of the answers will undoubtedly be helpful to you.

Reason Behind Error in Resetting AOL Password

There could be multiple reasons for the password and sign in issue, you can pick any of the several causes for why you are unable to reset your AOL Mail password. You could be having trouble resetting your password because: 

  • You may not have used the same web browser as the one you’re using right now to prove your identity. 
  • You made too many reset password attempts in a short period of time. 
  • Your cache and cookie files might be damaged that can cause problems while signing in.
  • You unintentionally entered incorrect data throughout the process. 
  • The email address or phone number that AOL has on record are not accessible to you. 
  • HTML5 technology may not be supported by your web browser.

Tried and Tested Solutions

Well, enough of the reasons and questions, let us quickly find out the potential solutions to fix the sign-in and password issue. 

Come on!

Solution 1: Follow Correct Methods for Resetting AOL Password

You might be going about password recovery for your AOL account incorrectly. So first and foremost to change the password make sure to follow the correct instructions given below: 

Step 1: Launch a web browser (chrome, safari or firefox) on any smart device.

Step 2: Visit the AOL login page or just go to

AOL Sign In Page

Step 3: Press the “LogIn” button. 

Step 4: Enter your username and click “Next” on the login screen.

Enter Username and Click on Next

Step 5: Click the “forgot password?” link underneath the password field.

Click on Forgot Password

Step 6: You’ll be taken to a screen with three options to change your password: 

  • Send instructions through email to the alternative email address associated with your AOL mail account. 
  • Text message to the mobile phone associated with your account.
  • Confirm your account via Google or Yahoo email.
Choose an option to verify the account

Step 7: Set a new password by entering it twice after you verify your account. 

Make sure the new password complies with AOL’s password rules when setting it up.

AOL Password Requirements

  • Passwords must include at least 8 characters.
  • The maximum character length can be 16 characters only.
  • Combine letters and numbers effectively for strong passwords.
  • Please try to use both capital and lowercase letters in your message.
  • Special characters are another option to try for your password.
  • Use a different password than you did previously to successfully reset the password.

Solution 2: Check and Change Your Browser Settings

AOL Mail’s login process makes use of HTML5 technology, but sadly it is prohibited by some web browsers by default. 

  • Visit the Manage My Account tab on AOL Mail and select “Change Account Settings” to see if this case applies to you.
  • Under Advanced Settings, you will find a selection called “Browser Configuration.” 
  • By clicking on that link, all of the browsers you have installed on your computer will be displayed, and you may individually turn on HTML5 for each of them. 
  • In the event that all other options are unsuccessful, we advise using Google Chrome or Firefox since these two web browsers by default support HTML5 even if it is disabled in other software on your machine.

Some of you might be able to sign into the software after doing these steps. But if you are still looking for answers, keep reading more.

Solution 3: Clear Cookies and Cache of Browser

Browser cache and cookies preserve data about the websites we frequently visit, making it possible for our browser to obtain those pages more quickly than if we were accessing them for the first time. 

“Every Nectar Is Poison If Taken To Excess”

Above quote simply translates the issue with cache and cookies. With time, browser cookies and cache may get messed up and prevent us from being able to reset the AOL Mail Password.

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Windows) or Command+Shift+Delete (MacOS) to quickly remove the cookies and cache from your web browser.

Clear Browser Cookies and Caches

Depending on the web browser you are using, the above keyboard shortcut will open a menu where you can erase cookies, cached pictures, downloaded files, etc.

After completion of erasing all the caches and cookies, try to sign in on AOL Mail again or try to reset the passwords. Now the chances of getting it right are high and I hope your issue gets resolved quickly by following these simple tricks.

Solution 4: Utilize AOL Support Option

If none of these options works for you then you might have to get the assistance from AOL support.

AOL Support Page

Even after trying everything, you are not able to overcome the issue. Then, you can call AOL at its AOL phone number to request a password reset if the AOL Sign-In Helper is unable to solve your password reset issue. 

You can look for different mobile numbers that are available to assist for different cases. You will now be required to finish the identification verification process over the phone before you can change your account’s password.

Phone Numbers for Assistance

Additionally, chat support is available but only paid AOL members are able to use this service. For all your AOL needs, including email, login, technical issues, mobile email, and more, chat with AOL Live experts. 

I tried to provide you with all the possible solutions out there for those specific issues and I hope you find this blog fruitful and worthwhile to read. Let us conclude this informative blog by answering some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

ANS: Without using your account login password, you cannot access your AOL account. Using the AOL sign-in helper, you can reset your password if you can’t remember it.

ANS: You won’t be charged by AOL to change your password. You can reset your password using the AOL password reset website if you’ve forgotten it.

To do this, click the “Forgot Password” link and adhere to the prompts on the page. You will only need to invest a few minutes of your time in this and have access to an email account or trustworthy device linked to your AOL account.

ANS: AOL would not recognise your password if you recently changed it or if someone gained access to your account. Even if you submit the right information, you will not be able to log in if you have already logged into AOL using several devices.


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