What to Do If AOL Desktop Gold Not Working?

The practice of printing directly from software has grown commonplace. Printing an email, document, or image directly from the software is now extremely common. You can print directly from the software after installing AOL Desktop Gold on your computer and using it to access your emails, and download files, and attachments. However, we often witness that the AOL Desktop Gold is not working. This is because there are several rationales for it. Also, AOL Gold Desktop is incredibly popular among internet users and so it is important to address the issues regarding this technology.

Printing An Email from AOL Gold 

Printing an email from AOL desktop gold is simple and not many know how to do that because of this they end up facing the Not working issue. You simply have to save a hard copy of your important emails and websites by printing them.

Note: While printing an email only the text will appear and you have to download the pictures and other attachments separately.

Given below are the steps for printing an email from the AOL desktop Gold:

1. Start AOL Desktop Gold first.

2. Login using your password and username.

3. Click the Read icon to access your inbox.

4. Access the email that you want to print.

5. Select the Print button.

6. Press Print.

Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold Not Printing 

With so many features and characteristics present in the AOL Desktop Gold software, faults occasionally are going to happen. Many times, they can be avoided, and while an error appears to be inescapable, one should constantly look for a suitable remedy. Printing mistakes are one of the bugs that might appear in this software, and they can occasionally be very aggravating. Another common issue with AOL Gold Desktop is that it stops working at moments. Anytime you try to print something from AOL Gold, it won’t work. This is typical because of a broken printer, out-of-date software, or some incompatible programs. It can cause problems if not quickly fixed.

It is a reality that there is seldom just one cause for technical difficulty. Several causes could result in this problem, but we’ve listed some of the most common ones here.

AOL Gold Won’t work if:

  • Installation of the AOL Desktop Gold software was improper.
  • Program files are faulty or damaged.
  • AOL Gold’s incompatibility with a different file that is already on your PC also is one possible cause of this problem.
  • Effects of any malware or viruses that may be causing the application to malfunction.
  • A corrupted or damaged system hard drive can result in such a problem.

No matter what the reason is for your inability to print from AOL Desktop Gold, there is a simple solution that you may apply. Nevertheless, it is advised that you first determine whether the printer device has been swapped or if there are any issues before beginning the troubleshooting methods listed below. AOL Desktop Gold software should also ideally be updated to the most recent version.

What Happens When AOL Desktop Gold Stops Working?

If you open Desktop Gold or attempt to install it and receive the error message “AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working,” you must download and execute an updated install file. The steps for the same are as given below:

1. Download the latest install file for Desktop Gold.

2. Open the Install AOL Desktop.exe file you downloaded to run the new installer.

3. Go to Desktop Gold and open it if it wasn’t started on its own by running the installer.

Fixing Methods

Given below are a number of methods through which one can resolve the issue of the AOL Desktop Gold not working. 

Method 1: Verify Your Device’s AOL Compatibility

If your device isn’t compatible with AOL Desktop Gold, you will undoubtedly find that it won’t open. Many users still use outdated computers that lack the hardware requirements for this program. Therefore, you must upgrade the hardware for your machine for AOL Desktop Gold to function properly. The program will not run or continue displaying errors if your hardware is not upgraded. The following requirements must be met before you may install this software on your machine.

  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • A 266 MHz CPU or one that is faster.
  • Either the Windows 7 edition or the Mac OS X 10.0.0.
  • You have 512 MB of free disc space.

Method 2: Examine the Add-Ons

Your device can have certain add-ons that are already installed. With the AOL Desktop Gold program, these add-ons are incompatible. The best course of action is to disable the add-ons first, followed by a system scan. 

Method 3:  End the Program

You should always quit and restart this software if you notice that it is not. Users can follow the steps listed below.

  • Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously.
  • Select the “Process” tab.
  • Pick an AOL Desktop application. Click “End program.”
  • An alert window will show up. Click “End program.”
  • Re-open the software now.

Method 4: Virus Removal from Your System

Your computer will function sluggishly in the presence of a virus. If you attempt to run the software, it will likewise show the AOL Gold stopped functioning notice. On witnessing something like this, you need to scan your computer for malware. Undoubtedly, there is a virus present on your device and this is the main reason why your application is unresponsive and out of work.

Method 5: Download and Start the Updated Installer

An outdated AOL Desktop Gold Version is also a reason behind AOL Mail Login Issues. If AOL Gold is not opening, you might be getting an error message. To download AOL Gold and run an updated install file, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the AOL website. Soon after, begin downloading the upgraded install file.
  • Open the file on your computer and execute it.
  • Once the installer has finished, go to the icon of AOL. Then, just run Desktop Gold.

Method 6: Examine the Default Settings

The settings of your device are altered specifically when you do a Windows update. They may impede AOL Desktop Gold’s ability to operate properly. Therefore, you must verify if any settings have changed that can affect how AOL functions. Restore the settings to when AOL was working properly if there have been modifications.

Method 7: Cancel the Open Print Tasks

On your PC, the taskbar’s bottom right corner contains the Printer icon. Choose one by one from among the open print jobs. Selecting Cancel will remove it. Restart your computer after uninstalling the print spooler to be able to print from AOL Desktop Gold once more.

Method 8: Update Internet Explorer’s Print Margin Settings

Incorrectly set print margins in your web browser can also cause AOL Desktop Gold to stop printing. The following procedures will assist you in positioning the print margin correctly in Internet Explorer:

  • On your computer, open Internet Explorer and select the File menu.
  • Margins can be found by clicking Page Setup.
Page Setup
  • Set the top, bottom left, and right boxes’ margins to 0.25.
  • To apply your changes, click OK. Resubmit your print job using the AOL Desktop Gold software after changing the Print Margin settings in your web browser to check whether the problem has been resolved.

Now you are aware of what to do if AOL Desktop Gold is not working. You can confirm the compatibility of AOL with your device or you can examine the add-ons. Ending the program can also be a solution for some. Removing viruses can also do wonders for your device. Downloading and running an updated installer is among one of the most successful fixing methods for AOL desktop gold, not printing problems. Moreover, Default settings are often examined if nothing works out. Canceling the print tasks that are already open can also fix your AOL Desktop Gold not working issue because it includes the process where the print spooler is uninstalled. Lastly, updating print margin settings can be your getaway. If the program is still not responding or opening, contact a professional AOL technical support team.


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