Yahoo Mail Won’t Open Attachments on Browser or Mobile? This Exclusive Guide Will Help.

Have you ever faced an issue with opening or downloading Yahoo mail attachments? You are not alone as every user must have encountered the same problem while working with Yahoo. To begin with, Yahoo offers excellent features to share data be it videos, files, images, or any sort of media file, Yahoo allows you to send and receive all types of attachment files without any trouble. But the world turns upside down for users when they can’t see or open attachments in Yahoo mail.

The cause of the issue can be anything; from the attachment, browser, to your device, anything can make you unable to download attachments from Yahoo mail. Furthermore, whether you are using a browser or Yahoo mail app, the attachment issues can spread their claws anywhere, therefore, we have created an all-in-one guide that will help you fix the “Yahoo mail won’t download attachments” issue in the blink of an eye.

Part A: Yahoo Mail Won’t Open Attachment on Computer

Solution 1: Check for File Encryption

We all need to know that Yahoo doesn’t support encrypted files and any such attachment won’t open on Yahoo mail. So, if the file is encrypted or coded to prevent unauthorized access or view, you’re in bad luck because Yahoo won’t let you open it. In such cases, request the sender to an unencrypted version of the same file if he/she has mistakenly sent you the encrypted version.

Solution 2: Check Browser’s Storage

Most of the browsers store the downloaded files but some of them don’t and in the case of later ones, determining the location of the downloaded file becomes a puzzle. So, go to the browser’s help section and search for the documentation that can explain how to find the location of the downloaded attachment from Yahoo mail. Usually the location of downloads changes with any change in the Settings.

Solution 3: Use Yahoo Supported Browsers

While accessing your Yahoo mail account, you need to be sure that you are using the browser that is supported by Yahoo. The popular browsers that are supported by Yahoo mail are Chrome version 25 or newer, IE 9.0, Safari 4.0 or later, and Firefox 19 or later. 

One more tip is if you are using an outdated version of your browser, updating it to the latest version will help you fix the Yahoo email attachment sending issues, too.

Solution 4: Install Adobe Reader

If you have received a PDF file in Yahoo mail, you may not be able to open it without the Adobe Reader Software. This software helps you access and read the data from the PDF files which might not open on its own.

Solution 5: Disable Anti-Virus, Firewall, and Other Security Programs

Security programs are essential to determine your safety and protection from potential cyber threats, but these tools can sometimes block the functioning of Yahoo mail and intervene in the attachment download process. 

If you can’t open Yahoo email attachments, “add an exception” on all the security programs you have. To use the “add an exception” feature of every security program, read the user’s manual on the manufacturer’s website. You can either disable the program or consider adding an exception.

Solution 6: Restart Your Device

Restarting your computer will give you a fresh canvas to start with. In other words, it will clean the internal storage of your computer and shut down the programs running in the background. Restarting will also help you fix the internet-related issues that can create a disturbance while opening Yahoo mail attachments.

Solution 7: Disable the Browser Add-ons

This trick is recommended by experts to fix the inability to open Yahoo mail attachments. Add-ons tend to interfere with the opening of attachment and thus they should be disabled temporarily at the moment. After that refresh your browser and then try to download Yahoo attachments one more time.

Part B: Yahoo Mail Won’t Open Attachments on Mobile

While you are using the Yahoo mail application on your mobile device and Yahoo mail attachments are not opening on the phone, you need to fix the issues with the application as well as your mobile phone. These issues are easily fixable. Whether you are using the Yahoo mail app or a Yahoo mail account with third-party email clients, the below-listed solutions will help you to get rid of Yahoo mail attachment issues. 

Solution 1: Check the File-Type

For opening and downloading the Yahoo mail attachments without an issue, you need to have an app that supports the file type of attachments so that you can access the data after downloading the attachment. To exemplify, if you are trying to access the Microsoft Word document attachment, you need to have the mobile version of Microsoft Word installed. Likewise, if you are trying to open a PDF file, having an application that enables you to open the particular file type is necessary. In addition, if there is an image in JPG or other format embedded in the attachment, having an image viewing application that supports JPG format is essential because images often appear in the body of the email but don’t open without the app that is a prerequisite.

Solution 2: Check Issues with Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo mail application is subjected to some technical glitches that might affect your ability to open Yahoo mail attachments. These issues are necessary to resolve as soon as they appear. Whenever an issue arises, it comes with a message stating the nature of the problem and it affects the overall execution of operations while using Yahoo mail. This is the time when you need to contact the Yahoo help platform or avail yourself of the opportunity that is given with every error notification i.e. reporting problems to Yahoo through email. In some cases, closing the application>>restarting the device>> re-opening the Yahoo email will help.

Solution 3: Check the File Size

The online version of Yahoo Mail doesn’t come with a file size limitation, but the app version might create issues due to file size if the device’s internal memory doesn’t have sufficient storage space. So, if you are not able to open Yahoo mail attachments, you are advised to clear some internal storage memory because you cannot open files that are larger than the available space. Alternatively, you can try adding the expanded memory by using the in-built card slot, doing so will increase the amount of available memory and enable you to open larger attachments.

Solution 4: Check Random Access Memory

Random-access memory or RAM can be another factor that is affecting the opening of Yahoo mail attachments. RAM is a substantial part of the phone’s internal memory that stores the email attachment copies to provide speedy processing. If you don’t restart or turn off your mobile phone for a longer period, the RAM will get full till the neck and reaches the point where it starts affecting the speed of your mobile device and due to this Yahoo mail won’t open the attachment. So, turning off your phone and starting it back will clear the RAM and create more room for functions to execute properly and fix the Yahoo mail attachment issues.


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