MS Outlook is Receiving but Not Sending Emails. How to Fix It?

When you can’t send emails from Outlook, there are four main points that you should keep a note of. 


  1. The faulty Outgoing Server makes you unable to send emails from Outlook. 
  2. Most of the time Outlook receives email but won’t send. This occurs due to authentication issues.
  3. Contact your email address provider, to update the Outlook server settings, if you can’t send emails from Outlook.
  4. Always keep one backup email account to avoid the delay in your work routine.

Solutions: How Do I Fix an Email Sending Problem in Outlook?

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Advance Troubleshooting 

  1. Create a New Email Profile
  2. Email profile corruption can be the reason due to which Outlook is not sending emails to windows 10. To create a new Outlook profile, try the steps given below: 

    1. Open the Control Panel using the Windows Search bar.
    2. Now, open User Accounts and open Mail.
    1. Now, in the Mail window, select Add…….
    2. In the Profile Name option, provide a name of your choice and click OK
    1. Then, click on Manually Configure Server Setting.
    2. In the Choose Service page, select Internet E-mail and then click Next
    3. Fill in the information in the Internet E-mail settings and also check POP3 for Account Type
    4. Click Next and the Finish
    5. Now, go to Mail Windows, On the When Starting Microsoft Outlook, select the profile you just created.
    6.  Click OK
    7.  Open Outlook and see if you can now send emails.

  3. Make Sure TCP/IP Protocol is Enabled
  4. If you have already created a new profile but there is still an issue with sending emails from Outlook, you can check if the TCP/IP is set as the default protocol.

    To check, do the following:

    1. Open the Search, type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter
    2. Right-click on the internet connection and select Properties
    3. In the Networking tab, make sure that Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) is checked, if it is not selected, then check it.
    4. Click OK and close the window.

    Move to the next solution if you still cannot send an email from Outlook.

  5. Fix the Authentication Issue
  6. When you can receive but can’t send emails from Outlook, you need to check for the authentication issue. To turn on the authentication on Outlook, try the steps given below.

    1. Go to Tools menu
    2. Select Email Accounts
    3. Click on View or Change the existing email account 
    4. Hit Next
    5. Select to highlight an email account
    6. Click Change and then More Settings.
    1. Go to Outgoing Server 
    2. Check My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
    3.  Click OK >>Next >>Finish

  7. Try to Switch the Email Provider
  8. MS Outlook is the highest rated email service provider, but it has some problems when it comes to downloadable as well as a web client. Therefore, one should try considering using a different email service provider when Outlook is not sending emails.

Perform General Troubleshooting

  1. Check if Port Number is Block
  2. Contact the Internet Service Provider and make sure that you are using an outgoing mail server because many ISP block port 25 that is used for outgoing or SMTP mail servers and if it blocks Outlook won’t send emails

  3. Check Daily Sending Limit
  4. If you have already exceeded the limit of sending emails from Outlook, you can’t send more messages. Therefore, you should stop trying and wait for the day to end. This also creates problems in receiving Outlook emails.

  5. Check Size of Attachment
  6. If you are attaching a massive attachment in your email, you may not send emails. You should split the big attachments into different parts to send large emails. It is advised to keep the attachments smaller than 10 MB if emails are not sending in Outlook. 

  7. Fix for Error Codes
  8. If you are receiving an error code on your screen, search it on Google and you will find a solution to fix it. Errors codes are likely to hinder the email sending with Outlook.


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