Rocketmail Email Is Not Working? Here Are the Best 7 Solutions to Rocketmail Email Issues

Rocketmail email was started in 1996 when the concept of a free webmail service was new for web users. It performed so well that it gained an equal position as Hotmail- the oldest email service. Rocketmail was then acquired by Yahoo in the year 1997 and since then it is run and managed by Yahoo. But Yahoo doesn’t allow users to register with the Rocketmail domain any longer thus most of the RM users feel it difficult to sign in to their Rocketmail accounts. But apart from the confusing login scenario, many other email problems affect the functioning of RM email. Often users report that Rocketmail email is not working for them and when Rocketmail stops working without any prior warning, users find themselves stuck in a perplexing situation. 

Therefore, we have designed a fully-fledged guide to fix the Rocketmail email issues most safely. But first, let’s understand the issues you are likely to face with your Rocketmail account most commonly. 

Common Problems with Rocketmail Email Are

  1. Rocketmail Email is not responding.
  2. Rocketmail email is not working on email clients like Outlook, Mailbird, Apple Mail, and Gmail app.
  3. Why is Rocketmail not loading on my browser.
  4. Issues while sending and receiving emails.
  5. Rocketmail is down.
  6. Unable to recover or reset Rocketmail password.
  7. The Rocketmail password is not working.
  8. Rocketmail is not downloading attachments.
  9. The Inbox of Rocketmail is clogged.
  10. The issue with email integration.
  11. Rocketmail login problems.

Many other issues occur now and then, hence if you are not able to find your respective issue in this list, fret not! Because in today’s article we will provide you the most efficient recovery methods that will help you resolve common Rocketmail email issues.

Solutions to “Rocketmail is not working” problems

Not being able to use the Rocketmail email account can be stressful, hence we are listing the most effective remedies using which you can resolve Rocketmail email problems in no time.

Solution 1: Check the browser Compatibility 

Rocketmail is a browser-based service hence it needs a browser that is free from every issue. But above all, the compatibility of the browser is the crucial factor that determines the efficiency of Rocketmail’s overall performance. 

Browsers that work great with Rocketmail are:

  1. Google Chrome: It offers the safest browsing experience with advanced security features.
  2. Mozilla Firefox: After Chrome, Firefox is the next most Rocketmail compatible browser.
  3. Opera: This hidden gem is another suitable option to use on Rocketmail.
  4. Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is the next browser that focuses on privacy and security the most and offers the most intuitive interface.

If your browser is not working with the Rocketmail account, you can switch to any other browser from the mentioned list.

Solution 2: Check your Email Account settings

If you have knowingly or unknowingly made some changes to your Rocketmail email account, you need to be attentive as any minor change can adversely affect the performance of your Rocketmail email account. Hence, look closely at your email account settings through Yahoo’s interface. Common Rocketmail account settings that affects the account performance are:

  • Recovery methods namely phone number and alternate email address
  • Yahoo/Rocketmail email filters
  • Blocked contact list
  • Yahoo mail interface (classic or new)
  • And many more.

Solution 3: Update your Browser and Yahoo Mail app

Either it’s an outdated browser or an outdated Yahoo mail app, both can act as hazards for the functioning of your Rocketmail account hence make sure that you update the version of your browser or switch to the browser that you have currently updated.

Next, while using the Rocketmail account on Yahoo mail app, ensure that the Yahoo mail app is fully updated and if not update your mail app from Play Store or App Store of your device.

Solution 4: Fix Rocketmail issues on iPhone

If you are using Rocketmail on iPhone or iOS devices and you are encountering issues while using it, you are advised to fix it right away using the troubleshooting tips we have given below:

  • Remove and re-add your Rocketmail account.
  • Clear the cache and unused files from your iPhone devices.
  • Update the mail app on your device to fix Rocketmail email issues.

Solution 5: Check if Yahoo is down

As we know, Rocketmail is now administered by Yahoo thus if Yahoo is down, Rocketmail will not work for you. In such cases, you are supposed to wait for 12-24 hours as no troubleshooting method will help you out. 

To check the Yahoo Rocketmail server status, go to sites like and . If they indicate an error, you are not the only one for whom Rocketmail is not working as it is down for everyone.

Solution 6: Reset or Recover Rocketmail password

Recovering your Rocketmail password can act as a cure for several issues such as Rocketmail login issues, password issues, and hacked or compromised Rocketmail account.

To recover or reset the Rocketmail password you need to use the Yahoo web interface and follow the steps given below:

  • First, open the Yahoo login webpage and type in your Rocketmail email address in the respective text field.
  • On the next screen that is meant to enter a password, click on “forgot password”.
  • Then, select your method of recovery from the recovery phone number or alternate email address.
  • Provide the code that you receive on your mobile number via text or follow the link that you get on your recovery email address.
  • Create a new password and re-enter to confirm.
  • Your password is now changed, sign in using the new password.

Solution 7: Check Email Configuration Settings

If you are using a Rocketmail email account on any third-party email client such as Gmail, Outlook, Android mail app, Apple Mail, and more, you need to enter the correct Rocketmail configuration settings, if Rocketmail email is not working.

Here are the correct and latest Rocketmail email server settings: (Yahoo! Mail) IMAP Incoming Server settings

Rocketmail IMAP Server 
IMAP port 
IMAP security 
IMAP username 
IMAP password
Your full Rocketmail email address 
Your Rocketmail email password (Yahoo! Mail) SMTP Outgoing Server settings SMTP Server
IMAP port 
IMAP security 
IMAP username 
IMAP password
Your full Rocketmail email address
Your Rocketmail email password


With all the 7 solutions listed above, you need to make sure that your device is connected to a proper internet connection. Furthermore, for personalized help for your Rocketmail email account, you can anytime connect with the Yahoo support team.


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