What Can be the Causes of Data Loss?

Data loss in MS Outlook

Have you ever been through a situation where you have lost all your data within a moment? This situation can be very scary as you have lost all your important files and other valuable data and you might not get them back. It is important to know the reasons for facing such a risky situation. Here you will get to know about the common causes of data loss which is necessary to prevent the risky situation.

Data loss is when the data gets lost or destroyed due to an unknown reason and can occur on any device which has data such as a computer hard disk or any other storage media.

What Can Cause Data Loss?

Accidental Deletion

It is one of the common causes of data loss. It is very normal to mistakenly delete any of your files as you create, save, update or delete every day. But sometimes we accidentally delete the important files and it goes to the recycle bin where we can recover them easily. However, deleting a file permanently is a major mistake as it can’t be recovered anymore. Under the following situations, it becomes impossible to recover the deleted files:

  • When you have permanently deleted the files using Shift and Delete keys.
  • When the files have been deleted over a network.
  • If the deleted files are of larger size than the recycle bin can store.
  • When the files have been deleted using the Windows command prompt.

Hard Disk Failure

The hard disk is the most important part of a system and you cannot afford to fail or to crash of hard disk anytime. Hard disk failures occur normally due to a mechanical failure as being a mechanical device a hard disk is very much prone to crash or damage. If there is any damage to the hardware it can lead to hard disk failure. Other reasons for hard disk failure are as follows:

  • Overheating
  • Exposure to magnetic fields
  • Power Failure
  • Damage due to water or fire
  • Hard disk got damaged

Virus infection

Losing data due to attacks by viruses is another common cause for it. There are different types of viruses and their severity depends on their type. It is a type of malware that can get transferred from one system to another and has the ability to duplicate itself. There are different ways due to which virus can enter your system. After entering they can destroy, steal or encrypt your data which will ultimately lead to data loss. They can also corrupt the hardware of your system and put your system’s data at high risk.

Power Failure

Power failure is another reason for facing data loss situation. Also, when a computer gets turned off suddenly there are complete chances that your system can get severely damaged. You are advised to follow the proper shutdown procedure in order to avoid data loss situations and to allow your system to run smoothly. Make sure to avoid a sudden power failure to avoid any loss to your data.

Human Error

Sometimes users delete the files which are important for the proper functioning of the system. After their deletion, your system will not boot properly. The other form of human error is when you fail to update the software applications of your system and the outdated software can definitely harm your data.

These were the common causes for the situation when you have lost the precious data of your system. Hence it is important to keep the backup of such important files and data so that you can recover easily whenever you encounter such a situation. In case you didn’t create a backup of your data you can take the help of one of the best solutions available which is the Recover OST to PST converter. It is a professional data recovery tool that can definitely help you to recover your lost data.


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