Yahoo Mail is Not Working on Android? Don’t Panic, This Exclusive Guide Will Help

Yahoo has become the second-largest email service provider across the world and the popularity can be determined by the number of Yahoo mail app downloads and configuration sessions of Yahoo mail on third-party clients. As we know mobiles are the go-to gadget for every need of our day-to-day life, hence Yahoo does offer its dedicated email app that is available for both Android and iOS, and the traditional method of configuring Yahoo mail on mobile’s mail app still works, but things become challenging when Yahoo mail app is not working in 2021. Issues with Yahoo mail app on Android devices cannot not only disturb your personal and professional communication, but it also keeps you from using the benefits and amazing features of Yahoo mail, too. 

So, this article contains all the befitting solutions to fix “Yahoo mail is not working with Android” issues. Though the majority of users prefer using Yahoo mail app, some of us still like to use it in collaboration with other email clients, hence we have designed a troubleshooting guide that will cater to both categories of Yahoo mail app users. 

Before we move any further, have a look at the features and benefits of having a Yahoo mail app, this list of features will help cross-check the features list you are having. 

Features of Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo offers its mail app for both Android and iOS devices. Though the core functionality remains the same, some differences in the feature range can be witnessed in both apps. Users must be aware of the features and functions they get with the Yahoo mail app for their respective devices. So, let’s see what Yahoo mail app offers to Android users.

Insights of Yahoo Mail App for Android

Yahoo mail app offers you much more than just sending and receiving the emails, here is what all you can get:

1. Smart Search

The “Smart Search” feature allows you to find what you need with just one click of the mouse.  Just type in the related keyword or query and you will be rendered with all related results across the connected email account and folders of Yahoo mail. It will make a comprehensive search among photos, emails, files, and folders. So, Instead of checking every single message, you can simply use the search bar to make a specific search within all the folders and added email accounts. The integrated smart search feature makes it easy to find anything with the help of a file name or any related keyword. 

2. Comprehensive Inbox

  • Send the “Me” mail: With this feature you can send a note and reminder to yourself. These emails are self-addressed and can be created by clicking on the “Compose” button.
  • Different email accounts at one place: Yahoo mail app for Android allows you to configure all email accounts at one place and switch between the email accounts. You get freedom to set and configure all your email accounts at one place. It makes it easier to manage all of them at the same time. 
  • One-swipe action: Delete or mark emails using one tap or swipe, you can use this feature on bulk emails.

3. Personalize themes, Functions, and Messages

  • Customize mailbox appearances: You can choose any option from the variety of themes available within the app and change the look and feel of your mail app.
  • Control Features: With Yahoo, you get complete control over the features and functioning of the mail app. To exemplify, you can change the left and right swipe actions.
  • Share files, videos, and photos: Adding images and files to the body of the email is just a one-click game, all you need is to convert them into an attachment.
  • Personalize Messages: Yahoo mail app users get the opportunity to show off their creativity. You can add images, media files and online GIFs to create interesting and impressive emails.

4. Easy Sortation 

With the Yahoo mail app for iPhone, you can sort your mailbox as per your needs and preferences. It includes in-built functioning to sort emails related to finance, promotion, and shopping so that you don’t waste your time in organizing your email inbox. Also, you can create personalized folders to sort out the incoming emails.

5. Get Latest News 

We all know Yahoo has its own news platform and the benefit of which is rendered to the mail app users. There is an in-built news icon to check all the latest information about sports, politics, and social happenings. In addition, you can turn on the notifications if you want to receive alerts whenever new breaking news arrives.

These are the major features that Yahoo mail app users get on your Android or iOS devices, but there are many other exciting features that you can unveil while using the app. However, having interesting features doesn’t save Yahoo from technical glitches and thus users report that their Yahoo mail app is not working on Android.

So, to help you with the troubleshooting of Yahoo mail application problems. We have designed a guide with step-by-step instructions so that you easily fix Yahoo mail problems with Smartphones.

But first, it is important to know what all issues users face with the Yahoo mail app while using it on their Android devices, so check this list below.

Most Common Issues on Yahoo Mail App for Mobile

 As we know the performance of the Yahoo mail app is determined by plenty of factors; from the device’s hardware to an internet connection, everything has a role to play in the smooth functioning of the Yahoo mail application on mobile. Let’s name all the issues that can occur while you are using Yahoo mail on your mobile device. It is important to understand that not every issue needs to be fixed as some of them get better with time and only require patience. But those who aren’t self-diagnosing, need professional help or technical assistance. Here are some of the majorly occurring issues.

  • Yahoo mail app is not loading.
  • Why is Yahoo not receiving emails on Android?
  • Yahoo mail keeps crashing
  • Inability to access some features.
  • Unable to sign-in to Yahoo mail app.
  • Yahoo mail app is not connecting to the network connection.
  • Incoming emails are not appearing in the Inbox.
  • Problem in sending Yahoo email attachments.
  • Issues with Yahoo Account security key.
  • Trouble while updating the version of Yahoo mail app.

Are you facing any of the aforementioned issues? Is there anything else you are bothering about? Here is a complete guide on how to fix “Yahoo mail not working” on Android or iPhone. Follow these instructions carefully.

Best Methods to Fix Yahoo Mail App Not Working Issues on Android

Method 1:  Fix Issues with Yahoo Mail App Functioning 

The first thing that needs your immediate attention is the functioning of your Yahoo mail app. If Yahoo mail freezing, crashing, or responding slow, you need to try the below-listed solutions.


  • Update App version: It is important that you use the latest version of Yahoo mail app and the operating system of your device as Yahoo works best with updated versions. 
  • Clear Cache and cookies: Not only the browsers, but your device accumulates cache and cookies, too. So, you need to clear the cache, cookies and other junk from your mobile using an in-built cleaner.
  • Restart Your Device: Restarting is another great way to clear some space on your device. Also, it helps in force stopping the background apps that might interfere with the functioning of Yahoo mail app.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the app: This should be your last resort, but when nothing works out, uninstalling the app and reinstall will help. To uninstall the app, just open your app store and click “Uninstall”.
  • Check if features available for your device: You might believe that some features are not working with Yahoo mail app on your mobile but as a matter of fact, the android version of Yahoo mail app lacks in some features such as:
  • Block email addresses
  • Send to a contact list
  • Create vacation responses
  • View full email headers

Method 2: Fix Sign-in Issues with Yahoo Mail App

When Yahoo stops working, it usually prevents you from accessing your mail account and it is a constant thing that both browser and mail app users face. Therefore, taking care of Yahoo mail sign-in issues is also crucial for attaining the optimum performance of Yahoo app. So, to fix sign-in issues, try to:

1. Change Your Mobile Number

Start by changing the mobile number that is associated with your Yahoo mail app if the order number is no longer in use because outdated recovery information makes your account prone to hacking. Here is how you can change the mobile number:

  • From your browser, sign-in your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Tap on the Profile Name >> Account info >> Account security.
  • Now, under the “Account Security” tab, select the “Phone numbers” option and choose “Add recovery phone number”.
  • Provide your new phone number in the respective text field select “Send SMS”. 
  • Now type the Account Key you receive on the mobile number, in the respective field.
  • Click on the “Verify” option.
  • Lastly, try to access Yahoo Mail account on your mobile app.

2. Activate Yahoo Account Security Key or two-Step Verification

This method works best when you are using the Yahoo mail account with third-party email clients or your Smartphone’s mail app. After enabling the account security key or the two-step verification, you can generate an app-specific password which will help you set up and log in to your Yahoo mail app with third-party clients and ditch the Yahoo log-in problems. To generate the App password, go to:

Account Security tab, select Generate app password and follow the on-screen prompts to get one.

Method 3: Fix the Connection Issues

If it is your network that is inducing the problems with Yahoo mail app, you need to fix it immediately. Having poor or no network can keep you accessing your Yahoo account and hence check that your mobile device has an adequate supply of internet while you are working with Yahoo. To check the network strength, you can open any browser and try opening other websites. In addition to that, make sure that the App Permission settings are not creating issues with the use of Yahoo mail app.

Method 4: Update Yahoo Mail App 

As we have mentioned earlier, updating the Yahoo mail app on a regular basis is quite important, so here is how you can update Yahoo apps from the Play Store.

  • On your Android device, open the Play Store
  • Now in the Play Store app use the search bar from the top and enter “Yahoo Mail” in the Search. 
  • You will see the Yahoo mail app menu on the screen.
  • If you see the “Update” option for Yahoo app, click on the same and it will automatically configure the Yahoo mail app.
  • After that, click “Open” and see if the issue has gone.

Fix Yahoo Mail Issues with Android’s Mail App

Many users like to configure their Yahoo account on the mobile’s in-built mail app. For those users, things can be quite complicated when Yahoo stops working with the app. Here is what you need to do:

Method 1: Remove and Re-add Yahoo Mail account

Make sure that your Yahoo account is configured properly on your mobile’s mail app with the right settings. If the settings for Yahoo mail account are not entered properly, or they have been corrupted, you need to first remove the account and re-configure it with the correct settings.

To Remove a Yahoo Mail Account from Android

1.) Open Settings menu on your mobile device.

2.) Go to the “Accounts” and then “Mail” option.

3.) Click on Yahoo Mail account.

4.) Next, select the Delete or Remove Account option.

5.) The Yahoo Mail account will be removed from your Android device.

To Re-add Yahoo Mail Account to Android:

1.) Go to the Settings menu on your Android device.

2.) Select “Accounts” and then “Mail” option.

3.) Next, click on “Add Account” option and choose “Yahoo!”.

4.) Type in Yahoo email address and password in the respective field and hit Sign in button.

Method 2: Add Settings to Manually Configure Yahoo mail Account

If you face issues while setting up your Yahoo mail account with the given method, or if you are using Yahoo with any other third-party email clients, you need to manually configure your Yahoo mail account with the settings given below:

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server

  • Port:993
  • Requires SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

  • Port:465 or 587
  • Requires SSL: Yes
  • Requires authentication: Yes

Your login info

  • Email address: Your complete email address
  • Password: Your account’s password
  • Requires authentication: Yes

Method 3: Check Yahoo Server Status

If Yahoo is not working with third-party mail apps, the one reason could be server downtime. There is no solution to fix Yahoo server issues as they get resolved on their own. But you can definitely check the server errors using sites like 


We hope that the above-given solutions will help you fix the “Yahoo mail is not working” issue without much hassle. But when nothing is helping you out you can simply report your issue to Yahoo mail support platform by posting a thread.


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