Top 7 Copyscape Alternative Tools to Check for Plagiarism

Copyscape was introduced in 2004 by Indigo Stream Technologies and, for a long time, was the primary online tool for checking texts on plagiarism. But with recent developments in the AI sphere, an army of similar tools came to light. A lot of the rival and sometimes excel Copyscape in functionality and availability. One reason to find a different tool from Copyscape is its cost. Another one would be its credit system, which people find confusing. Let us take a look at the top 7 Copyscape alternative tools to check for plagiarism. 


This objectively brilliant writing assistant is also my favorite for proofreading my texts. Even the free version of the tool grants you a big arsenal of functionality. First, as the name of the tool implies, you have grammar checking.  Second, there is a way to set whether you prefer American or British English. You can easily integrate Grammarly into your browser and have it advise you in any online text field.

Aside from that, there is, of course, the plagiarism check function. You can access it in a free version of the tool as well, which is an enormous advantage over Copyscape.

Premium users can enjoy such benefits as style and tone advice, formality level, and clarity-focused rewrites of sentences. Grammarly is available on almost any device, browser, or operational system. So, you might understand why this is my favorite writing assistant.


This tool is a primary rival to Grammarly and comes with similar features. Aside from them, WhiteSmoke boasts an in-built translator that functions as well as Google Translate does. There is also a storage of helpful videos that explain to you different intricacies of grammar, which is very helpful. An uncommon amenity in the field of writer assistance tools. Besides that, WhiteSmoke provides you with a plethora of templates for your articles or emails that also might come in handy.

In terms of accuracy, this tool is no worse than Grammarly. And the only considerable feature that it lacks compared to the latter is the style selector.

This plagiarism checker is notable not only for its efficiency but also for its ability to compare texts with offline databases as well as online.


This writing tool is very useful to any essay writer because it provides a rich synonym advisor. Expanding the vocabulary of your essay is something you can always benefit from. And ProWritingAid can do it for you on-the-fly because this tool integrates into your browser and provides an extensive selection of synonyms to any word you write and highlight.

The plagiarism check feature of this tool works flawlessly. But you should expect to invest some money in it because there is a limited amount of checks per certain period for different prices.


This tool is unique among our list because not only does it check your text on the notion of plagiarised content, but also informs you whenever someone on the internet copies your text. This feature comes completely free and is an excellent alternative to Copyscape and other tools. If you are concerned with the safety of your intellectual property, CopyGator is the right choice here. It has a badge on the website that shows whether your writing is safe. Whenever a content thief appears on the horizon of the internet, the badge would warn you with a change of color.


This writing assistant also comes entirely free. If you are going through a dissertation writing process and worry about the possibility of duplicate content in your papers, Plagiarisma would serve you well. Alternatively, you can acquire dissertation assistance from professional writers that write top-grade papers without duplicated text.

Plagiarisma will check your dissertation for grammar mistakes and other issues and you can get it online, as a desktop app, or even install it on your phone. One of the most impressive features of Plagiarisma is that it can read over 190 languages. This can be very useful for students from all around the globe. 

Plagiarism Detector

This simple tool can check up to 1000 words for plagiarism. You can do it via URL or by uploading a document with your text. The report will highlight any section of your essay that has similarities with some text on the internet, so you can easily address the issue by rewriting it.

The advantages of this writing assistant are its simplicity and the fact that it is free. Though, advanced writers would probably benefit from a more complex tool.


Our last pick has its advantages as well. It supports almost any file format, and academics often use it as their primary plagiarism checker. It comes with a set of filters that can make your search for duplicated content easier and more thorough. The only downside of this tool is its price. The free trial is quite short. 

Bottom Line

A plagiarism check is an important step in any written content. Whenever you write an essay or an article to increase the online visibility of your business, beware of duplicated content. It is not always your fault that your text looks similar to something on the internet. But the writer’s responsibility is to make their texts genuine. For this, there is a big choice of writing assistants that work as well or even better than Copyscape. Pick your favorite and create something unique!


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