Mastering Digital Security: Harnessing the Potential of Free VPNs for a Safer Online and Email Experience


We have all used VPNs sometime in our lives.

Be it for avoiding the prying eyes of our ISPs, bypassing Netflix content restrictions, or downloading torrents. 

There are baby ways VPNs are beneficial in our online lives.

But most of these VPNs come with hefty price tags and are otherwise limited in functionality.

This is where free VPN comes in to fill this void.

In this article, we will discuss what free VPNs are and how they differ from their premium counterparts as well as how they benefit internet users.

So, what is a free VPN?

It is the stripped-down version of a paid VPN service that lacks any of the main features that the paid ones have.

Some of these may cap your bandwidth or monthly traffic, making it practically unusable after the cap is reached.

While there are some true free VPNs like FreeVPNPlanet that provide true full VPN access even in their free version.

Why Use a Free VPN?

Apart from torrenting, there are many benefits of using a VPN service.

Privacy and Security

One of the main purposes of using a VPN is to keep our data secure and online activity confidential.

ISPs or some organizations have ways to keep track of everything you do online. 

And your browser’s incognito mode cannot help you either. 

A virtual private network’s major benefits come to light only when connected to a public wifi network.

There is just no knowing what kinds of security these public networks have.

They may even be sending your data to hackers snooping around the network.

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

This is another main reason many Android users use free VPNs.

A free VPN allows you to connect to a server situated in another country and route your traffic through that server. 

This way you can skip all the restrictions that your local government or ISP has placed on your internet access.

No Need For Registration or Subscription

You know those annoying pop-up screens prompting you to buy their premium services?

Many free VPNs do not need any of those.

You simply run the app directly, connect with your chosen server and continue with your day.

For example, you do not need to even register for the FreeVPNPlanets services to get access to the app.

Subscriptions to streaming services or other internet websites adjust their prices depending on your location. Using a VPN to change your IP address can lower the price of an online subscription.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free VPN on Android

Well the best part about a free VPN is that you can simply download it directly from their official website or the Google Play store and run the app.

Well, there are some features that you need to keep in mind when you choose a Free Virtual Private Network:

  • Kill Switch: It must have a kill switch to cut the connection when your VPN drops to make sure that your data does not get leaked.
  • Split Tunneling: This allows users to choose between which apps run using the VPN and which do not.
  • VPN Encryption Protocols:  You get to choose the type of encryption that your connection runs on. For example, OpenVPN for speed, SSTP and IKEv2/IPsec for security, and WireGuard for privacy.
  • DNS Leak Protection: This feature denies any third-party queries to fetch your log or data. This means this can protect you from data leaks while the kill switch cuts the connection.
  • Number of Virtual Servers: Although many free VPN services come with only a small number of servers. You need to choose one that provides the maximum number of servers available.
  • NO-LOGS Policy: This one is a must-have for any VPN that wants to maintain its user’s privacy. This means that the virtual private network does not keep track of any of its user’s traffic or data. 
  • Streaming Capable: Many VPN servers are optimized specifically for streaming on-demand videos so that users can get access to any content on the internet in HD quality.
Statistic- 72% of VPN users still opt for free VPNs despite their proven security flaws.

More than 72% of VPN users still opt for free VPNs despite their proven security flaws.

Is it Worth Having a Free VPN on Android?

Free virtual private network apps are best to get first-hand experience on how VPNs work.

They can oftentimes come with limited functionality than their paid counterparts and can also sometimes slow down your internet connection.

But, with our detailed guidelines, you have the know-how on how to choose the one with the best features any free VPN could have.

Plus, if you still cannot find a VPN you like then we recommend using FreeVPNPlanet.

It is one of the best free VPN services with no traffic, bandwidth, or time limit. Just install and connect – no registration or personal data is required.


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