Why We Must Check Documents for Plagiarism

  • Updated on February 5, 2021
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Plagiarism is not a good term to hear, especially in the academic field. The copyrighted content can hurt search engine optimization badly. It will kill your reader’s loyalty. Stop clicking on the “Publish” button if you have not checked your content at least once for plagiarism. Suppose you are a student and assigned to submit your research work within a deadline. Then be careful while sending off your work to your supervisors or professor without testing it for similarity issues. 

Now the problem is checking content or large-sized assignments for plagiarism by human beings. They cannot do this task accurately as it is too hectic to check the billions of websites for detecting plagiarism. But this work is efficiently done by an online copyright checker. 

Basic Steps to Work with Free Plagiarism Checker

The steps are discussed here:

  • The user will have to be successful in searching for the best tool for plagiarism check. 
  • The files with different formats can be uploaded to the online copyright checkers. 
  • The content can be provided by entering the address of the webpage where the content is present. 
  • You are also advised to just paste the particular piece of copied content into the given place of the tool. 
  • “Check for Plagiarism” will be pressed by the client.
  • Within a matter of seconds, the result is in the hands of users. 

Key Features of Free Plagiarism Checker

Free of Cost

Some of the quality tools serve the clients for no money. They enjoy free of cost services. 

A Huge Number of Webpages

The content is tested for plagiarism check around a huge variety of websites. It does not take much time as a human being can take a lot. It provides the final results in a few seconds.

Automatic Rewording

Some tools check for plagiarism and rewrite the sentences automatically. It saves a lot of time for the writers. The writers may take it hard to rewrite the phrases again.

Highlighting the Phrases

The copyright checker highlights plagiarized content. It assists the writer to correct only the underlined or highlighted piece of content. Otherwise, the user has to go through the whole content and rewrite it.

Percentage Results

The results of similarity are represented in percentage form. It becomes helpful to recognize the performance of an assignment in a couple of seconds.

Percentage of Unique Content

Users write unique phrases. The uniqueness of phrases is calculated in percentage form.

Integration of Website Address

The tools welcome the users to integrate the URL of particular sites where the content is present, which is to be checked for plagiarism.

Exclusion of a URL

Some users make the plagiarism check so interesting by excluding a website by entering it into space. It helps to prevent checking plagiarism for the content uploaded from the excluded site.

Download Report

The tools allow you to save the plagiarism result report. It is cooperative when the teachers have to show their students the results. They send the reports to their students as proof. A plagiarism check will be hospitable for the personal assessment of students.

Share Reports

Sharable reports will be friendly in the situations when you are requested to check someone’s assignment for plagiarism. You can check it and share it with others. 

Multiple Formats

The best tools let you upload the files with any of the formats you make feasible for you. The formats might be as .pdf, .rtf, .odt, .doc, .tex, Docx, or .text. 

Multiple Languages

The users write content in different languages. There are many languages in the world in which people speak as well as write. So, the powerful plagiarism engines do not refuse the users to upload the content in different languages. In reality, they check the files for plagiarism written in all languages.

Suggested the Remarkable Plagiarism Checker


It assists its clients by testing the content for plagiarism free of cost. The users will be able to check 800 words for no cost. But the premium tool will allow the users to check up to 30k words at a time. Multiple user logins will be allowed. The packages will be affordable. The results will be shown in detail. This free Plagiarism Checker will be accessed by the following URL plagiarismchecker.co


This tool is also free for plagiarism services. It allows 1000 words for free. Billions of websites are used to check for similar results. The tool rewrites the copyright sentences automatically. The results are shown with a percentage figure.


It grants the client to check 1500 words for no charges. It protects the data by deleting it from its databases automatically soon after the plagiarism check procedure. The report is ready instantly.


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