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Nowadays, many users like to download movies and videos from YouTube, and this number is already increasing. As a user, you can also transfer downloaded video to comfortable devices that are portable too. These devices consist of iPad and iPhones, so you get ample options and freedom to enjoy entertaining YouTube videos anywhere without a glitch in the network connectivity.

You can find a plethora of options in the market when it comes to choosing a youtube playlist downloader for Mac. Each one has its peculiarities and some pros and cons. So here we are to help you out and introduce you to the best option available in the market. But first, let us know some features we need to look for in a downloader for Mac.

Features of a Comfortable Downloader for Mac

These are;

  • It must be user-friendly.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It must provide downloads from various platforms, including YouTube.
  • Multiple formats are available for downloading playlists.
  • Must be quick to download YouTube playlists.

Now let us move on to find the best option as a downloader that serves the above purposes well.

Best YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac

Softorino has developed one of the best youtube playlist downloaders for Mac in the form of SYC PRO. It provides a world-class and professional experience of seamlessly downloading your favorite playlist. It also helps transfer them to other devices to enjoy them everywhere.

Notable Features:

SYC PRO promises to give you a lot of features; check them out;

  • The trial version gives you a complete feel of the advanced features of SYC PRO.
  • The paid version gives you abundant features to operate.
  •  You will never be bothered by error messages, bugs, crashes, or other inconveniences.
  • There is automatic detection of files aligned with the cust paste options.
  • It takes minimal time to complete the conversion process.
  • It helps in converting files into batches.
  • You can add the YouTube playlists in the queue for downloading.
  • It helps make transfers to all devices that are friendly with iOS/macOS, and the users can make the most of SYC PRO on these devices.
  • It supports significant video and audio formats.
  • You can download videos from other platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • You can transfer YouTube playlists to Apple TV, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc.
  • You can also transfer YouTube videos to the Music library, Downloads folder, etc., on Mac.   
  • You do not get any ads while using this software.

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Downloading and Installation of Software

Steps to follow

Opt for the option of Free Download, so start downloading and installation of the software. Then go for its launching. Herein you will have to opt for an email address that is currently active, as you will receive the trial key in this email. Once you enter the key in the specific place, your trial will start automatically.

Step 2: Finding YouTube Playlist for Downloading


Open any browser on your Mac device and opt for YouTube. Then search for the playlist that you wish to download and save. Then start copying the link for the playlist, and you will notice that the software will begin pasting the link in an automatic mode. Finally, you can repeat this step for various playlists, as the software helps convert batch files and transfer them.

Step 3: Select Required Settings, then Tap on the Button for Transfer.

Select Required Setting

You can find two options below the queue for download. Herein, you can opt for converting the files. You also get to see resolutions from a range of 360p to 2160p, and you can also extract audio from video files on YouTube. Then you can save them in AAC or MP3 format. 

There is a ‘Music library’ or folders for ‘Downloads,’ Alternatively, you can opt for the ‘Favorite’ folder in the software. You can also shift the videos to iOS devices via Wi-fi or USB cable. After that, wireless transferability can be maintained with iOS devices. 

ProTip: If you want to complete the download of YouTube Playlist on an Android device, you can use the software to create a Favourites folder in a customized way. Herein you can set the SD card as the destination for output and make transfers of files that are converted to the SD card of your Android device.

Other Software to Ponder for catching a glimpse of the YouTube Playlist

iFunia YouTube Downloader

ifunia Youtube

iFunia YouTube Downloader allows you to download content from multiple platforms of streaming, and you also get to convert videos in various formats along with downloading them. 


  • You can access and download content from various websites including downloading YouTube playlists.
  • The interface is user-friendly.


  • It provides only three free videos in the trial version.
  • There are a few features in this option.



QDownloader.io is a web tool that can be used on macOS as a youtube playlist downloader for Mac and helps convert videos from sites like Instagram and Twitter apart from YouTube.


  • You need to add io before ‘youtube.com’ for downloading YouTube content.
  • The user interface is simple and friendly.


  • It saves 1080p or 4K videos in 720p format.
  • It supports downloading audio in 128kbps format only.

What is the Need for Using a Youtube Playlist Downloader for Mac?

Even after being one of the best platforms for streaming videos, YouTube does not allow you to download any content to view it offline. Instead, it entertains you with a wide variety of videos. Still, you have to be a member of YouTube Premium to earn some benefits above the audience that accesses it for free. 

Here are some reasons that will showcase why you should opt for a downloader for downloading a YouTube playlist.

  • The membership from YouTube comes at a cost.
  • The Premium version has limited features.
  • You cannot download videos from YouTube to watch them offline even with a premium account.
  • If you want to listen to only audio, you cannot specifically download them for offline use.
  • When you renew your subscription, the videos available offline disappear.

Final Words

We hope we have assisted you with your query about finding the best youtube playlist downloader for Mac. Undeniably, SYC PRO is the most trustworthy, reliable, efficient, and effective software to provide you with an entire playlist of YouTube. The top-notch design of the tool gets professionally designed for Mac users to own the maximum utility. We also offered a few pieces of software for you to check out, But finally, we gave our verdict in favor of SYC PRO. In any case, feel free to check Softorino reviews


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