5 Advantages Of Employee Scheduling Software

  • Updated on November 17, 2022
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Is your company making the most of your employee scheduling strategies? Many management experts are unaware of the specifics of managing employee schedules and plans. Besides, scheduling rules can differ based on the location, division, or corporate level. 

Of course, manual tools like worksheets, bulletin boards, and phone trees can be stitched together to create a custom solution. However, they are not efficient and incapable of meeting today’s dynamic business needs.

Moreover, companies relying on shift timings and hourly workers face a slew of employee issues. These can include balancing rising labour costs, evolving employee expectations, and stricter labor laws, to name a few. Pandemic disruptors also make it difficult for operations managers to satisfy production duties due to random supply and demand variations.

Smart, new-age employee scheduling software is the answer to handling workforce scheduling difficulties at scale. These current automation systems provide an overview of a company’s employee operations. It also allows for data-driven action to improve scheduling effectiveness, productivity, operational agility, and employee satisfaction.

What Is Employee Scheduling Software?

The process of developing and managing employee schedules is made easier with employee scheduling software. It automates staffing changes, schedule optimization, shift assignment, and coverage tracking. Additionally, the software can assist you in remaining compliant and managing things like:

  • Employee vacation
  • Time off requests
  • Company holidays
  • Shift coverage
  • Meeting room availability
  • Compliance needs

As a facility manager, your job becomes even harder if you manage various corporate levels and have to keep track of multiple schedules here. Besides, it is difficult to keep staff schedules correct and updated when you handle them manually for multiple teams. And that’s not all. It is also harder to share each change with the rest of your firm.

Employee scheduling software makes things a lot easier for the facilities team, HR managers, and team leads by simplifying these tasks.

Here are five ways an employee scheduling software can make life simpler for companies with high-volume tasks and large numbers of employees.

#1 Employee Scheduling Software Helps Ensure That Everyone Is On The Same Page

By switching from a manual mode of scheduling resources to an employee scheduling software, you can get a better hold on resource allocation and availability. It’s simple to use, has a clear and clean layout, and allows you to see all your resources in one location. Moreover, workers can also-

  • Log on to a single system to view and change their schedules
  • Check their schedule

Make changes to their existing schedule based on availability

  • Ensure that team leads, HR managers, and facilities teams are informed 

#2 Draft Scheduling Policies With Employee Scheduling Software And Put Them In Place

It is critical to develop and enforce scheduling policies in order to schedule employees successfully. Using employee scheduling software for making a policy and adhering to it can make scheduling equitable and ensure issues are handled consistently. So look how you will handle staff requests for time off ahead of time. 

Upload the schedule ahead of time so that staff may plan their holidays accordingly. Create a fair holiday policy so that no one is forced to work during the holidays and they get ample time to spend with their families.

#3 Optimize Workforce Operations With Employee Scheduling Software 

The key issue facility managers face is balancing labor resources and budgets with business and tracking employee performance. And this challenge is expected to remain in the future. Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute estimate that 2.1 million manufacturing jobs will be vacant by 2030. This means, real-time visibility into the workforce with an employee scheduling software is crucial to optimize areas like:

  • Personnel processes
  • Demand forecasting
  • Contingent labor planning
  • Day-to-day staff scheduling needs and more

This is even more critical as automation processes improve and labor becomes scarcer and more costly.

Many businesses rely on hourly and shift workers. Plus, new labor laws, union rules, and scheduling regulations are being enacted. As a result, firms must discover ways to make scheduling successful or risk non-compliance. That is where employee scheduling software fits in. It helps you power your day-to-day scheduling with actionable intelligence.

#4 Employee Scheduling Software Can Help You In Predict Peak Times

Employee scheduling software is valuable on its own, but it may be enhanced by merging it with other business analytics solutions takes it a step further.

Companies may study prior trends and identify which hours are busiest for their business by referencing data from various sources such as employee scheduling software, visitor management software, meeting room booking system, etc. Facilities teams can plan the workdays around accordingly for busy slots.

#5 Staffing With A Plan With Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software can also be used to ensure shift coverage is optimal. Off-hours or downtime can be identified using the software. This helps staff find the time to cross-train and learn new skills. Your employees are more likely to have a great work experience if they have the chance to progress too. No doubt, with a proper schedule in place, neither your customer service nor your business operations will suffer.

Employee Scheduling Software Impacts the Entire Company

Using employee scheduling software helps manage the following challenges

  • Whether operations are scalable
  • If the labor costs need to meet corporate objectives while preserving compliance.
  • Creating a timetable that meets current needs while also estimating future needs.
  • Helping workers balance work, family, and other activities

Employee scheduling can no longer be treated as a tactical exercise. After all, it has a strategic influence that has a wide-ranging impact across the company. It affects the talent pipeline, working efficiency and productivity, financial results, competition, and brand image. 

Hence, when looking for a workable, modern employee scheduling software, choose one that meets your scheduling needs and compliance rules with ease. WorkInSync has the best in class employee scheduling software. Opt for a demo today and see how the app can help your organization streamline the employee scheduling process.


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