Effectively Using Email Marketing to Bring Traffic and Build Your Website’s Reputation

Email marketing is a cheap and effective way of increasing the traffic coming to your website and therefore growing your customer base. Sending emails reaches out to potential customers and can be vital in increasing conversions. An email marketing PR campaign can also greatly increase the number of visitors to your website; therefore, it is important to make use of some of the web design templates available to build a great website that will keep your customers loyal and intrigued. This list compiles a number of the best ways to effectively use email marketing to both bring traffic to your website, and grow the reputation of that website.

Build a Subscriber List

Before you can even begin to finetune your email marketing campaign, you must build up an audience and subscriber list. Make sure your website has an email sign-up option on the main landing page and that it is easy to find. Link all of your social media to this too, so that every channel you are sharing contact with has the option to sign up for your emails. Consider a bar at the top of your website with an email sign-up option or a pop-up function that encourages new users to sign up. Personalized incentives or promo codes can be a great way of convincing people to sign up. Create a mailing list to store everyone’s information and to keep going back time and time again.

Make Sure Your Emails are Relevant

If you give your audience the option to choose which type of emails they are receiving, it is more likely that they will open the mail. Offer people a choice of the types of emails you are sending when they sign up and see your engagement increase. Research the kind of sites and content that your audiences often engage with and alter your content accordingly. Relevant emails are much more preferred and tend to generate much more customer engagement than generic ones.

Make the Emails Scannable

Most people will not take the time out to read long, rambling emails. Wherever you can, keep your emails short and easy to scan. Make sure that your emails are formatted in a way that means a reader can glance over the text and still understand the main points being made.

Include bullet points and graphics, and if you do have to include more information break it up with subheadings throughout. Include a call to action link in every single email to encourage users to click through to your website.

Make Everything Mobile-Friendly

Format your emails so that they can be accessed on any device to reach the maximum number of viewers. Most people will access their emails on both laptops and mobile phones, so do make sure that every email you send (as well as your website) is mobile-friendly. The more people who can easily read and access your emails, the more people who have the potential to be converted into customers. Widen your audience to its full potential with device adaptive emails so that everyone can read them.

Link Between Platforms

Increase traffic as well as audience engagement by linking all of your platforms together. Include links to all of your social media channels in your emails and on your website, and link to your email subscriptions list on your social media pages. Make use of multiple social media pages too to reach a wider audience. The more places that you and your site are linked from, the more traffic you will get. In addition to this, make sure to keep your landing pages relevant to the email campaigns you are using to drive traffic. A great landing page will have information, graphics, and links to other places your brand can be found, and this will increase the reputation of both your website and your brand as a whole.

Make Use of Analytics

Make good use of your email and marketing metrics. Use metrics tools to stay up to date on your analytics regarding both your email campaign and how that is translating through to website visits and engagement. If you aren’t meeting expectations, make changes to any number of things, including refining your email content or improving your call to action buttons.

Try using analytics techniques such as multi-variant testing to work out what your audience likes and dislikes. This should give you information on how long users are staying on your website and how many people are clicking through from emails, helping you estimate how successful they are.

Final Thoughts

If you take the time to put together a well-thought-out email marketing campaign, you can increase traffic and conversions quite easily. Focus on creating high-quality content that customers can easily read and understand, and direct them back to your website using a prominent call to action and personalized offers. Keep an eye on analytics and linking between platforms, and you’ll have a wide, loyal customer base in no time!


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