How Digital Fax Boosts Your Email Marketing Strategy

Digital fax is an efficient method for sending and receiving documents using modern technology and internet connectivity. It emerged in the late 1990s as a convenient and streamlined communication solution, originating from internet technologies and online fax service providers. These platforms enabled users to send and receive faxes via email or web-based interfaces.

Digital faxing eliminates the expenses associated with traditional fax machines, such as paper, ink, phone lines, and maintenance. Sending electronic documents can save you time, as printing or scanning them is unnecessary. 

Meanwhile, security is better with digital faxing than it was with traditional faxing. Encryption protocols and secure transmission methods protect sensitive information. Plus, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Most digital fax services, like Faxzero, have features for organizing, storing, and archiving fax documents. Hence, you’ll find it easier to find and manage important files, eliminating the hassle of filing documents by hand.

According to PR News Wire, the worldwide fax services market will develop at an absolute rate of 87.33% in revenue between 2021 and 2027. You can use digital fax to engage customers by sending marketing materials, newsletters, and surveys. It gives you another way to connect with existing and potential customers.

Digital fax can be an excellent addition to your email marketing strategies. It’s a perfect tool for spreading your message to a broader audience. Here are a few ways that digital fax can boost your email marketing strategy:

  • Improved Deliverability

    Due to spam filters and crowded inboxes, email deliverability can be challenging at times. By incorporating digital fax, you can avoid these roadblocks and ensure your message reaches your intended audience. The visibility and interaction with your marketing content will increase as a result. 

    Imagine that you send an important email campaign to your subscribers, but it goes to their spam folder instead. You can send the same content directly via digital fax, making sure it gets seen and read.

  • Higher Open Rates

    Email open rates vary widely, and there’s no guarantee that your recipients will read your email. Digital fax, on the other hand, has higher open rates because people check and read faxes more frequently. Incorporating digital fax into your email marketing strategy can make your message more visible.Email open rates average around 20% to 30%, whereas fax open rates are much higher, reaching around 90%. You can increase engagement by using digital fax. It provides more convenience for your subscribers to see your email marketing campaigns.

  • Personalization

    Personalization is a critical component of effective email marketing. You can customize your messages with digital fax by addressing them directly. You can also tailor the content specifically for online fax communication. This personalized touch can optimize your email marketing campaigns.

    Instead of sending your subscribers a generic email, you can use digital fax to address each person by name. You can also send them offers or content tailored to their tastes. This level of customization can make your message more powerful, boosting conversion.

  • Added Communication Channel

    Adding digital fax to your email marketing strategy gives you another way to talk to your audience. You can reach more people and guarantee your message isn’t lost in crowded inboxes. Instead of relying solely on email, you can use digital fax. 

    You can approach people who may prefer different ways to communicate or have limited access to email. Hence, you can tap into new markets and maximize your marketing efforts.

  • Fewer Limitations

    Email services have some limits, like the size of files you can attach or the file’s format. Digital fax is an efficient solution. You can send detailed promotions with high-resolution images directly to the recipient without worrying about the document’s format.

    Assume you need to promote a new product. Digital fax ensures you can transmit the document in its intended format. You can save time from the limitations or formatting issues with email.

  • Target Specific Groups

    Digital faxes can be especially useful for reaching out to groups that prefer to communicate by fax. Did you know that most law and government professionals still use faxes? This technology can help you target specific groups and get them more involved.

    Research shows that some industries, like healthcare, significantly use faxes to communicate safely and privately. Using digital fax as part of your email marketing strategy can help you reach healthcare professionals. However, it helps to align your messages to fit their needs and preferences.


Digital fax has revolutionized communication, offering cost efficiency, enhanced security, mobility, and streamlined document management. With growing popularity and market potential, digital fax is essential for modern businesses seeking secure document exchange. 

Using the benefits of digital fax can make your email marketing strategy more effective. It can help you reach a broader audience and increase the chances of conversion and success.


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