Mastering Email Localization: Strategies for Global Engagement

Gone are the days when email marketing was the way to market products and services to online audiences.Email localization is a crucial touchpoint with customers nowadays. 

It has been around for nearly 30 years. Till today, for the number of dollars spent on email marketing, the returns are somewhat surprising i.e. a whopping $38. Email is something that is often looked at concerning a company’s localization efforts. 

To make email marketing work, it needs to fit in a world characterized by cultural nuances, language variations, and unique preferences. Note that, here comes email localization in the picture. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through itsy-bitsy details about email localization and how to perform it in the best way to engage the audience. 

Consequently, it will create a unique customer experience for sure. That said, Let’s dig in.

What Is Email Localization?

We are assuming that you are probably aware that it means translating the content of your email to your recipient’s native tongue. 

In other words, it tailors their recipient’s experience to resonate with what they prefer. 

Moreover, it acknowledges the one-size-fits-all approaches are inadequate.

Dan Jak said, “Personalization—it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content”.

Understand with an example, suppose you are a global brand and seeking to launch a marketing campaign simultaneously in Tokyo and Toronto. Now, when services remain consistent, usage of the language as per their audience and their cultural reference can make a huge difference in audience engagement.

Make sure the content feels tailor-made for each recipient as it will harmonize the difference between your brand and client base

The key components to consider includes:

  • Language Translation
  • Cultural Context
  • Currency and Numeric Formats
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Localized Call-To-Action (CTA)
  • Regional Preferences and Sensitivities
  • Responsive Design

Benefits of Email Localization

satisfied clients

The best customer experience is something that businesses strive for. It allows connecting with the global audience. Let’s take a closer look at it:

Improved Relevance

Improved relevance means delivering content that resonates with the local audience. It will embrace reliability, engagement rates and increase conversions. 

Want to know how to do it? Try drafting relevant and reliable text content to the targeted audience market’s cultural nuances, preferences, and behaviors. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Ma Huateng said, “I think every Internet user likes personalization”.

Tailored elements amp up the positive customer experience. So, practice email localization and take personalization to the next level. 

Online audiences are more likely to feel understood and valued, so, they expect to receive emails in their native language which contributes to a positive perception of the brand. 

Increased Trust and Credibility

Marty Meehan said, “It’s never too late to regain credibility around the world”. 

Trust and credibility play a major role in building rapport

Evident efforts let recipients know that the brand is committed to communicating with them in their respective languages and respecting their cultural norms. 

Believe it, it adores the sense of authenticity, credibility, and helps you to gain trust. 

Higher Conversion Rates

As mentioned previously, it impacts conversion rates since it removes language barriers. 

Some brands saw a burst in traffic from visitors at home. While studying regarding this, it is seen that consumers purchase goods or services if they find details are penned in their native language. 

However, high conversion rates, contribute to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Global brand consistency

When the conversion rates increase, it paves the way for opportunities to maintain global brand consistency. 

Nonetheless, one can ensure that their localization strategies are aligned with their core values and messaging for target regions.

Email Marketing Revenue Worldwide

Email Marketing Revenue Worldwide from 2020 to 2027.

What Can Help You Implement Localization in Your Email Marketing?

strategy development

Do follow these tips to implement an efficient email localization strategy and thrive successfully:

Share Locally Relevant Offers

The effectiveness of the email campaign can be judged if the content suits the local preferences and meets the audience’s needs. 

What else you can do to boost the campaign? Introduce crafting promotions that align with local trends, or cultural events.

This demonstrates your active eye-keeping on the local contexts

Localize the Subject Line

The subject line itself can say a lot. Make it as catchy as possible. 

Try to customize it by integrating cultural nuances, and the language of your target audience. Include localized keywords, refer to local events, etc. 

Translate your copy

No matter if you are familiar with varied languages or not. You can translate the content using various localization and translation tools available in the market. 

These tools can help to translate text more accurately and make them culture-appropriate. 

Consider Time Difference

The time difference is something to look for more precisely. 

Try scheduling your emails at a time when the targeted audience is most likely to be active. 

Try to familiarize yourself with the time zones of your diverse customer base.


Conclusively, email localization must be an integral part of your marketing campaigns.

The audience online demands relevant, personalized, and interesting offers where localizations play an influential role. 

Keep this in mind, it is not just about adapting content but about assembling text that resonates with the targeted audience regardless of where they are in the world.


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