USA Virtual Number Brings Advanced Opportunities

Advantage of Having a Virtual Number

When you are going to promote your business and regularly make calls to the USA, use the corresponding virtual number (VN) service. This VoIP telephony solution allows you to communicate with The United States subscribers at minimal rates while being in another country. It is one of the most popular tech trends.

How Does a VN Work?

The person who has once tried to call abroad knows that daily communication is expensive. You can use instant messengers for personal purposes but when you need to directly call a landline or mobile number of a US subscriber to imply business matters, it’s recommended to do this via VN. 

VoIP telephony makes it easy to communicate over the Internet without SIM-cards buying and telephone equipment installing. VNs have the same country and telecom operator codes used by the local population. You can order a VN in California, New York, Chicago, and other cities where you would like to get the effect of the company’s presence. Your office itself may be truly located in any European and non-European country.

A call to the US virtual number is sent to the required IP telephony provider server and then it is transferred to the endpoint. Forwarding can be configured to:

  • Mobile or landline phone number.
  • SIP client.
  • IP phone.

This service is free for most types of US numbers when you receive calls on SIP. It is necessary to install special applications on a smartphone, PC, or use an IP phone. You also make outgoing calls via SIP-telephony.

What Opportunities Does the US VN Give?

VoIP telephony is flexible and you can choose such VNs and additional services that meet business priorities. For example, 800 toll-free numbers are suitable for a call center as they connect subscribers to the company for free. The call is paid by the number’s owner. The VN is multi-line, which means when customers call the call center, staff members can take multiple calls at once to respond to the request faster.

You can use not only calls but SMS to interact with customers from the USA. Such a way of communication helps inform about promotions, delivery of goods, beneficial stocks, etc. Due to virtual fax numbers connecting you will receive invoices, contracts from customers, and suppliers by email without purchasing a fax machine. The user can receive and indicate incoming calls from different devices and send messages from a PC or tablet via email. Moreover, the company does not depend on its location, even when the main office will change it, the existing number will remain unchanged. But the one thing that is highly advisable , is to use VoIP phone headsets to improve the quality of customer service.

Moments You Should Know

The USA phone number is also useful for fixed-to-fixed calls from all users. Calls redirected to the mobile device from the national territory will have little cost to you (despite staying in China or Ukraine). Many freelancers of all nationalities take advantage of the convenience of VNs to minimize the cost of running their business. Professionals can afford to maintain their open activity in a country other than their country of residence by directing potential national clients to VNs with their country code.

The mentioned type number is a great solution to solve several problems.

  • Build a business in the US market remotely.
  • Save money on your budget.
  • Create the image of a local company with which US residents will be more willing to work.
  • Use a set of VoIP services to improve the quality of customer service.
  • It helps inexpensively get telephony for the office using IP PBX.

The Freezvon Company (popular IP provider) team will help to develop your business and select suitable VoIP numbers.

Additional VN’s Advantages for Personal Use

  • Communication with relatives. The person can connect VN and let relatives from the USA know the number so that they can contact you almost free of charge.
  • To make purchases in the USA. It’s easy to indicate an American VN in online stores to get calls from sales managers.
  • To post ads on American boards. It is unlikely that a US resident will call a British or Russian VN but a virtual American one is easy.
  • To search for a job. A potential employer will be happy to call an American number to tell the information about the job offer.

Also, potential tenants of US VNs may have some private goals, for example, for international dating.

How to Get VN via Freezvon?

First of all, you have to visit the official website and get acquainted with the information. Then it’s recommended to log in or register a personal account. Choose the subscription for a required period and top-up the balance. The next step includes the possibility to pick up the country, type of number, and city. Don’t forget to set up a forwarding and check the details. Wait for the number activation after the order confirmation. Now you have an amazing opportunity to ensure that all the advantages are true in practice.

Choose the decent additional features and enjoy the high-quality telephonic communication due to the VN!


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