SBCglobal Email Contacts Missing? Recover Contacts with Easy Steps

SBCGlobal is now acquired by AT&T and thus all the SBCGlobal contacts are managed under the address book provided by AT&T. If you have lost the SBCGlobal contacts and now looking for a way to recover the missing SBCGlobal email contacts, we have mentioned the possible AT&T contact recovery methods here.

But before jumping to the solution part, we would like to discuss the causes or why you need to recover SBCGlobal or AT&T email contacts. 

Why You Need SBCGlobal Contact Recovery?

  1. You have accidentally deleted a contact.
  2. The entire list of contacts has been deleted due to data corruption.
  3. Some contacts are missing from the contact list.
  4. Your SBCGlobal account was hacked and the hacker deleted your contacts.
  5. You deleted the contacts knowingly but now want them back.

We have divided the solution into two parts namely:

Part A: Recover an individual SBCGlobal email contact

Part B: Recover All SBCGlobal email contacts 

So, let’s roll 

How to Restore SBCGlobal Email Contacts?

Part A: Recover an Individual Email Contact

You get 30 days to retrieve a deleted or missing contact

  1. Go to Contacts icon ( just to the right of your inbox).
  2. Choose Deleted Contacts.
  3. Check the box for every contact that you want to restore.
  4. Click on Restore and then click again the same to confirm. The selected contacts will be saved to your AT&T Contacts.
  5. Click Done to finish. 

Part B: Restore All SBCGlobal Email Contacts

If you are having a problem with restoring one specific contact from Deleted contacts, you can retrieve the entire list of contacts with these easy steps.

Important Note: If you want to restore the entire list of contacts, you need to restore them from the backup of a specific date. But if there are contacts that you added after the backup was created, they can’t be retrieved. So, you need to first export all contacts to create a backup for them and then they will be available for retrieval.

Recover All SBCGlobal Contacts 

  1. Go to Contacts and then select Deleted Contacts.
  2. Select Restore from Backup.
  3. Now, choose the date and time to restore the contacts. If the list is not available for selecting date, the address book can’t be restored.
  4. Click Retire and the you will get the confirmation that contacts are restored.


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