4 Reasons to Use Images in Your Email Marketing — and How to Create Your Own

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to engage with both their potential and existing customers. It does not matter the kind of business you are running, whether small or large, it works for all businesses.

However, you need to make sure that you have created a good plan before you start your email marketing campaigns. You will need a strategy that works, a marketing calendar, and a way to source customer emails.

In addition, you will need to think about the content of your emails. This might include things like the design, images, placement, colors, and text, among others. Images play a crucial role and you must use them. But can you create your own?

Creating Your Own Images

As a business owner, you need to cut operational costs as much as you can. One way of doing that is creating your own email marketing images instead of hiring an expensive graphic designer.

Fortunately, there are different online tools to help you with this, meaning that you do not have to be a graphic designer to create images. With hundreds of image effects available today, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

For instance, if you want to add a cartoon effect to photos, you can easily use an application such as BeFunky. These applications are easy to use for anyone and will get you exactly what you want within seconds or minutes. You can use these images in your email marketing.

Why Should You Use Images in Your Email Marketing?

They Grab Attention

When sending emails to your customers, you need to make sure that you are attracting their attention. It would make no sense if a customer gets an email, opens it, and just goes through without reading what the email says.

This would lead to missed opportunities. Unfortunately, advancements in technology and changing customer demands have left businesses with no option but to make sure that they are giving customers exactly what they want.

The good news is that you can use images to change the narrative and attract the attention of your customers. They help you create a meaningful impression, something that makes customers go through your emails and even respond.

They Humanize Emails

Your email marketing campaigns should not only show what your business does but also what customers experience when interacting with the business. You can do this through the use of images.

If a customer who trusts, likes, or knows you gets an email from your business with a face that they know, chances are that they will spend more time reading each email that you send them. This is likely going to increase your engagement.

When sending emails to potential customers who do not know your business, you need to look for images that personalize the message. You can add images that make your business look legit and friendly at the same time. 

If you are not sure about a certain image, you can get vector icons for download at Flaticon and add them to the image to make it better. These icons can also be used on their own in your emails to humanize them (the emails).

This will convince them to go through your email and understand what you are selling to them.

Images are Memorable

Images are among the oldest learning materials we have today. Businesses, universities, and schools have always relied on images whenever they want to put across a message or teach people something quickly.

The main reason for this is that images are memorable. Of course, after creating a brand for your business, there are those images that you will always use. These images are important in helping your customers remember your business.

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When it comes to email marketing campaigns, you might want to teach your customers about how a service or product can improve their lives. Using images will make them remember the importance of such a service or product, and might convince them to convert.

They Add Life to Emails

It does not matter how good a writer you are or how talented you are as a writer. Research has shown that people are most likely to ignore or just peruse long texts compared to text that has images.

When sending marketing emails, using long text without images will not get your message passed to your audience. In addition, you will have reduced your chances of engagement with the customers. 

In other words, your emails can be assumed to be dead. Instead, you can use images to ensure that customers understand your message. You can demonstrate everything through emails easily, adding life to your emails.

We have all heard the sayings, “an image speaks louder than words” and “an image is worth a thousand words.” Whoever said this must have had email marketers in mind. You need to use images to make your email marketing campaigns effective.


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