5 Ways in Which Great UX Can Help Your Email Marketing Campaign

A user’s experience is important for any form of marketing, whether that’s through emails, paid campaigns on social media feeds, or good old-fashioned print media. In order to help convert new leads to paying customers, the quality of UX matters greatly. The same can be said for retaining existing customers too.

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most successful forms of marketing. It’s apparent that customers prefer it too as their main source of interaction with brands. With 61% of consumers enjoying promotional emails weekly, it’s a great avenue of marketing for businesses to utilize.

How does UX benefit email marketing? Why is UX so important to help attract, convert and retain customers? In this guide, you’ll understand why user experience sways the decision-making made by consumers and how that can benefit email marketing.

By harnessing the power and influence that both UX and email marketing have, it creates a recipe for success.

Table of contents:

  • The importance of UX
    • Defining user personas
  • 5 benefits of using great UX for email marketing campaigns
    • 1. Captures the user’s attention and keeps them engaged.
    • 2. Helps customers recognize the brand.
    • 3. Makes the email easier to navigate.
    • 4. Provides more relatable content.
    • 5. Pushes them further toward a sale.
  • Top UX methods to utilize within email marketing

The Importance of UX

What makes UX the belle of the ball when it comes to marketing? Why should a marketing team be so mindful of a user’s experience? Simply put, great UX can minimize a marketer’s efforts in achieving sales.

User experience can be used by many parts of the business, not just a marketing team. It can be used to help designers create and build products or services. It can help sales teams understand the pinch points of customers within the sales funnel. 

Defining user personas

When it comes to marketing, user personas are a great way of understanding the target customer. With the data and pre-existing knowledge of customers, knowing how to create a user persona, can help with marketing decisions.

ideal user person

The type of marketing the user receives via email can be tailored to who they are and where they are in the funnel. Be that at the top where they’ve only just signed up for the newsletter, or close to the bottom where they’re an email away from converting.

5 Benefits of Using Great UX for Email Marketing Campaigns

To help improve the ROI spent on email marketing campaigns, it’s important to improve upon each and every one. User experience can play a key role in improving the KPIs that a marketer is looking for when it comes to email marketing success.

With the knowledge of why UX is important for businesses, here are some of the benefits of using great UX for email marketing campaigns.

Captures the User’s Attention and Keeps Them Engaged

The way an email is designed or constructed can be a great help in capturing the user’s attention. With a ballpark figure of a user receiving over 100 emails per day, capturing that user’s attention can prove challenging.

Not only that but once the email has captured attention, it needs to keep them engaged long enough to be successful in its intentions. We all know just how short human attention spans can be too.

Tracking the habits of users is a good way of understanding whether the marketing efforts are working or not. If the right design and content have gone into the email itself, then getting that potential buyer’s attention is far more likely to come to fruition. 

It Helps Customers Recognize the Brand.

It typically takes several encounters with a brand before it becomes recognizable to the customer. Some customers may already be well acquainted with the branding, while others aren’t.

Considering the volume of emails received on a daily basis, to stand out, your emails need to have the hallmarks of the company’s branding. Regardless of the marketing campaign, the customer should be easily able to identify the brand whether that’s through a logo, the font used, or other distinguishing features.

Branding can help that email campaign stand out from the rest and bring awareness to those who aren’t entirely familiar with it.

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Makes the Email Easier to Navigate.

UX is made up of many aspects that all contribute to how a product or service is received. In this case, with email marketing, it’s important for marketers to focus on four elements. These four elements help contribute to the user’s experience of the email itself.

  • Branding – Helps the user recognize the content
  • Design – Assists with user perception
  • Usability – How easily the user interacts with the email
  • Function – The success of the email in relation to serving its purpose

When all these elements have been ticked off, the result should be a UX that delivers results. For an email marketing campaign, each one should be apparent within it, so that more conversions occur.

Provides More Relatable Content.

With great UX, the content within email marketing is likely to be more relatable to the user. When it comes to branded content in general, being able to educate and inform the user on something they weren’t aware of prior, is beneficial. It’s a fantastic example of how to deliver profitable results through UX.

As a marketer, the content within the email needs to be engaging. Not every marketer though is an outstanding wordsmith. It’s why many would benefit from courses about writing for the best UX. Much like the design and usability of the email, the content needs to do its job in providing the best experience for the user.

Pushes Them Further Toward a Sale.

While UX doesn’t guarantee a sale, it certainly helps to encourage them to do so. With 74% of businesses believing user experience is vital for boosting sales, email marketing should be no different.

As a primary method of communication between the user and the business, it’s essential to provide as much value as possible. With enough focus on UX, the delivery of a company’s emails could be that extra push a customer needs to convert to a sale.

Even if it doesn’t result in a sale, it’s likely to make some impression on the user that engages with it. That could mean a user moving closer toward the end of the funnel, having more knowledge and awareness of the company than they had previously.

Top UX Methods to Utilize Within Email Marketing

Now that you know the benefits of what great UX can provide within email marketing, what are some of the top UX methods worth implementing? To help drive success and returns on your next email marketing campaigns, here are some worthwhile methods to use.

Use Strong Subject Lines and Subheadings

Capturing the user’s attention can be done so with strong subject lines. The subject lines are one of the most important elements when it comes to email marketing. It’s the first bit of marketing they see and it should be enticing enough for them to click on it.

Don’t forget the subheadings that can also show up for the user. It’s an extra bit of text that might make the difference in drawing their attention.

Keep It Concise and to the Point

Try not to waffle when creating marketing copy. Be concise and to the point. It’s not like an article on the company’s blog page after all. Consider what length the email needs to be to get its point across. Minimize the content as much as possible to keep it short and sweet.

Use Catchy CTAs

To help seal the deal on conversions, use catchy CTAs. A call-to-action is a great way of leading users to wherever the brand wants them to go. Consider them as virtual signposts. Like signposts, the more eye-catching they are, the more attention they’ll get.

Consider what types of CTA to incorporate into the email. This could be a clickable button or image for example. Social sharing can also be a useful CTA to help with further exposure.

Incorporate Images and Video Embeds

Adding video to email marketing can help to improve open and click-through rates. The reality of humans is that we love visual content. It’s why the direction of marketing seems to be going predominantly more video nowadays.

incorporate image

With that in mind, look to incorporating images and video embeds within email marketing. It can be a more visually attractive way of getting the message across instead of paragraphs of text. Not only that, but it’s likely to hook the user’s attention moreso.

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Understanding the Importance of UX for Email Marketing

UX is crucial in all encounters with prospective leads and customers. Within marketing itself, it can help boost customer satisfaction and more importantly, improve business transactions. The importance of UX is apparent in email marketing, so marketers should spend time making sure every email campaign maximizes a user’s experience.


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