4 Ways to View Instagram Accounts Anonymously

Almost everyone has their social media accounts, especially on Instagram. It helps them stay connected with their family and friends and keep up with the latest trends in the online world while also using it as a platform to promote their businesses and hobbies to grow their email list with it. With Instagram, you can post any photo you want and allow the whole world to see it.   

However, not everyone is comfortable exposing their accounts to the public as they want to keep things private and personal. With that, you might find it difficult to view their posts, especially if you’re not comfortable letting them know that you’re trying to take a peek. With that, listed below are some ways to view Instagram accounts anonymously:

Use an Instagram Viewer App

One of the most reliable and stress-free ways to view a private Instagram account without them knowing is by using a private Instagram viewer app. With this, you only need to input their username, which should give you all-in access to their Instagram accounts without them having a clue. It’ll be the perfect way to spy on someone and see everything they post online as if you were one of their followers. 

When using a private Instagram viewer app, ensure to find the best one available. This way, you can guarantee all-in access while ensuring that the account owner won’t know about your online activities. Ideally, you should do thorough research and read reviews online so you can see if they’re a legitimate company and can provide you with the service you’re looking for. This way, you won’t waste your time or risk letting people know about your identity as you spy on a private Instagram account.


Ask a Friend for a Favor

Of course, sending a follow request won’t be an option if you want to remain anonymous. However, following the account is the best and most efficient way to see what they post on their private Instagram accounts. To make it happen, you can consider asking a friend for a favor by letting you access their accounts and see what that person posts online. It would work great if they’re already following your target private account, as the person wouldn’t know what they’re up to. 

Alternatively, if your friend isn’t following the person you wish to spy on, you might want to ask for a favor by asking them to follow the account for you. This way, you can hope for the best and wait for their confirmation, giving you the perfect opportunity to spy on what they post online. While it might still be quite risky, especially if the person knows you’re using your friend to see their online activities, it might be worth the shot.   

Create a Dummy Account

If asking a favor from your friend isn’t possible because they didn’t agree with your proposal or the account refused to accept their follow request, you might want to create a dummy account in which that person wouldn’t have any clue that you’re the person behind it. While it might require a bit of an effort, this might guarantee you a follow confirmation, giving you the complete freedom to see everything they post online. 

When creating a dummy account, ensure that you try to make it as flawless as possible. Ideally, try to make it authentic by using a realistic photo and posting images on your Instagram feed. You can even follow some existing accounts and try to familiarize them with their niche, so it’ll look like you’re following everyone with the same interest. However, this might not guarantee a follow confirmation, but it’s something that could be worth doing.


Search Them Online

If sending them a follow request using an anonymous account won’t work, you might want to consider searching for them online instead. However, this might not give you guaranteed results, but it’s still helpful and something you could take advantage of. All you have to do is search for their names and Instagram accounts on your search engine and see if any of them remains available for public view. 

Searching for private Instagram accounts online might not provide you with an updated post, but it could be something you could use. All you have to do is hope they have a previous Instagram account that they didn’t set to private or that other posts are still available for public viewing. It’ll be a shot in the dark, but it might provide you with the results you’re looking for.


Anonymously viewing Instagram accounts can be challenging, especially if you cannot follow them yourself. While you can always ask a favor from a friend or create your dummy account, you can always try to use a private Instagram viewer app and allow yourself to see everything they post online as if you’re following them. Just ensure that you use the right app that you’re comfortable with and that provides you with a reliable result.


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