Where to Get Original Images to Fill Your Instagram Page

Many are at a loss as to where to get pictures for newsletters, posts, illustrations, or advertising banners. You can pay for borrowed photographs, but you don’t have time to create beautiful and high-quality visual content on your own. Indeed, sometimes you need to fill a page with photos very quickly, but there is neither money nor time to produce your own. In this case, downloading pictures from Instagram will help. This article will help you find dozens of sources for saving free images to illustrate publications.

Photo sources distributed under a free license or in the public domain are conditionally combined into 3 groups: Internet resources of various types, embedded media, and tools for creating visual content. But they have numerous disadvantages. Available images may be low resolution. Sometimes the services host a huge collection of images, but you need to go through a long registration form. What about social media images? How to save pictures from Instagram easily? This is possible thanks to the development of online web resources such as Toolzu, which makes it possible to download various types of online content. 

To save Instagram photos using Toolzu, you need to have a link to the post in which this picture is published. If you’re viewing through the mobile app, click on the three dots in the top right corner and copy the URL of the post. After that, go to the downloader site and paste the link into the search box on the main page. In just a few seconds, the desired file will be in your downloads on your phone, tablet, or computer. Note that this only works with public profiles.

Speaking of copyright, it is worth mentioning Creative Commons (CC) – a public organization that provides conditions for the legal and free distribution of intellectual and creative products. CC has developed several types of licenses under which copyright holders allow content consumers to use images. Creative products themselves are in the public domain and are not protected by copyright due to forfeiture, expiration, or other legal circumstances. If you want to know if an image is in the public domain, you’ll have to read the terms of the license and use.

How to Use the Saved Content Correctly

Virtually all images created in the last three decades are automatically copyrighted. You can’t just copy them from someone else’s site and then post them on your page. This threatens you with the following consequences (from most likely to least):

  • When someone steals your content, you will be outraged, but in response, you will hear that you are exactly that.
  • Some copyright holders will complain about you to search engines, and they will remove some pages of your site from search results.
  • The other main copyright holder will sue you and even force you to pay compensation.
  • If you use an illegal image in an advertising campaign, your page may be blocked.

You can circumvent copyright in three ways:

  • You can create images yourself. This, of course, will partially solve the image search problem.
  • Use photos licensed under Creative Commons.
  • Use public images.

If everything is clear with the first point, then the second two need to be dealt with in more detail. As for images from social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, if you download them, use them only for personal purposes.

But if you want to create a thematic commercial account, be sure to indicate the source (link to the original page of the author of your images). In social media marketing, this is called content curation. In fact, this is a repeated posting of other people’s materials on your page. But at the mention of the author, the law on the copyright is not violated. And you don’t have to worry that your page will be blocked.


Brand or business owners should post beautiful photos on Instagram at least once a day. If you are a regular user, you can do this less frequently. But you will agree that whether you create your own content or borrow ready-made photos for Instagram from other netizens, it is equally tiring. After all, you need not only to find images that are suitable in meaning but also to bring them into the proper form and accompany them with an attractive caption. 

Photo stocks and image downloading programs have made life much easier for marketers, bloggers, and other users whose activities are related to maintaining social media accounts. The purpose of these services is to fill the Internet with visible, beautiful, and attention-grabbing images. Ordinary people who just wanted to post great photos on Instagram will be happy to help. And brands can use user-generated content by tagging authors.


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