The Cure to AOL Email Sending Issues is Here

AOL email platform is a widely used email service that offers an astonishing range of features with utmost security. But sometimes AOL fails to complete its basic job i.e. sending emails. Therefore, we have come up with this comprehensive guide that includes all possible ways to deal with AOL email problems with the mail sending process.

Reasons Why AOL is Not Sending Emails

There are some reasons why AOL is not sending emails. Look at the cause here so that you can find the solution in an easy way.

  • Issues with internal memory storage (RAM).
  • Outdated version of the browser.
  • Faulty mail account settings.
  • Browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Pop-up software blocking AOL functioning.
  • Firewall and security software issue.
  • Problem with the attachments or images.

Solutions to AOL Won’t Send Emails

If you are not able to send emails from AOL, there are few troubleshooting methods that can act like your knight in shining armor to save you the counter effects of problems with AOL email delivery.

Solution 1: Try To Restart Your Computer

Restarting is a staple to combat the issues with AOL, especially the sending and receiving issues. Therefore, we advise you to restart your computer before you make any harder effort. Doing this will also clear the internal memory of your device.

To restart your device, follow the steps:

  1. First, click the “Start” button or “Windows icon” and select “Power”.
  2. Select “Restart” from the menu that appears.

3. Now, when your system restarts after, try sending the emails again.

Solution 2: Switch the Browser

Issues with browsers are the main culprit behind the mail sending issues with your browser. So, there are two options available: one is updating your browser and the second is using a different browser. Therefore, you can try to update your browser or you can download a new browser.

Solution 3: Check AOL Display Name

There should be no combination in your “AOL” display name. The faulty display name will prevent you from sending you emails from your AOL account. Also, go through the AOL email settings, if your account has been compromised lately. Adjusting the email settings can help you fix the AOL mail sending issues.

Solution 4: Remove Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing the browser to restore the original state of the browser. So, you can clear cache from your browser and see how it works for you. Whenever you visit a webpage, some footprints are stored on your browser, and thus removing the cache will fix the issues like outdated pages, pages not loading or being unresponsive, and websites freezing.

Solution 5: Check Email Sending Limit

AOL has prescribed a sending limit which should be exceeded in any case. Once the limit is exceeded, AOL won’t let you send emails beyond that point. Apart from email sending limits, there is a limit for attachments too, hence a user needs to make sure both the limits are being followed.

Solution 6: Fix AOL Account Issues

If you can’t send mails from your AOL account, you must look for the error issues such as “554 6.6 0 error sending message for delivery AOL”.

This message indicated the failure of sending emails from your particular email account. To check the problems with the AOL email account, try the steps here:

1. Log-in using your web browser

2. Compose your email

3. Click “To” and then type in your own AOL email address

4. If you receive the email in 5 minutes, there is no issue, but if there is an issue you need advanced troubleshooting.

Solution 7: Disable the Firewall Settings

Firewall and other security programs can prevent you from sending emails from your AOL mail account. Therefore, one can try disabling the Antivirus and then sending emails from their AOL account.

Solution 8: Fix Problems with Images Challenge

This is one special case that needs special troubleshooting. If an image challenge appears while you are trying to send an email, we suggest you complete the challenge by correctly answering what is asked. But if you are not able to send emails even after completing the Captcha or image challenge, you need to secure your AOL email account by adjusting the security settings.

Solution 9: Enable HTML or Rich Text

Make sure you select Rich Text or HTML in your Mail settings. This will fix all the issues which are occurring with the forwarded images or mail with images. This can be the cause why AOL is receiving email but not sending.


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