Comcast Email is Not Working? A Guide with 7 Guaranteed Solutions to All Comcast Issues

Comcast email services are considered to be the top-notch due to plenty of reasons such as secure services, prompt sending and receiving of emails, platform-wide support, and advanced features for free. It is a complete email package for both individual as well as professional use, but there come times when users face unwelcomed issues. Like every other platform that exists on the web, Comcast also comes across several glitches from time to time. Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about as issues can be fixed with fewer efforts. 

Sometimes, you face log-in issues or can’t access Comcast email, and the next time email loading issue arises; so it is a chain that continues till you use the Xfinity. So, instead of giving up, you just need to buckle up and start finding the right solution to the problem you are facing. 

Here is a complete article about “how to fix Xfinity email problems”. We have curated some of the finest as well as effective corrective measures that can help you get rid of the issue with a blink of an eye. 

The List of Issues That Take Place during the Use of Comcast:

Your Comcast email is not working, it can due to numerous issues, so here is the complete list of issues that you can encounter with Xfinity email services:

  1. Unable to login
  2. Comcast email platform is working slow
  3. Xfinity email is not working on the iPhone
  4. Unable to send messages using Comcast email
  5. Not receiving messages
  6. A hacked Xfinity email account
  7. An email account is not working on Chrome
  8. Comcast email has stopped working
  9. Issue while signing in to Xfinity account
  10. The sudden unresponsiveness of Comcast email 
  11.  Login issues with Comcast email account
  12. Comcast email on android stopped working
  13. Issue while configuring email on Outlook
  14. Comcast is not working on Xfinity
  15. Issue while using on Mac devices
  16. Unable to open Comcast email 2020
  17. Comcast email is unavailable

Reasons Why Is Comcast Email Not Working

  1. The poor internet connection
  2. The unsupported browser for Comcast email
  3. An outdated version of browser
  4. Comcast outage or downtime on a temporary basis
  5. The third-party software is creating an issue 
  6. Hacked or compromised Xfinity account.

Solution 1: Pay attention to the Internet Connection and Related Equipment: 

Internet connection is an important factor that induces most of the regular or technical issues. The poor internet connection or connectivity problem can make things difficult with Check whether you are able to open webpages on your browser if not, do the needful such as:

  1. Check the connectivity of your modem and router
  2. Test the cable connections and place them in the right ports
  3. If you have any Comcast equipment, make sure it is configured as per mentioned in the manual
  4. Make your devices such as mobiles and computers connected to the wireless network.
  5. If you can’t figure out the problem, try to restart the modem & router by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cables. 

Solution 2: Check Comcast Email Server settings:  

If Comcast is configured on Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird or any other third-party email client, open the email client and then check how you have configured the settings. It is always suggested to keep an eye on your Comcast email server settings because they determine the functioning of the email client you are using with Comcast. 

There is nothing extraordinary to be done, just open the “Settings” app on your desktop, open Outlook, and then click “file” from the main menu. Open the “Account Settings” and then again the same option i.e. “Account settings”. Open your Comcast account and then hit the “change button. Now, check the configuration of your SMTP, POP, and IMAP settings for the Comcast account.

IMAP (Incoming Server)

  • (Comcast) IMAP Server:
  • IMAP port: 993
  • IMAP security: SSL / TLS
  • IMAP username: Your full email address
  • IMAP password: Your password
  • SMTP Server (Outgoing  Server)

    • (Comcast) SMTP Server:
    • SMTP port: 587
    • SMTP security: STARTTLS
    • SMTP username: Your full email address
    • SMTP password : Your password

    POP3 (Incoming Mail Server)

  • (Comcast) Pop Server:
  • POP3 port: 995
  • POP3 security: SSL/TSL
  • POP3: username: Your full email address
  • POP3 password: Your password
  • Solution 3: Fix Comcast Sending and Receiving Issues

    If the Xfinity email send/ receive feature is not working on your Comcast email, you should check the account settings by following the given points:

    • Check if you have not touched the daily limit of sending and receiving in Comcast email.
    • Storage issues also triggered the issues, hence check the space storage 
    • Check if your emails are ongoing in the trash or spam folders. 
    • Ensure that the sender has not blocked you in their email list
    • Before sending the email, check the recipient’s email address. 

    Solution 4: Double-check the Configuration of Your Email Account

    Once you have accessed and modified the current email settings but the Comcast email login is not working, also must pay attention to the configuration part of email settings. 

    • Ensure that the outgoing and incoming server fields have the read “” and “” respectively. 
    • Check your email address it must be in the email address box
    • If needed, you must turn on the SSL encryption.
    • The outgoing email port must be 587 where the incoming must be read 993.

    Solution 5: Check your Web browser:

    Most of the services that are offered by the Xfinity email account are browser-based and even the minute browser issue can impact your entire emailing experience. Thus, it is recommended to fix the browser issues as soon as they appear. To ensure the smooth functioning of your browser, you need to consider the things given below: 

    1. The major point is; Your browser should be supported by Comcast. So, check it before you start using it.
    2. Update your browser to attain the best performance.
    3. Clear cache and cookies from the browser.
    4. Close your browser, restart your device, and try logging in again.
    5. Try to use another browser.

    Solution 6: Check if there is No service outage or Xfinity email is down

    Before diving into the troubleshooting methods make sure of the occurrence of the problem in Comcast due to no service outage in your region. In that case, you don’t need to perform anything. You can’t do anything to fix Comcast email not loading or Comcast email does not work. All you need to hold up till the issues get resolved by Comcast itself. To check the Comcast server status, you can use sites like and

    Solution 7: Check the Antivirus or Firewall settings 

    An antivirus or default Farewell application installed on your device can create issues with the Comcast email and doesn’t permit you to work easily. You must check whether antivirus is not the root cause of this issue. You can check it by disabling the antivirus or Firewall settings on a temporary basis. If you find out that the antivirus program is the issue, try to uninstall it and download a compatible application on your device. If possible, before installing an antivirus on your device, check it on a different device and if everything seems fine, then proceed with the installation on your own device. 


    The aforementioned solutions will help you fix the “Comcast Email account not working” issue without burning a hole in your pocket. So, before losing hope you should try these simple solutions to help your Comcast account to relive.

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