A Guide on AOL Desktop Gold Download and Install

Peeping for software that allows you to perform numerous errands in one setting? Gone are the times when we experimented with diverse software for several purposes. AOL has gathered all of the beneficial features into one desktop to present the world with amazing software like AOL Desktop Gold. With AOL Desktop Gold, users can improve their experience with security and save time and effort by using this computer-based premium application. Emailing, surfing, playing games, reading news, immediately speaking with friends, and many other activities have all been done using the all-in-one desktop software. The desktop software’s appearance and elegance have been improved, but the overall experience remains unchanged. Some of the features of AOL Desktop Gold are given below:

Features of AOL Desktop Gold

The procedure of downloading and installing AOL Desktop Gold is quite basic and straightforward.

  • For security, it has implemented two-step verification. As a result, your account will be safe from intruders.
  • The program will continue to update itself without causing any disruption in software access.
  • To secure your personal information, you can enable and disable screenshots.
  • No one can steal your personal information because it is kept in an unreadable manner.

System Requirements for Downloading AOL Desktop Gold’s Upgraded Version

To get Desktop Gold software, go to the operating system TAB and compare the required specifications with your device. Make certain that none of these Desktop Gold prerequisites are missing from your list.

For the MAC System

Check your device pocket for the following requirements for the Mac system.

1. RAM: At least 1 GB RAM is required.

2. 266 MHz processor (minimal).

3. 0.5 GB of hard disc space (minimal).

4. Mac OS X or later is required.

5. Screen Resolution: 800600 (standard but may vary).

6. Download Agent: Any web browser that works on a Mac.

7. Internet access: wireless

For the Windows Operating System

Open the ABOUT Window on the device by clicking the “Start” menu on your desktop. Now, look for the following hardware and software requirements:

1. Device frequency: 266 MHz or higher.

2. RAM capacity: 1024 MB (minimal).

3. 512 MB of hard disc space (minimal).

4. 1024 x 768 is the standard screen resolution.

5. Windows 7 or higher is required.

6. Download Agent: Any web browser that supports Windows.

7. Internet access: wireless, broadband, or DSL.

AOL Desktop Gold Download Free Procedures on Windows

If your computer or laptop meets the above-mentioned system requirements, you can easily Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold on your operating system.

Purchase the Desktop Gold Membership Plan.

If you are new to the Desktop Gold Program, it is strongly advised that you first purchase the Desktop Gold membership. You can either purchase a trial membership or upgrade to the Advanced Plan directly from your account.

AOL Desktop Gold Downloading Procedures for New Users

To install AOL Desktop Gold on your computer, follow the steps listed below in order:

 Step 1: Make a Desktop Gold Account

If you are ready to purchase the Desktop Gold trial or advanced plan membership, you must already have an account. If you don’t already have one, create one using the link provided and then try to buy it.

 Step 2: Go to my Accounts

In the next step, you need to navigate to the “My Account” section. For this, first and foremost, you will have to log in to your email account and then go to “My Accounts” >>Services>>Subscription>>Get Started to buy the Desktop Gold membership.

 Step 3: Complete Payment

When you click Try it for 30 Days or Buy Advanced Plan, you’ll be taken to the credit card information page. Provide your activated card details, as requested, and complete the payment by following the online instructions.

Important Note: If you refresh or click another tab while your payment is being processed, your payment will be interrupted and the pending message will appear.

AOL Desktop Gold Download Instructions for Users with an Advanced Plan Membership

If you already have an advanced plan membership, it is recommended that you follow the steps outlined below to effectively Download AOL Desktop Gold:

Step 1: Sign in to your AOL Desktop Gold Email Account

To sign in to your account, open any web browser on your Windows desktop and navigate to the desktop gold official login page. Enter your authenticated login credentials, such as your user id and password, without any typos.

Step 2: Navigate to My Benefits Page.

Go to All Products>>>> and then scroll down to find the Desktop Gold program when you visit the ‘My benefits’ page.

Step 3: Get AOL Desktop Gold

Then, simply click the “Download Desktop Gold” button to download the 91 MB installer to your system.

AOL Desktop Gold For Mac Download

Follow the steps below to easily install AOL Desktop Gold Download on your Mac device:

Step 1: Purchase the Desktop Gold Trial or the Advanced Plan Membership

  1. If you are a first-time user of the AOL Desktop Gold software, simply create an account.
  2. To access the My Account page, enter the login credentials for such an account.
  3. Once on that page, click the “Services” tab, then the “Subscription” option, and finally the “Trial or Advanced plan” button.

Step 2: Make a Direct Card Payment

You will then be redirected to the payment page, where you will be asked to enter your credit card information. Make frequent payments after providing the requested information.

Important Note: Provide authenticated personal and credit card information.

Step 3: Get Desktop Gold for Mac

Once the payment is complete, go to My Benefits>>>>> All Products and look for the desktop gold software link to download the installer file to your device.

Then, to run the application, double-tap on the Desktop Gold installer file. Then, finally, follow the on-screen prompts to install AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac.

Installing AOL Desktop Gold on Windows

After downloading the Desktop Gold installer file to your computer, navigate to the downloaded folder and install AOL Desktop Gold. The installation instructions are as follows:

1. On your desktop taskbar, click the File Explorer icon.

File Explorer icon

2. Navigate to the Downloads Folder.


3. Tap twice on the Install AOL Desktop icon.

 Install AOL Desktop

4. Then, as Administrator, run the.exe file.

run as adminstrator

5. To complete the installation of AOL Desktop Gold, follow the on-screen prompts and you are good to go.

AOL Desktop Gold Issues that Technicians Have Solved So Far

Are you having trouble downloading, installing, or updating AOL Desktop Gold? Simply look through the list of AOL mailbox issues that commonly occur with the AOL Desktop Gold Update.

Issues with the AOL Desktop Gold Update

  • I’m unable to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold, AOL Desktop Gold is being phased out.
  • AOL Desktop Gold cannot be uninstalled.
  • In AOL Desktop Gold, the icon is not responding, AOL Desktop Gold has a log-in error.
  • AOL Desktop Gold account is missing from the address book.
  • AOL Desktop Gold issues are being updated, AOL Desktop Gold has a sync problem, Making an account with AOL Desktop Gold.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is being removed from your computer, AOL Desktop Gold account management.
  • Using AOL Desktop Gold to import and export email.
  • AOL Desktop Gold has an issue with managing news feed data.
  • AOL Desktop Gold allows you to customize features, AOL Desktop Gold for Mac could not be installed.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is running slowly, AOL Desktop Gold is unable to send or receive emails.
  • AOL Desktop Gold’s automatic update option does not operate, and AOL Desktop Gold is unable to establish a new email.
  • AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working, and AOL Desktop Gold is unable to download new material.
  • AOL Desktop Gold is missing favorite places, and AOL Desktop Gold is missing contacts.
  • AOL Desktop Gold subscription has expired.

The Causes of AOL Desktop Gold Mail Receiving Issues

The following is a list of possible causes for AOL Desktop Gold not seeing an email. These are the details:

  • The first cause of AOL desktop gold issues is a lack of network connectivity.
  • The AOL server is unavailable.
  • Alternatively, the email could have ended up in the spam bin.
  • AOL mail difficulties today 2021 will occur when the inbox capacity of AOL mail is filled.
  • The sender may not always type the right email address.
  • The communication procedure is being blocked by an antivirus or firewall.
  • Because AOL mail forwarding is enabled, you may experience AOL mail not getting emails.
  • However, the browser is unable to fully load the AOL inbox. The sender may block you.


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