5 Best SEO Tools for Small Business

When it comes to SEO, there are a ton of different tools out there. And while some of them might be good for beginners, others are better suited for more advanced users. To help you find the right tool for your needs, we’ve put together a list of five of the best SEO tools for small businesses. There are many SEO tools available online and they can be used by businesses to improve their search engine ranking. Small businesses should use SEO at Christchurch to enhance their websites and increase their visibility on the internet. These tools will allow them to track their success, identify areas for improvement and get more sales from their websites.

Here are 5 best SEO tools for small businesses:


SEMrush is a powerful keyword research tool that helps you find out how much traffic each keyword gets monthly from Google and other search engines. It also gives information about the top-ranking keywords for any website so that you can optimize your pages for better ranking.


Ahrefs is another great tool for keyword research as well as competitor analysis. It provides in-depth insights on who’s linking to your competitors’ websites and what kind of content they’re writing about so that you can create better content marketing strategies.

Google Analytics (free)

Google Analytics allows you to track your site’s traffic and also gives you information on where people are coming from and what they’re doing on your website. This information will help you improve your SEO by seeing what keywords people use when they search for your website and how often they come back to visit again. You can also see where people are coming from when they visit your site, which helps you determine whether or not your current marketing campaigns are working well or if there’s another method that would be more effective at bringing in new customers. You’ll also see where people go after clicking on links from other websites, which will help you improve those pages so that visitors will stay longer on your site before leaving again.

Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive analytics tools available. It allows you to track everything from traffic sources to conversion rates. Analytics also has a wealth of built-in reports that are easy to navigate and understand.  This tool offers an array of useful features for small businesses including:

  • Real-time data reporting
  • Visitor behavior tracking (including location data)
  • Real-time notifications when something important happens within your website (for example, if someone signs up for your email newsletter). 
  • The ability to create custom reports based on specific metrics or events (for example, which pages are performing best?)

Google Search Console

This free tool by Google allows you to see your website’s performance in search results as well as monitor inbound links and crawl errors. You can also use it to create new sitemaps, manage site properties and submit URLs for crawling.


The Alexa ranking takes into account many factors, including page views and bounce rate. This makes it a great tool for marketers who want to see where their site ranks compared to others in their industry or niche.


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