6 Reasons to Live Caption Your Zoom Meeting

zoom meeting

Zoom’s teleconferencing technology is fast expanding as more people work – and socialize – from home. It’s a standard way to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers right nowadays. We’re also using it to gain access to critical data. 

This is the ideal opportunity to make your Zoom conference as effective as possible. Using zoom live captioning is an excellent approach to make your meeting more entertaining and inclusive. 

Live captions provide your meeting participants with more alternatives for connecting with you, resulting in a more fulfilling meeting environment. Attendee participation and knowledge retention have also been observed to enhance when captions are included in meetings. They also make your meeting suitable for deaf and hard-of-hearing attendees. 

There’s never been a better opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits of using live captioning in your Zoom conference.

1: A more Adaptable User Interface 

In our fast-paced lives, adaptability is both necessary and anticipated. Captions are a crucial tool to keep attendees of your meeting plugged into the dialogue if they are on the go, juggling, or in a noisy environment where they can’t hear the audio. 

Conversely, if some of your listeners are in a quiet environment and are unable to turn on their speakers, live captions will keep them interested. 

Your live captioning will be utilized to build a complete translation of the meeting material that can be retrieved and referenced after the meeting if someone is unable to attend the meeting in its entirety or only for a portion of it.

2: Improved Accessibility

Everybody may participate in a virtual corporate meeting thanks to live captioning. Although a large majority of individuals are deaf or hard of hearing, this is not often well known. You might have a colleague who gets along perfectly in an office environment and has never had a hearing impairment, but the sound on a laptop is different. 

And accessibility isn’t just for persons with impairments; the setting we’re in might limit our ability to participate in a meeting. Someone in a busy environment may not be able to hear what is being said. 

In contrast, they might not be capable of turning up the volume in a quiet atmosphere. It’s in times like these that live captioning comes in handy.

Considering that closed captioning was created to give a similar interactive experience for the deaf and hard of hearing, it’s no surprise that material accessibility is the most crucial advantage of transcription.

3: Increase Participation 

Your Zoom conference will be more exciting and understandable for all attendees with live captions. In reality, captions have been shown to boost both hearing and deaf guests’ understanding of video content, and multiple studies suggest that captions have a favorable educational impact among learners. 

4: Makes Your Brand Look More Professional 

Consider having a Zoom meeting with a prospective client for the first time. As soon as you begin speaking, your words display at the bottom of the screen. They’re blown away. They inquire, “Is that part of the Zoom software?”  This is the most exciting part. 

You give them an explanation. It isn’t the case. You hire a live captioning firm to type what’s being said in real-time, with 99 percent accuracy, so that no one misses anything or feels left out. 

5: Improves Consumer Experience 

Whether you’re hosting a Zoom meeting with coworkers, customers, or good pals, live captions provide additional versatility, accessibility, and participation for all participants. 

They’ll appreciate the effort you put in to involve them, pique their interest, and adapt to their changing needs by using live captions in your Zoom conference.

6: Boosts Comprehension 

Captions also help attendees remember the knowledge they’ve learned in the meeting by catching and holding their attention for extended periods. 

These are valuable assets not only for making your meeting more entertaining for participants but also for ensuring that any critical data – especially anything that requires to be recalled – is communicated effectively. Simply integrating live captions to your next business meeting or Zoom conference might make it a lot more effective!


We live in an era where digitization is king. Don’t be left out of this exciting technology. Keep your participants engaged.


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