4 Apps that Will Make Your Business Meeting More Productive

When it comes to planning and organizing a business meeting, it’s never easy. You have to face several challenges and make sure that everything is in its place. Luckily we live in the modern age of technology where we have so many tools available at our disposal like youtube to mp4 hd that can make organizing and attending a meeting much easier. Most of these tools are available in mobile and PC apps, and you can download them in minutes. In this article, I have mentioned a few useful apps that will make your business meeting productive and improve the growth of your business. These apps can help both the organizer and the attendees of the meeting. Let’s take a look:

Dolby On – Voice Recorder

You need to use a voice recorder during a meeting to not miss out on any important detail. It doesn’t matter whether you are conducting a meeting in person or via a Zoom call; there are plenty of voice recorders out there that can help you record the meeting without any inconvenience. For in-house meetings, you can go for Dolby On, which is an excellent voice recorder app. The app not only records meetings but also adjusts voice quality, eliminates noise, and clarifies the audio. For online meetings, podcasts, or other high-quality recordings, you can check these best free recording software.

Any.Do Cal – Smart Calendar

If you are someone who organizes or attends a lot of meetings, then this is an app you should install right away. And with Any.Do Cal; you can stay in touch with all the meeting members and send them updates. If you are running late because of an emergency, you can notify all meeting members with just one click. All you have to do is install it on your phone and import your meeting contacts on it. After that, you will be able to keep track of your meetings and will always stay in touch with the members.

Agenda Maker – Share Your Agenda

This is an excellent app that will allow you to outline the topics you will discuss during the meeting. With these apps’ help, all the meeting members can raise their concerns and let everyone know in advance what they are going to talk about. The app also allows you to set a time limit to the topics, which will ensure that your meeting stays on track and you wrap the discussion in time.

EverNote – Take Easy Notes

Evernote is a simple app that can prove quite helpful for you during a meeting.  As the name suggests, this app allows you to take notes during a meeting in a different form. You can take notes in the form of text, audio, pictures, and even save the relevant URLs relevant to the meeting. With this app, you wouldn’t need a notebook. Your laptop or tablet will do the trick just fine.


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