Attempting to Obtain Social Media Verification? What You Need to Know, Below

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business on social media, you might be thinking about how to get verified. But what does it mean to be verified? And why would anyone want their brand, company, or product to be verified on someone else’s social media platform? We’ll break down the basics of this process and help you decide if it’s right for your brand.

What’s Social Media Verification?

Social media verification is a process by which you can add your name to a list of verified accounts on social media. When people see that you’re verified, they know that you are legitimate and trustworthy.

For example, if someone sees that Kim Kardashian has been verified on Instagram, they might believe she must be an influencer or celebrity because she has such an important account. This is why people want to get their own accounts verified so they can show off just how many followers they have!

If you’re thinking about getting verified yourself but don’t know where to start or how long it takes (or even whether it’s worth the effort), here’s what information we’ve collected from our research into this topic:

What is social media verification service? Why do people want to get verified on social media? How long does it take to get verified on Instagram and Twitter?

How Does It Work?

Verification is a way to show your audience that you are a real person. It’s not the same as verification of authenticity (VOA), which is an automated process that checks the identity of content creators and their followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The problem with VOA is that it can be hacked, and people can pretend to be someone they’re not. The issue with verification is that it doesn’t necessarily reveal anything about the person behind the account but merely verifies that they are who they say they are.

1) Download the Civic app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2) Once you’ve downloaded it, open it up and log in using your Facebook username and password.

3) Once logged in, go to Settings > Security and Privacy.

4) Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in today’s world, it’s becoming more and more important to have a strong presence on social media. And if you want to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, there are two things you need Verification isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s one way to help people distinguish between real accounts and fake ones. The problem with verification is that it doesn’t necessarily reveal anything about the person behind the account but merely verifies that they are who they say they are.

What are the Benefits of Getting Verified?

  • Increase your credibility.
  • Increase your visibility.
  • Increase your reach.
  • Get more followers and make them more engaged with you as a brand, thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll buy from you in the future.

​​1. Download and install the Civic app from Google Play Store or iTunes. 2. Once you’ve installed the app, open it up and log in with your email address and password. If you don’t have one set up yet, go ahead and create a free account now (it’s quick) and get more sales. Increase your revenue.

Who is Already Verified and How Do I Get My Account Verified?

There are a few different ways to get verified on social media, but the most common is just to have a verified account. If you’re not sure if your account has been verified or not.

The process for getting verified varies by platform (Facebook and Instagram), but it’s almost always done via a third-party app called Civic (Google Play Store). To get your account verified on both Facebook and Instagram at once, here’s what you need:

  • A smartphone that can run Android 8 Oreo or later (or iOS 11);​
  • A laptop with Windows 10 installed;​
  • An internet connection;​

If all these things are true then let’s get started!

What Else Do I Need to Know About Getting Verified?

If you’re wondering how to get verified on social media, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, if you want to be verified as an individual or business and not just a brand or influencer, then it’s important that whatever account is used for this purpose has been public since at least May 2017. This means that anyone can view your posts without any restrictions and not just people who follow them directly (like followers).

While this may seem like an obvious requirement for a verified status on Twitter or Instagram, other platforms may require different criteria depending on their policies and guidelines. For example, Facebook requires users over 13 years old; LinkedIn requires users 18+ years old; Google+ requires users 13+ years old; Pinterest only allows accounts created before April 2011; Vine does not currently allow accounts created after June 2013 (but plans are being made).

If You Want to Grow Your Business on Social Media, You Need to be Verified.

There are tons of reasons why you should be verified on social media, but we’re going to focus on the most important one: it helps you grow your business.

Verification is a way for platforms like Facebook and Twitter to verify the identity of their users by asking for some personal information and then verifying that person’s identity through other means (like using an email address or phone number).

Verification helps protect against spam accounts that can create fake profiles or use stolen pictures from other people. It also gives people confidence in whom they’re interacting with online because they know that even if someone posts something inappropriate or offensive like a racist joke or homophobic comment it could be removed without consequence if enough people report them to the platform itself rather than just ignoring those posts altogether.


If you want to grow your business on social media, you need to be verified. There are plenty of benefits to being verified and it’s not just about getting more followers or likes. It’s about credibility and building trust with your audience. When people see your brand on their timelines they know they can trust what they see because it comes from an authoritative source like us! We have everything covered when it comes to getting verified so don’t hesitate any longer – get started today!


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