How to Use Music to Boost Your Social Media Presence

  • Updated on November 16, 2022
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It’s not exactly a secret that music can be a powerful force. The right song can lift your spirits, make you feel more connected to others, and even increase your productivity. But were you aware that music (in many different forms) can also be an effective tool for boosting your social media presence? Whether you’re the social media manager of a popular brand or you’re just trying to get more likes and followers as an individual, here are several ways you can use music to give your social media presence the boost it needs. Let’s get started!

Share Songs That Reflect Your Brand

The first way to use music to boost your social media presence is by sharing songs that reflect your brand. What kind of message are you looking to convey with your social media posts? Do you want to come across as fun and upbeat? Relaxed and easygoing? Professional and polished? Once you’ve decided on the image you want to project, finding songs that fit that image should be a breeze. For example, if you’re a travel blogger looking to project a sense of adventure, you might share a song that’s been popular in your recent travels or a classic song with lyrics that perfectly capture the wanderlust spirit. You could even use songs native to the country you’ve been exploring. Shooting in Italy? Try Umberto Bindi’s “Il Nostro Concerto.” In Hawaii? Perhaps some traditional Hawaiian vocal music from The Rose Ensemble.

Create Playlists for Your Posts

By carefully curating a playlist that reflects your taste and personality, you can give followers a window into who you are as a person. In addition, a well-crafted playlist can be an excellent conversation starter, helping you to engage with other users and build relationships. Furthermore, playlists can also help to boost your social media presence by giving users something new and exciting to listen to. So if you’re looking for ways to stand out online, consider creating a playlist of your favorite tunes. With some effort, you can create a unique and memorable experience for your followers.

Use Music in Your Videos

If you use video content as part of your social media strategy, incorporating music into your videos is a great way to add an extra layer of interest and engagement. Just make sure you choose a song that fits the overall tone and theme of your video—you don’t want the music to be too jarring or out of place or distracting. For example, if you’re sharing a fun, lighthearted video from your latest vacation, adding some upbeat pop music will probably work well. But if you’re sharing a more serious video about current events, adding some mellow acoustic guitar might be a better choice.

Offer Song Recommendations

One simple but effective way to use music to boost your social media presence is by offering recommendations for new songs or albums that your followers might enjoy. This is especially effective if you have a strong, solid relationship with your followers—they’re more likely to trust your musical taste and give new songs a chance if they already know and like you as a person (or at least as an online person). To make things even easier, you can create Spotify playlists or Apple Music playlists of recommended songs and share them on social media whenever you find something new that you think your followers will enjoy. Not only will followers appreciate your suggestions, but once they listen, it will give you and them something to discuss on a deeper level.

“Live Tweet” Concerts or Festivals You’re Attending

For businesses and individuals alike, one of the best ways to stand out is to make use of live tweeting. By posting real-time updates and commentary on concerts or festivals, you can give your followers a front-row seat to the action. This not only helps to promote your brand or identity, but it also creates a sense of urgency and excitement that can encourage people to tune in. In addition, live-tweeting allows you to connect with others who are interested in the same music or events. By creating a shared experience, you can build relationships and expand your social media presence. So whether you’re attending a sold-out concert or checking out a new festival, don’t forget to tweet about it!

“Live Tweet” Album Releases You’re Excited About

In an age where social media dominates, it’s more important than ever to find ways to stand out from the masses. For music lovers, one of the best ways to do this is by live-tweeting album releases that you’re excited about. Not only does this show your followers that you’re passionate about music, but it also allows you to share your thoughts and opinions in real-time. Additionally, live tweeting can help to build anticipation for an upcoming release and generate buzz on social media. Ultimately, live tweeting is a great way to liven up your social media presence and connect with other music lovers.

Use SFX (sound effects) and Royalty-Free Music

As anyone who has ever watched a movie knows, sound effects can be a powerful tool for creating atmosphere and tension. The same is true of social media. A well-chosen sound effect can help to grab attention, convey a mood or message, and add interest to an otherwise static posting. Music, too, can be an effective way of boosting your social media presence. The perfect song can help to set the tone of your page and create a sense of identity for your brand. When choosing music for your social media postings, make sure to select royalty free music that won’t get you into hot water with the copyright holders. With a little care and creativity, SFX and music can be a great way to give your social media presence a little more unique.

“Live Tweet” New Music Videos You Love (or Hate)

You should try live tweeting new music videos that you love—or hate. Not only does this give you a chance to share your opinion with the world, but it also helps to boost your social media presence because you’re discussing something that’s already being talked about a lot in popular culture. This method works great for long-form music videos that we’ve seen from Beyonce, or even a new video from an indie artist that has a strong cult following.

When you live tweet a new music video, you’re essentially creating mini-reviews that can be seen by thousands of people. And, if people like what you have to say, they’re likely to follow you and share your tweets with their own followers. In other words, live tweeting new music videos is a great way to get yourself noticed and build a following on social media.

The Bottom Line

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using music as part of social media strategy—these are just a few of our favorites. So whether you’re sharing songs that reflect your brand identity or offering recommendations for new albums, don’t be afraid to let the music be a part of your social media plan! It might just be the key to taking things up a notch. Focus on being creative with it, and your followers will take notice.


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