11 Tips for Using Social Media Videos for More Engagement

  • Updated on February 14, 2024
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There is a high probability that you spend most of your time watching Instagram reels. Maybe YouTube is your ultimate source of entertainment these days. Nowadays, people cannot spend a day without watching videos on social media.

All the reasons why videos are becoming an essential part of social media content marketing. They speak to the audience, convey a lot in a matter of seconds, leave a good impression on potential customers and help businesses generate leads.

It won’t be wrong to say that social media videos are like new-gen television advertisements that can be a game-changer for your brand.

So, if you are planning to incorporate social media videos into your brand promotion strategy, here are all the tips that can come to your rescue. 

Make your Viewers Stay

It’s all about making them stay, isn’t it? Just to be clear, the context here is your viewers.

Your viewers shouldn’t leave your videos midway. Social media platforms give you brownie points for that. In other words, if the viewers stay and watch the full videos you post, it means that your content is engaging. 

They are staying to see more, which communicates only one thing – they will be willing to see more content from your end. Consequently, the algorithm would value your content.

Sometimes people do mistakes when they create longer content without any value and that’s what you must always avoid. Your video should always start with an intro but it shouldn’t be too long. 

Make sure that the first few seconds of your videos are unique and exciting at the same time they are engaging. You can create intro videos to tell your audience what your video is all about. You can use Intro video templates to make your videos to the point and attractive. 

A good idea would be to give them the information they are waiting for in the end. For instance, if you are doing a shopping haul, provide them with the link or source of the product at the end of the video. You can also add “Watch till the end” text to make them stay.

Focus on the Video Quality

There is no denying that content is important, but so is the quality. You must give good consideration to the video quality. 

A poor-quality video leaves a bad impression on your viewers. They might not like the content or swipe away from your video.

That’s why it’s essential to use a reliable editor. This kind of application has a box full of features that can transform your videos into something very attractive. You can even use pre-made video templates to make your video attractive.

For example, Let’s say you are creating Facebook Video Ads that can be done easily by using Facebook Ad Templates to make them look attractive. Once your video is ready with some pre-made templates it will look attractive and eventually it will lend you more leads. 

So, focusing on your Video Quality is important.

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Consider Adding Subtitles

If you happen to post videos that involve you speaking, the audio can become inaudible owing to a lot of reasons. That’s why it’s any day better to add subtitles to your videos to ensure that what you want to say is conveyed, if not by sound, then by text. You can make use of some social media video maker that comes with the inbuilt feature of adding text or subtitles.

Prioritize Natural Light

You can make use of all the lights in a location, but nothing can beat the power of natural light. Ergo, when you are shooting your videos, ensure that you are doing it in daylight. In case you are indoors, shooting near a window is recommended.

If you are shooting it outside, perfect, you can let the power of natural light dominate the scene.

Add a Call-to-Action

If you are a business, your objective should be to get more leads for your product or service. A Call-to-Action Button, also known as CTA, can help you do that. A CTA button initiates action on the part of the viewer. Even a simple CTA such as “Click to know More” or “Head to the Bio for Link” is enough to drive the traffic of your social media platform to your website.

Optimize your Videos to Upload them Everywhere

You don’t have to settle for less, even when posting on social media. In other words, don’t target just one social media platform. Expand your reach to others to target a wider audience.

But to do that, you have to ensure that the videos you shoot are ideal for all social media platforms. Every social media platform allows videos of different dimensions, length limits, and orientations. That’s why it is essential to ensure that you optimize your content according to every social media platform.

Be Short and Concise

Once again, the goal is to make your viewers stay till the end. Uploading long videos can become an obstacle to this objective. Therefore, you have to be concise.

Consider your Marketing Objectives

At the end of the day, your brand objective matters. Some brands prioritize sales, while others prioritize engagement. So, the question for you is, what is more, important for you? Your answer would dictate the whole of your marketing strategy and the content you would post.

Make Use of a Steady Camera

There’s a reason tripods are getting more popular. No matter how perfect you are at shooting videos, you are human, and you’ll likely shake your hands a little when you are shooting a video. Therefore, a pro tip here is to invest in a tripod to shoot the best videos for your social media platforms.

Ensure your Videos Spark Conversation

Every social media platform values engagement. That’s why keeping your viewers engaged and sparking a conversation with them is essential. The more engagement you will generate, the more viewers you will get. To do that, you can consider adding a note or question for your viewers when you post a video.

Lastly, Monitor your Progress

Have Done posting videos? Guess what? Your work doesn’t end there. Monitoring how your videos are performing is an essential part of your social media strategy. Doing so can help you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Thankfully, almost all social media platforms provide you with insights to help you monitor your content’s performance.


These 11 tips can help you bring your A-game to video creation for an effective social media marketing strategy. Focus on creating engaging, high-quality videos using a top-notch video editing tool, and you’ll be sorted!



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