10 Effective Ways to Prevent Email Spam

  • Updated on December 8, 2023
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Ways to Prevent Email Spam

We all know those annoying spam emails that are being received almost daily. There are a lot of good email spam tools and techniques are the ways to achieve a clean inbox. 

That’s why we created this article with ten essential tips to help you deal with spam messages. 

Our goal is to guide you through the journey of a structured and clean inbox.

The First Tip

The existence of more than one email account can be the key to a structured inbox. Think about where you sign up online. Pay attention to the fact that you are subscribing to a newsletter. Newsletters can fill your inbox in no time, so make sure you subscribe to the ones that are truly of value to you. 

Having more than one mailing address gives you the freedom to separate your primary mail from spam from different sites. It’s a good idea to make an email account registration only for gambling sites. 

This will make it easier to differentiate information, and you can keep your mail organized.

45 percent of all email is spam

Subtitle: Percentage of email that is identified as spam. 

The Second Tip

Make sure you are using only a quality e-mail address. Having a high-quality email address gives us security. They use technology with filtering bots, which can be very useful.  

Their mission is to prevent unwanted junk from entering your inbox at any time. You can find such emails on the major internet search engines. 

The Third Tip

Set up your email. In the settings of almost every high-quality mailing address, you can find customization features. 

Set up your mailing address so that you have a primary inbox to receive messages that are sent only from trusted email addresses. You can also enable spam filtering to assist you in getting rid of annoying junk mail. 

The Fourth Tip

Pay attention to details, and be observant. Pay attention to what gambling sites you sign up for. There are numerous scam gambling sites on the internet. Stick to reputable gambling sites and carefully look around for tools to prove legitimacy. 

As an example, the site rating tool LegitoMeter is an instrument that measures the legitimacy of online entertainment platforms and can be a good help. 

The United States is the number one generator of spam email, with Korea clocking in as the second largest contributor of unwanted email.

The Fifth Tip

Avoid clicking on unfamiliar banners, links, and similar ads. Sometimes online scams are perpetrated by these types of ads and promotional messages. 

Do not provide personal information when requested by unknown and unauthorized emails and institutions. Carefully look around the websites to which you wish to remove your subscription, they may also turn out to be fraudulent.

The Sixth Tip

Temporary email addresses. Using disposable email addresses for registration is also an option for dealing with junk. These emails are specifically designed to protect your private information. 

Personal information leaks have become a big problem in the last decade. We need to be extra careful when providing personal information. 

The Seventh Tip

Frequent cleanup of email. Cleansing your email address of unnecessary, old, and insignificant emails can be a key point to a spam-free inbox. Once a week is enough to protect yourself from unwanted emails. By doing this you help the filtering bots to do their job better and faster. 

The Eighth Tip

Blocking tools. Using any type of blocking and anti-tracking tools is also a good option. They aim to block and remove all types of fraudulent email, sites and ads. However, this does not exclude our conscious decision on what to click on the internet. As mentioned above, be extremely careful. 

The Ninth Tip

Alert. Report junk mail, banners, and newsletters. Again, by taking these actions, you are helping the system already in place do its job better. By reporting, it is possible to stop certain types of emails from sources as well as scam email addresses. 

The Tenth Tip

Use the feature to continue email conversations.  When communicating with someone, don’t use separate emails to continue the conversation. Simply use the forward option. 

It can help with cleaning up your inbox space, and also you can keep better track of your conversations. 


We can say that there is now an effective way to get away from spam mail finding its way into your inbox. But, with our tried and tested ways you can gain the know-how to effectively keep the spam away from your main inbox.

 We hope that the tips listed in this article may help you drive away spam mail.


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