A Fully-Fledged Guide to Log-in SBCGlobal Email Account

SBCGlobal is a world-famous email client. It was launched by Bell service; a bit later in the year 2005, it was merged with AT&T services. Therefore, SBCGlobal’s log-in process is controlled by AT&T. 

Nowadays, SBCGlobal can only be accessed through the AT&T log-in page. Furthermore, AT&T is further linked with Yahoo and AT&T can be accessed through Yahoo mail att.net. 

So, to create a new SBCGlobal account, you need to create an account with @at&t.net and @currently.net domains. 

It is quite easy to log in to SBCGlobal if you have the log-in credentials ready with you. Just follow the steps given below and access your SBCGlobal account with ease.

  1. To sign-in to the SBCGlobal Email account, you need to visit the sign-in page which is now offered by AT&T. The SBCGlobal sign-in is conducted on this page https://digitallocker.att.net/
  2. Then, you need to provide the email address or User ID with @sbcglobal.net or @att.net email address domains. 
  3. Provide the SBCGlobal password or the AT&T password in the respective field. 
  4. Now Tap on the “Sign-In” button
  5. If you are signing-in on a personal device, you can save the password by clicking on the ‘Keep Me Signed In’ option. This option will keep you logged in for two weeks unless you manually sign-out from your account.
  6. If you are using the public system, never use the option “Keep Me Signed In” as it can increase the chance of unauthorized access and hacking.

Lately, AT&T sign-in page has made it possible to sign in using several domains other than @sbcglobal.net or @att.net email accounts. The additional domains are:


Recover SBCGlobal Email Password If Unable to Log-in

The sign-in process for SBCGlobal email is quite straightforward, but it can be stressful if you don’t have the right credentials with you. Normally we all forget the email password for our webmail account, but with SBCGlobal you can easily recover your account password with a few simple steps. 

To reset your SBCGlobal or AT&T email password, you can reset using the A&T password reset page:

  1. Go to the Forgot Password page.
  2. Provide you username or the email address
  3. Enter your Last Name.
  4. You need to verify your identity by answering the security questions or using the recovery phone number/ alternate email address.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions. 
  6. Create a new password for your account
  7. Using these steps you can recover your SBCGlobal email password and log-in with a new password

Best Tips to Avoid Log-in Issues for Smooth Access to SBCGlobal Account

  1. Make sure that your device is connected to a strong internet connection
  2. Keep an eye on the AT&T server and if it is DOWN, you can wait until the issues are resolved from the company’s end.
  3. Switch the device, if you can’t log-in SBCGlobal email from a specific device.
  4. Update the version of your web browser.
  5. Try using a different browser. It is advised to use Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, or Google Chrome.
  6. Disable the browser’s add-ons and try to sign-in again
  7. Enable the Adobe Flash Player
  8. Update the JavaScript.

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