Sigsync: A centralized and secure Office 365 Email Signature solution

  • Updated on September 23, 2021
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Businesses, private users, and government agencies must all have confidence in their communication channels when they are sending important information using email signatures. In theory, an email signature should be as secure as possible to ensure the complete security of the transmitted data.

Everyone wants the assurance of secure and confidential message delivery regardless of how they send emails, whether through Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, or any other system. Normal or casual email communications do not pose much of a security risk. However, when it comes to sending sensitive and confidential data, security is of the utmost importance. 

Consider the following scenario. A company wants to send an email signature for internal communication that includes a common login id or some sensitive information for accessing an internal forum or a link to a webinar that should only be shared with intended people inside the organization. 

Consider a second scenario. A healthcare unit or hospital wants to send a patient feedback form in which they are required to fill out sensitive information such as blood group, health parameters, height, weight, and so forth. In both the aforementioned cases, a secure email signature should not allow any third party to access these details and only allow end-to-end communication between the sender and the recipient. If the email signature is not secure, or if sensitive data is stored in the cloud, a hacker can easily obtain the details, log in to the website, or get access to confidential information. This is where the importance of security in email signatures comes into play. Many businesses are currently concerned about cloud security due to the shift towards remote work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are concerned about security and looking for a secure email signature service, then Sigsync email signature management for Office 365 is the most secure solution available, and it will continue to remain as a secure email signature service for all purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the Sigsync features.

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Sigsync: A Secure Email Signature Management Solution for Office 365

Sigsync is a Microsoft-approved, secure email signature service that allows you to manage email signatures from a single centralized location (your native geolocation). Sigsync follows a compliant and consistent approach to data privacy and information protection, in addition to ensuring that the customers’ data is always protected and secure.

Things That Showcase Sigsync as a Secure Email Signature Service

Sigsync uses Microsoft-compliant secure cloud services for email signatures and disclaimers. Here is a list of the features that contribute to Sigsync’s high security.

  • You will never be asked to provide your credentials. Instead, you’ll be redirected to the Microsoft Sign-in page to complete your authentication. For authentication, Microsoft OAuth 2.0 and TLS encryption are used. Office 365 credentials are not stored on Sigsync or any other third-party servers.
  • Sigsync maintains ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management Standards. As a result, you can be assured that the entire email signature process is secure.
  • Your tenant establishes a secure connection to the Sigsync server via a TLS encrypted connection, and the certificate of the Sigsync server is verified by Office 365 as the mail is transmitted. This ensures that mail is transmitted securely through the use of an Inbound Connector.
  • Sigsync email signature service uses OAuth 2.0 authentication. OAuth authentication is the process of logging into a website using the login information from another website such as Microsoft. Access tokens are used to authenticate users across multiple websites. Nobody wants their passwords to be exposed to multiple services at once. With OAuth, a user can safely log in to any system using a single login without fearing data breaches.
  • Sigsync supports Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Professional hackers can decipher passwords using cut-and-dry combinations. Weak passwords can compromise security and make it easy for nefarious elements to access sensitive data. An MFA-enabled account may cause a hacker to back off and look for easier prey.
  • Sigsync is GDPR compliant. GDPR requires businesses to protect the personal information of EU citizens. A non-compliance would result in hefty fines.
  • Sigsync is a HIPAA-compliant email signature service that is available as part of the Office 365 platform. When a suitable disclaimer is included, it also makes all of your emails HIPAA compliant.

Sigsync Offers a Cost-Effective, Secure, and Feature Friendly Email Signature Service

Sigsync is a secure, web-based email signature solution that meets all the security standards for professional email signature creation. It benefits users by providing simple pricing plans and attractive discounts of up to 90% on its subscription.

Try out the free trial or request for an on-demand live demo of the product to ensure that it is simple to use and that it will be easier to implement and adopt in your organization.


Choosing a secure email signature tool is critical to your brand’s success. A secure email signature not only protects your business but also gives you peace of mind. Sigsync ranks first among email signature generators and continues to revolutionize email signature technology to deliver value to clients. Sigsync Office 365 email signature software is trusted by over 150+ countries’ businesses, brands, and sales teams to grow their business, enhance their brand, and drive real results. It ensures that the service is focused on exceeding your expectations and making your signatures work in real-time.


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