4 Facebook Marketing Tools to Juice Up Your Campaign

They say you should be where your customers are, and what better platform to take advantage of than the giant social networking site Facebook? With nearly 2.9 billion global users, Facebook has become one of the most important platforms for businesses looking for increased engagements and better conversions.

Of course, while Facebook marketing can be done in the social channel in an organic way, Facebook still favors those who choose to advertise with Facebook’s algorithm has completely changed over the years, after all, making it harder to capture target audiences without running ads. Unlike other social platforms, running ads with Facebook is not that expensive. It also has a wealth of other benefits.

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Different Objectives for Different Goals

Do you have multiple goals in mind? Perhaps you are looking into increasing your brand awareness and audience engagement while also aiming to drive traffic to your website and capture qualified leads? Facebook has a variety of objectives for your advertising goals.

If you only want to enhance your engagement rate, then you can opt to run a boosting campaign that expands your audience reach and encourages them to engage with your posts. You can also increase your audience by running a Page Like a campaign. This will grow your audience reach. On the other hand, a Traffic campaign is an excellent objective choice to drive traffic to your website or landing page. Whereas, if you aim to generate leads, you can choose to run a lead generation campaign.

Tailor Your Ads to a Specific Audience

Another great thing about Facebook is that it allows you to target an exact audience for a specific ad. Using Facebook’s data, you can narrow down your target audience according to different segments. These include their gender, age, location, spoken languages, interests, education level, job titles, behaviors, and many more. You can run retargeting campaigns by uploading your customer list and targeting them with intent-based ads. You can also create lookalikes of your existing audiences to expand your reach.

Play Around with Different Ad Types

Facebook offers a wide range of ad types that you can choose from. This gives you more room for creative freedom. Whether you want to run ads with photos or videos, in Stories or Messengers, or as carousels or collections, you have endless choices. You do not have to settle for plain text ads alone when you can go all out with different kinds of creatives for your ads, seeing how most users are visual creatures.

Tools to Help You Improve Your Facebook Campaigns

Now that you know the many advantages of Facebook ads, it’s time to get to know some of the most useful tools to boost your campaigns and increase conversions.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook has a whole suite of tools inside its Facebook ads manager, which you can easily access for ad creation and management. It’s the starting point for every marketer who wants to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. From creating ads, managing when and where they will run, and tracking your ad performance, Facebook ads manager offers everything you will need.

This tool allows you to customize your audience to target the right people at different stages of the customer journey. You can also control how much budget to allocate for each ad and whether you would like your ad spend to be done daily or for a certain period. 

It is easy to adjust your campaigns should there be changes within the scheduled running of your ads. Plus, you can conduct A/B testing to determine which element works best. For example, you want to know which set of audiences is the right one for your ad or if you wish to test creatives or placements.

The best thing about Facebook ads manager? It’s free! Even better, you can install the mobile app to access it wherever and whenever you are. Through the mobile app, you will be able to track ad performance, edit existing ads, update schedules and budgets, and more.


Many online users are drawn to good visuals. If you want to ensure your ad creatives look great, then a tool like Canva is perfect for you. This app can help you make your Facebook ad images look professional and on-brand. Even better, Canva is easy to use and can help non-designers create the best imagery for Facebook ads.

They have a host of templates for Facebook ads specifically, making it a breeze to get the design you have in mind. It is only a matter of customizing the photos and text colors to keep everything on-brand. Graphics are fast and easy to make. The drag and drop feature of Canva allows you to create a design in a matter of minutes.


Shortstack is a one-stop solution for businesses wishing to build tailored marketing campaigns, from building standalone landing pages and mini websites to generating offer codes for customers. But it can do more than that, especially when it comes to Facebook ads.

Recently, Apple has started requiring apps to ask for permission to track users across websites and apps. This poses a massive problem for Facebook and the businesses relying on the site to track customers and record conversions. If most users opt-out of tracking, it will be harder for marketers to determine whether their ads are leading to conversions.

One way to circumvent this is by verifying your website domain through a tool provided by Facebook. This is where Shortstack comes in, as it allows you to embed your campaign on your website that has a verified domain. This action is available in all Shortstack plans. It is all too easy to do this even without the help of a developer. Shortstack can then track your ads for you.


A straightforward tool for Facebook ads, AdEspresso allows you to create hundreds of different ads in minutes. It also lets you test a variety of things, from creative designs to demographic targeting. Campaigns can be set up with split test variations, allowing you to enter multiple headlines, creatives, and descriptions.

It has a built-in analytics feature that allows you to gain clear insights on how your ads are doing and the actionable suggestions that can help you optimize your ads for better results. If you want to automate optimization, AdEspresso is also a handy option. It does not require you to conduct extensive analysis on your end as the tool does it for you.

Wrapping It Up

Facebook is a valuable platform for businesses. You will be missing out on a lot if you don’t integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. Of course, Facebook ads take the crown when it comes to optimal results. They can get your product offers out there and generate leads that will lead to conversions. When you have a business, it is necessary to have a website or an online store where customers can easily access it, fortunately, there are several guides online in choosing the right platform for your business depending on your niche. 

Running Facebook ads is more manageable with the help of these tools. Keep the tools above in mind the next time you formulate a sound strategy for your Facebook campaigns.


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