A Guide to Developing a Social Media App Like Clubhouse

The Clubhouse became a real bomb in social networks: creating excitement and domination; this social network made everyone talk about itself. The most interesting aspect of the Clubhouse is – writes Forbes – that listeners can so quickly become sound creators by turning off the sound and joining conversations; moreover, the voice itself is saturated with information, conveying meaning through language, tone, pauses, and accents.

It has never happened before, and of course, it attracted attention.

Statista reports that Clubhouse had over nine million monthly downloads in February 2021, while North and Latin America accounted for the largest share of downloads worldwide in previous months.

The popularity of the new social network has prompted young entrepreneurs to look for ways to create analog applications. In this article, we’ll look at how to create a Clubhouse-like application and make it successful.

Key Points When Developing Audio Social Networks

1. Research the Market

It is a step that you shouldn’t skip. There are many applications available in the social media marketing genre. Suppose you want to create something unique and guaranteed to attract users. In that case, you need to study what functions and conditions are already available to users of other similar applications, their pros, and cons, what is lacking in the market right now.

2. Find Your Target Audience

A good software development company can create an excellent product, but if it does not find its target audience, it will not become famous no matter how cool it is.

3. Create a User-Friendly Design

Attractive design plays a vital role in grabbing the user’s attention. Keep users in mind when designing the look and feel of your application. Also, make sure the app is free of bugs, bugs, and crashes.

4. Choose a Platform

Developing and launching an audio, social media app like Clubhouse on Android and iOS will grab the attention of a broad audience. Choose a platform depending on your target audience. Also, decide on your budget and resource availability before deciding which platform to run your application on.

5. Define the Functionality

Functions are the backbone of your application. In addition to reflecting the essence of your application, they should be user-friendly. Audio social networks have their specifics. For example, the news feed should contain a list of available audio rooms, clubs, or groups that should add new members; of course, your application should have a part with notifications that the user receives and the ability to search through the application.

6. Consider Monetization

After all, are you making an application to make money? If yes, then

you can implement various popular sources of income in your application. It can be ads in the application itself, affiliate products, etc.

7. Develop and Test the Application

You can start developing a mobile application yourself, hire a development team, or order mobile application development services at https://mlsdev.com/services/mobile-app-development to create your application with an audio-social network.

The main thing is to make sure that the application has passed all stages of testing.

8. Marketing and Launching the Application

Social media promotion is the easiest and most effective way to attract the attention of a wider audience. With everything set up, it’s time to launch Clubhouse, for example, an app on Android, iOS, or both.


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