Why Do Businesses Hire Developers from Eastern Europe?

  • Updated on March 20, 2023
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Not so long ago, outsourcing became a big thing. Why? To cut a long story short, you will always find people to delegate all the tasks if you have trouble coping with some operations or problems. Nevertheless, it saves them time and resources you could spend searching, hiring, and training employees. In fact, a lot of big companies, such as Google, Slack, WhatsApp, hire developers to maintain their services. 

At first sight, it may seem that picking a reliable company to outsource needed processes is difficult. However, for those who are searching for the best developers Eastern Europe is one of the most popular places. The main reasons are their high level of education, skills, expertise in different fields, and affordable rates. 

What are the Types of Outsourcing Services? 

The outsourcing services are based on the different kinds of tasks it outsources. The most popular among them is the IT field. Here are the others: 


Different types of services in a particular professional domain that you’re bringing into your project. They may contain management, accounting, legal, administration, digital marketing, and anything else that your team can’t manage to do. 


 If you are an owner of a small business, manufacturing outsourcing is one of the ways (sometimes the only one) to compete with companies with more significant resources. Apple is one of the great examples. They outsource manufacturing to lower expenses for employees, plants, and equipment.


If you have issues designing the website or creating a marketing campaign, project outsourcing services will be the most suitable. Instead of headhunting another member for the project, wasting time and resources, you can find an appropriate person right away.


IT specialists will satisfy your needs if you need some assistance to maintain online security, manage different profiles, and develop processes. 

Examples of IT services: software development and support, mobile application development, web development, technologies, and software migration. 

Business Process 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) includes both front (marketing, sales, customer service, and support) and back office (internal business functions).

According to Deloitte’s “2020 Global Outsourcing Survey,” companies choose BPO to: 

  1. Save costs. BPO services provider helps companies reduce expenses in various ways. 
  2. Be more flexible and faster: BPO enables companies to react fast and adapt to market-changing dynamics.
  3. Access to innovations. BPO providers are the best in their field. They will provide you with up-to-date information. 
  4. Non-stop services. The companies that work 24/7 can ask BPO providers for help. 

The top BPO service providers should have an understanding of the company’s market, the range to meet all current and future requirements, and a comfortable geographical location.

Why Do Businesses Hire Developers from Eastern Europe?


1. A Large Pool of IT Professionals

There are 5.8 million IT professionals globally, 518,000+ come from Eastern Europe. This region also includes the highest rate of females in the IT industry. 

2. Cost and Value for Money  

The costs that you will have for the internal development team are much higher than software development outsourcing to Eastern Europe. Hiring the outsourcing team, you don’t have to deal with paying for sick leaves, vacations, providing snacks and tea, or other perks. The company you hire will manage everything. 

In Eastern European, the average hourly rate is $30-70 compared to US “small class” projects of $70-175.

3. High Performance and Quality Results 

Eastern Europe specialists are famous for their solid education base. In fact, they are interested in high-quality results, and they will usually offer you their vision so that you can make the best choice.

4. Convenient Location 

All the specialists are located in a convenient time zone. The difference between Western Europe is barely noticeable (1-3 hours), for the US’ East Coast’ 6-7 hours and for ‘West Coast’ less than 10 hours. 

5. Dedicated Resources  

If you hire a developer from Eastern Europe, you can be sure that they will always be enthusiastic about the growth of your company.


In the long run, if you have a strong vision and you want to find the right professionals and best developers that will make the most of opportunities, you should try outsourcing development companies from Eastern Europe. Here you’ll find the best professionals to drive your vision to success. 

The main reasons to choose Eastern European specialists are their high level of education, excellent performance, and wide range of solid companies with affordable and quality services. More and more companies choose to use the services of developers from this region, and all of them feel satisfied with the results. Moreover, they decide to continue working with these people. That speaks volumes.

The most famous Eastern European countries to work with are Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, The Czech Republic, and Romania. The IT sector there overgrows. For example, the tech industry in Hungary represents 6% of the Hungarian economy, the IT industry in Ukraine grows 25% each year. Most professionals are English fluent speakers, so it is easy to get along. 


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