High-Tech Innovations for Your Bathroom Renovation

  • Updated on March 28, 2024
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Are you bored with the same outdated bathroom? Do you want to renovate it? Do not worry, as you can completely transform your bathroom with high-tech innovations. 

This latest bathroom technology not only renovates the restroom, but it creates a space similar to a spa. This smart technology makes it desirable and gaining popularity among people. The luxury look and brilliant features create an oasis-like experience in your bathroom. 

High-tech innovative lavatory technology complements every type of home, be it newly constructed to timeless historic homes. 

Homeowners can customize and automate the functionality of the restroom space, from everything of bathtubs to toilets. You will be required to invest plenty of money, effort, and time to renovate a simple bathroom into a luxury one. 

In this guide, we will give comprehensive details regarding high-tech innovation for your washroom, so without any delay, let’s get through it one by one. 

Voice-activated lighting

Have you ever thought about improving the lighting system in your bathroom? One of the best ways to upgrade the lighting is to install voice-activated lighting. This system is practical for multiple reasons. 

Do you know?

The oldest toilet is still functioning, about 4000 years after it was built. It can be seen in Knossos in Greece in a small castle.

If your hands are full or forget to turn off the lights as you walk out of the bathroom – with a simple voice command, turn the lights on or off even if you’re not in front of the lighting switch. 

Putting on the work makeup will also be a lot easier, and you’ll have better insight into the amount of makeup you apply for work because smart lighting can tell the mirror to switch to office lighting mode. 

That way, you’ll never have to wonder if you’ve applied too much makeup for everyday office looks. There is no need to worry about stubbing your toe in the dark, either, thanks to a wayfinding nightlight.

Smart showers

Smart shower

Did you know that the modern ages allow you to get the right shower temperature with only a tap on the LCD screen? That’s right – with LCD panels, homeowners have the luxury of controlling the water flow, steam, temperature, and music in their shower. 

Did we mention you can do that from inside the shower? No need to step out or make adjustments before entering inside. 

If you already have some of the smart home devices with voice control, connect the LCD screen with it and have an all-inclusive automatic experience. Conserve water by pausing or setting a specific amount of time for the shower with a smart feature.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets

Ever since the rise of COVID-19, we’ve been looking for high-tech solutions that offer maximum hygiene advantages. Be it in the kitchen or toilet, we cannot get enough of touchless home improvements. 

For your next bathroom renovation, consider installing smart restrooms with built-in seat warmers. Also, you can ask the contractor to include touchless toilets in their premium bathroom renovation services to offer an exclusive washroom experience. 

All you’ll need to do the next time you go to the toilet is to use just a wave of your hand to raise or lower the lid and flush. What’s more, the smart washrooms won’t require you to scrub them because they’re self-cleaning and self-deodorizing. 

For those who want premium restroom equipment, you can go with antimicrobial seats as well. Japanese-style toilets bring the bathroom experience to an entirely new level thanks to their smart functions, including nightlight, bides, personalization for each family member, voice control, and motion sense lids.

The below statistics represent the growing market of smart bathrooms in the coming years.

Data on smart bathrooms market

Lights Inside the Toilet

How many times have you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, praying you don’t wake up completely because of the lights? Don’t risk shattering the sleepy feeling, but invest in the next big thing – toilet bowl lights. 

Look at the light inside the lavatory and forget about discovering your way into the pitch-black bathroom again. The little gadgets attach easily to the rim of a toilet, allowing body movement to activate them. A dim and unobtrusive glow will allow you to do your toilet routine without making you alert.

Soaking Tubs

Soaking tub

Another way to improve the feel and value of your bathroom is to invest in a soaking tub. Aside from the net worth, a soaking tub will also offer health benefits. Namely, soaking tubs are known to improve blood circulation, reduce arthritis pain, alleviate muscle pain, and help reduce stress and anxiety. 

There are a vast variety of luxury soaking tubs with a chamber for an Alexa-enabled vital oils diffuser, for instance. Your mental and physical health will be very grateful for offering them such an indulgence.

Digital Faucets

Digital Faucets

Everything is going digital, and so are faucets in the bathroom, helping you to save money on water usage. Moreover, you’ll improve the efficiency of your home too. 

If you’ve been looking for ways to reduce tap flow, a digital temperature control setting on a digital faucet will offer just that. The faucets are touchless, featuring infrared technology that turns off once the space under the tap is no longer occupied. 

To add a bit of extra flare, the faucet designers included a programmable setting, allowing you to time the water consumption when washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

Modern Towel Warmers

Towel warmers are not a particular innovation, but warming drawers are. We like to call them modern towel warmers, as they offer fabric warm-ups without spreading them over the rails. 

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself into the sheer goodness of fluffy warmth makes the entire bathing experience more enjoyable. Impress the guests with this innovative feature, or offer yourself a daily dose of warmth and coziness after every shower. 

For those who don’t plan to add contemporary cabinetry anytime soon, a renovation alternative includes investing in a modern-looking freestanding electric towel warmer.

Final Thoughts

Adding a deluxe flare to the bathroom will take time, effort, and money, but it will be worthwhile. If you’ve been considering modernizing your bathroom, the technological innovations from the aforementioned list will be the perfect way to start. 

Digital faucets, smart showers, smart toilets, modern towel warmers, soaking tubs, lights inside the toilet, and voice-activated lighting will offer all the convenience and modern look and feel in your bathroom. 

On top of that, your home will be worth a lot more and be ready for new generations to reap all the benefits of the 21st century.


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