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  • Updated on December 20, 2021
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Digital marketing greatly changed the world. Big companies use social networks and influencers to promote their products. Bloggers and celebrities empower their personal brands with digital ads. Seems that we have to be ready for a new wave of marketing innovations. However, there is still one effective and underestimated marketing channel. This is E-mail marketing.

Since e-mails have become popular, businesses run e-mail marketing campaigns to get more customers. Through the years, some companies refused this marketing channel since they thought that nowadays people don’t read the mail.

Yet, the metrics represent the opposite. E-mail marketing is one of the most useful things in digital marketing. The average ROI is 4000%, most retailers claim that e-mail is the most useful tool. That is why it is crucial to develop the e-mail marketing campaign and improve the skills, especially when there are so many free ways to learn, like online courses, videos, and, of course, podcasts.

We want to represent the list of most interesting and popular e-mail marketing podcasts. With the help of them, you can expand your knowledge and improve the business results. To get more from podcasts and to structure the data, you may also write down the info, use automated transcription, create your own lists and presentations.

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The E-Mail Marketing Show

A podcast from England with Rob and Kennedy will change your mind about e-mail marketing. They remind the listeners that this tool is very useful regardless of your business. Whether you provide transcription services, design consultations, or sell the goods offline, this podcast will prove that e-mailing is vital for your revenues.

Learn everything from choosing the platform to analyzing the audience and creating proper content for each e-mail blast. The E-mail Marketing Show is a kind of free online course, so don’t let the opportunity slip and start watching it now.

Litmus E-mail Design

Litmus 98 podcasts are one more show that represents the importance of e-mail marketing campaigns. This podcast series is devoted to explaining the core of e-mail designing according to the latest trends. The hosts usually invite different expert guests to tell the trends, technical features and optimizing the e-mails. 

Ask Me Everything About E-mails

In 1998 there a company was created known as Aweber. It is one of the sharks of e-mail marketing. They have a lot of experience in promoting different businesses, so you can learn a lot from their podcast called ‘Ask me everything about e-mails.’ 

The unique feature of this podcast is that they divided the whole information into several episodes with Q&A format. Thus, if you have to solve only certain problems, this podcast will be very helpful for you. Moreover, they transcribed the whole audio into text so you can write down everything properly.

Ask me everything about e-mails podcast reveals all the nuances of e-mail marketing strategies and special features. Although this podcast is old, its recommendations are still useful nowadays.

The McMethod Podcast

This podcast was named the number 1 series in the world. Many companies follow the recommendations from this podcast to improve their business results. Here you can learn everything about e-mail marketing tactics and approaches. Whether you run a transcription company, E-commerce website, software development company, or any other business, The McMethod podcast will tell you everything about pitching the audience through e-mails.

Everything E-mail

Here is another podcast that is highly appreciated across the globe. They don’t focus on tactics and strategies but tell a lot about common mistakes of e-mail marketing campaigns. Moreover, this podcast reveals different myths like “e-mailing is not for transcription service” or “e-mailing is no longer effective for software development companies.”

Check Everything E-mail podcast to get useful tips and implement them into your marketing strategy today.

E-Mail Einstein

This podcast doesn’t focus on e-mail in general. Nonetheless, they are trendy since they reveal all the peculiarities of e-mail marketing campaigns in E-commerce. Being in retail, you have to know a lot about turnaround time, website usability, and support. All these aspects can be covered by a good e-mail marketing strategy. The E-mail Einstein tells everything about creating a proper campaign to make the E-commerce business successful.

Really Good E-mails

This podcast series is concentrated on different stereotypes around the e-mails. For example, running a transcription website, you may not understand the necessity of an e-mail campaign. Really Good E-mails tell how they understood that e-mailing is one of the most effective tools in online business. This podcast tells the benefits of e-mail marketing campaigns using real examples.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Online marketing seems to be a very complex topic that is hard to learn. Nonetheless, some of its aspects are very easy to use. Online marketing made it easy to tell everything about e-mail marketing strategies, revealing the history of this channel. Since E-mails are not new to our world, this podcast explains that you can use simple funnels to increase your conversion rates.


The last podcast on our list. Nowadays, they don’t record new episodes. Nonetheless, they have a huge archive with a million minutes transcribed. The Call-to-Action podcast will reveal the crucial elements of the customer journey in e-mails. With this series, you can learn a lot, from planning the campaign to starting the first e-mail blast and analyzing the data. They give a lot of recommendations to attract new clients to your business and make them regular through simple e-mails.

Make Your Business Better with Podcasts About E-mails

Don’t ignore e-mail marketing campaigns. You have to figure out that top-rated companies bet on e-mailing, regardless of the industry. It is still one of the most effective ways to reach the audience, both new and regular customers. 

So listen to e-mail marketing podcasts, get their tips and increase your business results. The more you get from podcasts, the more effective your business will be. Try to listen to at least one episode of any podcast from our list. You will change your attitude to e-mails and change your marketing strategy immediately.


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