Blogging Tips: How to Send Effective Outreach Emails?

  • Updated on February 21, 2022
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Send Effective Outreach Emails

An email is a flexible tool that is not only suitable for standard promotional mailings. For example, companies use them to involve their audience in their most recent events, offer discounts, tell customers about new arrivals or invite them to offline meetings. 

There are several types of outreach email marketing campaigns, the competent application of which will maximize the effect. Among them:

  1. Trigger: reports events on the site (for example, the sale came to the product of interest to the customer), the person’s actions (looked through the goods, added them to the cart). But not bought), external events (congratulations on holidays and birthdays).
  2. Transactional: messages based on a person’s actions and events occurring in their accounts.
  3. Promotional. It informs the customer about new stuff, discounts, and special offers.
  4. News, information outreach letters, informing you about the latest events in the company or industry, updates.

Blogging requires collaboration and networking. 

Contents of the Newsletters

Decided to send a post to a blog, and want to get maximum coverage? How to write a newsletter to please the followers and make them beg for another one? These kinds of emails should contain original and exciting data for the user. You can always grab a topic for a letter to send:

  • fresh updates you integrated;
  • announcements of events that will take place in the company;
  • materials viable to the public that you want to share with your subscribers;
  • essential changes in the marketplace, industry, etc. for your customers;
  • facts from your field that you should explore.
  • stories related to using a similar product.

Kinds of Businesses Newsletters are a Great Tool for 

Whether they work with other companies and startups or end-customers, all businesses can use email marketing, tailoring their posts to the project’s specifics. Though, the primary type of communication is the letter.

News and Entertainment Portals

Here, such letters work to retain the audience, fuel interest, and not let the subscriber forget about you — education companies. In addition, sharing knowledge with your subscribers keeps your project exciting and attracts the audience to webinars meetings conducted online and offline.

Consulting Companies

It seems paradoxical, but employees of such companies plan to receive money for their expertise. Thus you have to give away a significant amount of content without a charge. Firstly, if subscribed followers want, they can find it on the Internet, so it’s better to let them see it on your mailing lists. And secondly, when they need to solve a specific task and require your unique expertise, they will turn to you.

Medicines and Pharmaceuticals

Newsletters are a good tool for promoting new medicines. In particular, you can send messages describing a new drug, its effectiveness, and its uses to a group of doctors in the relevant specialty. The sample below adds three CTA buttons: efficacy, safety, and convenience. The second message about the drug will focus on the characteristics the users selected in the previous letter by clicking on the button.

Features of Building Newsletters

Designing an email doesn’t take much time if you construct a template in our easy-to-use, comprehensible editor and save the blocks in your library. Then, all you have to do afterward is prepare suitable content and present it beautifully. 

Adaptability of Emails

Do not underestimate the adaptability of emails. 71.6% of consumers will immediately delete emails if they don’t display correctly on a mobile device. That’s why it’s worth testing the ready email, and only when you are sure that it looks good can you send it through a sending service.

Elements of an Email and Actual Variants of the Style

Here we would have a look at the typical letter structure. Bear in mind that a regular sending would include these essential components.

An Initiator of Messaging

It will be the primary concern of your followers to check who the sender is. It will influence their willingness to open the message. For example, send letters to firms, or choose another sender address, such as the personal email address of the account manager. 

Before opening the letter, the person sees its subject and, after reading it, decides whether it is worth going deeper into it or not. There are a few recommendations that may come in handy when writing it:

  1. You might have to share some information with your recipients, but the paradox is that the topic should be brief. Formulate your main point succinctly.
  2. The first three words should be the most concise and intriguing because recipients will see when they look through the correspondence in their inbox.
  3. Emphasize the value of the information to the recipient.
  4. If the context allows, indicate the company name.

The Header is What’s on Top

It should include your logo so that the emails are recognizable. Add a menu at the top of the email to make it easy to navigate to the desired section of the site directly from it. In addition, you can place a recognizable main banner under the header, so recipients can uniquely identify your newsletter.

Impressive Piece of Content

Highlight the headlines and indent. To make the text easy to understand (and there’s more in a newsletter than in a promo). It is modern smart SEO

Want a viral newsletter effect? Add “Share” or “Forward” buttons to your message. Subscribers may use them, especially if the content is exciting to your audience.

Not only can letters be informational, but there are also other communication channels available to marketers, such as SMS, Viber, mobile push, and web push. This channel will make it possible to reach even that part of the audience that is not very active in reading mail or is not subscribed to email messages. So it will be a win-win if you read more about link-building outreach emails.  

In Conclusion

By complementing email newsletters with other channels, you increase your target audience’s reach. And the probability that the subscriber will receive your message and read it significantly increases because you offer them the information in the form and channel they feel comfortable with.

Our email service allows you to create multi-channel scripts and combine different message types to send informational and promotional notifications. 


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