How Email Marketing Influence SEO Rankings on Google


At the first glance, it would be logical to assume that email marketing does not affect search engine rankings. But the reality is that most people just misunderstand the impact of email on SEO. Indeed, email marketing can increase traffic to the site, which can have a noticeable effect on search engine optimization. Doubt it? 

The reason for your doubts may be the incorrect implementation of the email marketing strategy or a misunderstanding of how to analyze the success of an email marketing campaign. Below you will find information on how email marketing is related to SEO and can make a positive effect on it.

How Email Newsletters Affect SEO Rankings

Every method of driving visitors to your site contributes to better search engine rankings because of behavioral factors. The matter is that Google analyzes each site to understand how useful and valuable it is to visitors. The better the behavioral factors, the better the site will rank and the more organic traffic you can get.

Email SEO is one of the best tools that can help with all this. A well-functioning email marketing strategy can improve SEO positions. But to do this, you need to prepare the right content and send it to the right people. If you need detailed SEO tips, check for more here. So, how can email help you in your SEO rankings? Let’s discover the main ways to use email marketing platforms in SEO. 

1. Return Visitors

Email marketing is an opportunity to bring loyal visitors back to your site. Visitors subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest information from the company. Every time they receive SEO newsletters, there is a high probability that they will go to your site to view the complete information.

Email marketing is a great channel to bring your customers back. It is recommended to focus your efforts to satisfy the needs of your visitors with the help of email newsletters so that they are not just users, but loyal consumers. Satisfaction will help increase your website’s overall SEO weight.

2. Use as a Brand Reminder Tool 

Constant but not annoying reminders of your brand can lead users to use search engines to find your site. Why? Because many users put off reading emails until later. For example, you sent a letter with seasonal promo offers. The user decided to take a look at them later, but it is much easier to write the title of your brand in the search bar than to return to the mailbox and find your letter among thousands of messages. As a result, this will lead to the fact that your position in the online ranking will be better in response to branded keywords.

Therefore, SEO email marketing can significantly increase both search traffic and significantly improve the site’s behavioral data. Accordingly, this is a good sign in the context of the search engines’ evaluation of your site.

3. Attract Links

Email marketing as a promotion of your content is an opportunity to get a noticeable influx in the growth of inbound links. It also has a positive effect on SEO. When sending really useful content to the mailing list, people will not only read it but also share it. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of your content, but in a mix, all this will have a positive impact on your site.

So, use this strategy along with generating your backlinks in an organic way. As one more option to boost your link building and the SEO effects it drives, Consider buying backlinks from a link building service provider like The service provides a database of proven websites ready to accept your post at a reasonable price. 

4. Increase Social Media Activity

When you send out a newsletter, then you are generating traffic to the site. An increase in traffic leads to an increase in social media shares and reposts. Social media activity, in turn, helps with increasing the reach of the target audience, which can also attract even more traffic and be taken into account when ranking a site in search engines.

Social media activity is another additional channel for driving traffic. Every visitor who comes from social networks can become a new subscriber. All this accumulates gradually, but in the big picture, it can significantly increase the overall traffic of the site.

5. Make a Direct Impact

The audience from your mailing list is more likely to interact with your content than the audience attracted through any other traffic channel. People who subscribe to the newsletter are interested in receiving emails from you. That is, this is the audience that wants to see your content and is more likely to be ready to share it with others. The site becomes a place that people visit, read and recommend. Each of these traits is a separate search engine ranking factor and collectively they can contribute to significant SEO promotion.

Is It Worth Using Email Marketing to Improve SEO Rankings?

So, it is pretty possible to make a correlation between the influence of email marketing and SEO. But today there are a number of opinions that no matter what kind of customer base you have and what content you send in your mailing list, search engines cannot index them. But, search engines can index the behavior of your users. If you want to know more about indexing, visit

An email newsletter is a tool with which you can force users to perform the actions you need. In fact, it is the results of your email campaign that influence SEO. And in order to get this influence, you need to think through all the strategies in tandem. Only this approach will bring you success and the results you need in the context of your promotion.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can improve your SEO position. Of course, relying solely on the email newsletter is not the best idea, but it is necessary to consider it as a part of SEO strategy as well. As you can see, the results of a successful email newsletter will affect the promotion, which means that you shouldn’t miss the chance to kill two birds with one stone. That is, receive all the benefits from email marketing and get a positive impact on SEO promotion.


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